Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend.

No where to go.

No place I’d rather be.

This is my neighbor-down-the-street’s exploding rhododendron bush.  Isn’t it glorious?

We’ve spent a very quiet Memorial Day weekend at home, which has been the best way to spend it – I’ve been longing for holiday weekends like this.

Even though the past few days haven’t been that “much “ different than the 2 months past, just knowing that the USPS won’t be running until Tuesday has given me the same reason to say “I’m unplugged until Tuesday.”

Now if I could only make folks sending emails late on a Sunday evening understand that I can’t send them their tracking number for their package that hasn’t shown up yet UNTIL TUESDAY because I, too – like the USPS am taking this weekend to remember the fallen ones.  Those who gave their ALL in service to our country.

It’s that same old battle of misunderstandings – and understandable.  We are grateful for ALL WHO SERVED in whatever capacity.  And that is what Veteran’s Day is for.

Today even the veterans are remembering their comrades and those who went before them – those lost who never came home.

Heading out down the drive for a “road hike.”

I was settling in at the sewing machine, but someone else had other ideas.  She was getting rowdy with her toys, running and making a fuss and I took the hint and out we went.

I didn’t want to drive anywhere to walk, so we just did the 1/4 mile down the drive way and out on to the road thing.

Grassy Creek has gone back to “normal” status -

And Zoey is intrigued by the horses in the pasture.

Click to Play:

We hiked about 3 miles round trip – and as the video says, it is UPHILL all the way back, especially when you get to our steep drive.

While Zoey explored the little stream beside the drive (That cold fresh water was so good to her!) I contemplated what we could do to make this bit of paradise a bit easier on the uphill.

Spring water running down our mountainside.

There are a couple of places I could put park benches for resting – and believe me – I need a rest when climbing this drive.  It’s steeper than it looks.

There is also a place right at the hairpin curve that is flat and fairly open.  I would love to have a covered gazebo there.  A perfect spot for reading and feeling a bit more “AWAY” from it all.

When I told The Hubster about my thoughts – the eyebrows raised and he asked if I would settle for this instead:

The kitchen improvements list continues!

I am not one that likes a lot of stuff on my counters.  So we removed a shelf in this cupboard, and installed a mixer lift for the Kitchenaid mixer!

We put a “peel and stick” flooring piece on the shelf to make it wipe-up easy.

It lowers into the cabinet so easily!

And being one who doesn’t like wasted space – the area underneath became the perfect spot to hold cutting boards of various sizes.

If he can do this – a gazebo shouldn’t be too far out of his wheelhouse, right?

Dinner on the deck -

Veggie fried rice, steal and shrimp skewers for the win!

We love our Blackstone flat top!

And these two watch on.

Where is ours?

Sweet Emmy Lou the Wonder Kitty.

We wonder in amazement at how she has lived such a long life.  She will be 20 in August.  She loves to be on the porch, soaking up the rays, watching the woods from above.

On the sewing side of things -

Something is taking over as Leader & Ender while I build tulip blocks.

With an over-flowing box of 2 1/2’’ squares, the idea struck to just make “setting blocks” as a large 4 patch of darks only (no neutrals) and set this Bumper Crop of Shoo Fly Shoo blocks on point.

Bumper Crop is the perfect name!

And this will just grow on the side while working on other things – and yes – I hope to get another twin size out of this one.  I want to tame the 2 1/2’’ squares box, make a quilt for a bed at Quiltville Inn, and have fun watching something grow in the process.  

Our NEXT Leader & Ender project will be revealed in July.  Are you ready?

All of the sashings for Casden’s quilt are done.  I have cut the in-between-the-blocks rectangles.  Everything is just waiting for what comes in the mail for me to cut, fussy cut, and assemble.

I asked what the plan was for today.  Are we going anywhere? NO.  Are we doing anything at the Inn?  NO.

Is it okay if I sew today?  YEP!


Quiltville Quote of the Day

To those who gave their all. We remember you. We thank you on this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is for remembering those whose lives were lost while serving our country.

We love and thank all who served and lost their lives in service of us all.


