Saturday, May 09, 2020

Never a Dull Puppy Moment!

It takes a long time to assemble a quilt when there is a puppy in the house!

But the laughter is sure good for the soul!

She seems to be very interested in this whole creativity thing – just sure that everything I am laying out is just for her playtime benefit.

Pick up a row, assemble the row, sew the row on – working from one corner toward the center.

Then start at the opposite corner, working THAT side of the quilt toward the center until you have two halves.

And PRAY that the dog stays busy enough watching beyond the sliding glass doors in search of chipmunks that you can get things assembled.

However – if you have to go upstairs to get a drink – all bets are off!

I swear – I was gone for 2 minutes.  LOL!

Two halves!

One seam left -

And then?

Click to Play:

Zoey seriously has us laughing so much.  If laughter is the best medicine, laughter caused by puppy antics is even better.

Together at last!

I haven’t trimmed the edges yet – I always make my setting triangles a bit big and then square up after, but I need my long arm table space.

Measurement?  About 67’’ x 93’’ or close.  It will shrink up a bit in quilting – but I’m thinking no borders, just a binding and be dome with it. Twin sized for one of the beds at Quiltville Inn.

I will be in search of a backing later today.

Zoey was one tired puppy after all of that quilt fun!

So much so that Emmy Lou had to come check out what was what.

Quilting is exhausting!

But this morning – she’s raring to go again!

She was watching “Zoey TV” down the driveway just hanging on to her flat cow by the tail, because doesn’t everyone?  LOL!

So hello, SATURDAY!  What do we have in store for you?

(Quilt backing – maybe get it loaded?  Play with the dog, work on more quilting projects, play with the dog, nap, play with the dog, etc!)

It was 32 degrees this morning when I woke to Zoey’s restlessness needing to go out.  It’s still only 36 degrees.  The sun is out – it looks lovely, but the wind is gusty and there is no way I am taking that long walk I am longing for until things warm up again.  I am just that much of a wimp.

The high today is not supposed to climb higher than 46 degrees, so looks like we have another Sew Day Saturday ahead!

How about you?

I will be getting graphics done for Monday’s Unity Quilt Along, Part 7 coming up.  I’m excited to share this with everyone.

Okay – time to kick this day into gear.  Breakfast needs to happen and off we go into this day -

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Quilting is my pacifier, the shortcut to my happy place!

I am so grateful that I get to share what I love so much with so many others who feel the same way!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Cold here in Ohio too. I think I will follow your plan for the day less playing with the dog. Stay safe.

  2. It's good I don't have a Puppy today. All the small parts and pieces on my Design floor for Unity that is slowly coming together. Gotta make a bunch of flying geese to swap out some I'm not fond of. Happy Saturday- Sew Day! My online Wasiq Group is having a Cyber Retreat. You know those fun ladies from Battleground and Royal Ridges. No Cabins Nd delicious food, but we stitch remotely. Even a few Lotto Blocks to make.

  3. No sewing for me today. It is my son's anniversary so I am giving him and my DIL alone time by keeping my grands. The oldest is 16 and the youngest is 6. We were waving goodbye to Mom and Dad last night. The 6 year old says "they need to tell us what they are going to do". The 16 year old and I in UNISON - "uh no they don't". Have a wonderful Saturday.

  4. Happy Saturday. Making backs today and finishing a few side projects. Will be Skype sewing with friends across the pond (Scotland) and across the country (Washington state). Enjoy your day.

  5. My friend, Julia, and I will be sewing at opposite ends of the house today while we practice sew-cial distancing. She'll be in the basement with the longarm and I'll be in my sewing room upstairs. We're hoping to see you again in Bedford, PA. Last time with you was in Bedford, VA. How did your sweet potatoes turn out in the IP?

  6. My Saturday will include essential travel to get more fabric for Unity. Found a quilt shop about 50 miles away that hopefully has the right shade I need. Then it will be back to sewing on Unity. I'm in the middle of Part 5 and loving it so far.

  7. Sewing here, same temps in southern MN. Are your patch squares 6 inchers? Love the teal and yellow solids.

  8. I won't be sewing much today tempatures will be in the 70's so my plan is for a long walk enjoying the sun

  9. Hi Bonnie, I am deep in the process of doing my second "Blue Ridge Beauty" quilt. I decided I needed some help with the dreaded hsts. All 448 of them! I looked in your shop. Just what I needed! Placed an order last night. You are right on the ball! I received a confirmation email this morning, that my order has shipped! Many thanks!

  10. When I see the look on Zoey's face it says "but Mom I trying to help you". She is such a cutie. I love the quilt! Now you are giving me ideas on how to use all those piles of blocks I have laying around! It's cold up here in MA too. We've had bursts of snow flurries! Ugh

  11. Snow here in northeast Saskatchewan, so definitely sewing is on the agenda. Hubby is on the long arm finishing up a bunch of our guild’s charity quilts, and I continue to work on Unity.

  12. Thanks for starting another day for me with puppy giggles. What a great way to begin a day♥

  13. Love the quilt and love sweet Zoey. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your blog every day.

  14. Great quilt!! and I love the yellow border..perfect!!!

  15. I think Zoey Jo needs her oen quilt to get covered up with.

  16. It’s cold and SNOWY here! We woke up to 29 degrees and it’s really,really windy. Snow squalls on and off all day. The snow covered the grassy areas this morning but didn’t stick fir the rest of the day. I don’t think we ever had snow in May before. Glad that I have my sewing and quilting. Are we on week 8? Getting confused.......

  17. Got a new cabinet for my other sewing machine so now I can keep white(or another color I use alot in a project) and on my main buddy(sewing machine) the color thread needed for my project. Weather report: hot in the 100's as usual here in Mission, Texas!

  18. i just love hearing all about your Zoey as I have a Zoey also. I also look for to information on all your quilting adventures.

  19. Your making me want a puppy sooner than i can. Love Zoey stories. And love the new quilt too. Happy Mother's Day.

  20. Love the quilt! I have lots of scraps!


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