  1. Yes, it's a lovely day to stay home and sew. The rhododendrons are beautiful. The shoofly quilt is going to sparkle. We bought a Blackstone grill on Saturday and we are loving it--steaks and hash browns for supper last night. Have a great day! Don't check the email. Haha.

  2. Haha, what an amazing number of people suggesting the peanut butter on the forehead trick yesterday!
    Gratitude to those who served today. Thanks, Bonnie!

  3. A lifting shelf inside cabinet!!! Brilliant!! Those mixers are SO heavy that putting one away after each use would be such a 'pain'! Leaving out steals counter space. Excellent resolve.
    Glad you have such a lovely place to spend home-time and what a wonderful forever home and family Zoey has♥

  4. I, too, have enjoyed the unplugged nature of the past few weeks. Watching spring arrive in Michigan has been a treat, as we are usually on the road with our camper. I miss our friends, but have developed the work around of Zoom, FaceTime, and various others programs for game playing, chatting, and sewing together. Twice a week Zooming with my quilter friends has been the answer, and today, all is quiet, as we remember the fallen who died for our freedoms.

  5. Love your posts Bonnie. Happy Memorial Day to Everyone. We will always remember our fallen soldiers. They will be in our hearts forever. Be Happy and be Safe.

  6. Lovely post Bonnie. The first time I saw a mixer lift was at my aunt's house when I was in elementary school. It fascinated me, I've never forgotten it, and I love the idea of keeping the mixer off the counter. I've never had a kitchen that putting a lift in would work. Maybe someday. I have had the corner counter cabinet to hide appliances in.

  7. Happy Memorial Day to you. Enjoy your sewing time!

  8. I'm putting the Thomas the Tank fabric in the mail in the morning. I missed the mail on Saturday.Enjoy!

  9. Bonnie, where would I purchase the stand for the mixer? I love it and have a perfect cabinet for it. Thanks Paula in KY....

  10. It’s just so beautiful where you live love all the pictures and seeing how ZoeyJo is just such a sweet girl.
    I’m in love with your mixer lift and will be showing that picture to my brother to see if he can help me, the kitchen Aid mixer is such a heavy machine and it would be nice to free the worktop a bit mine has gotten very cluttered with appliances.
    Thank you for your fantastic tips.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. I really enjoy your blog. It is real! I love pieces of your life with the animals, your home and of course quilting. Keep being you!

  12. The mixer lift shelf is a great idea, my MIL had one in her kitchen. It kept one big thing off the counter. I have lots of counter space, and it always seems to be crowded. Proving the adage "stuff will always expand to fill the space available." When we redo the kitchen in a few years, I'll look into the availability and practicality of a mixer lift. Not anxious to jump into a kitchen project, we just finished the master bath and I'm still recovering from that chaos.
    Love the Bumper Crop, very pretty. I just finished another quilt for Linus Connection, need to take a pic of it for our guild meeting next week. Another one on Zoom, it looks like. We had over 70 members attend via Zoom, not bad at all.

  13. I have that mixer stand and I absolutely love it! Use my mixer way more than before installing it.

  14. I have a mixer lift...at 73 it is the best thing I did 9 yrs ago. That dude is heavy.

  15. Oh Bonnie, what a blessing you are. I appreciate your daily blog more than you can know, I think. At 73, my dear husband and I moved from Idaho home we built 44 years ago to be a neighbor to our son and his family in Portland OR. It is beautiful here, and we are loved by family, but we surely miss dear friends and family we left. You have helped so much to fill the gap for me. You seem to think that each stranger you meet is a friend you just haven't gotten to know. Thanks for being just exactly who you are. We encouraged and
    rejoice with you over your new little Zoey and your accomplishments.

  16. Oh, I also wanted to congratulate you on your mixer lift. Perhaps those who can't have one of those might like to try what I do. I keep one of those clear cutting plasic cutting mats under my mixer, and just pull the mat forward when I want to use the mixer. It works quite well. Love to you all.

  17. I'm envious for that mixer stand. I find that I don't use my kitchen aid mixer often because I have trouble lifting it now. Your hubster knows how to make you smile!

  18. sent you a photo on messenger of Maryland lady sewing on her front porch


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