Saturday, May 23, 2020

Appalachian Green!

It’s green as green can be!

I took this photo in between bouts of rain – the sun TRYING its best to peek through …strains from the epic Eensy Weensy Spider song playing in the back of my head.

“Out came the sun and dried up all the rain….”

But the rain has kept coming at intervals.  When it started pouring again yesterday afternoon about 3:30pm I gave up on the project I was focusing on at the QPO and came home.


And yet I know that lack of rain would have me begging for rain – so it’s always the opposite end of the spectrum isn’t it?  One extreme to the other.

And we are water logged.

But the blue sky was out for a while!

I know I showed a photo of Quiltville Inn and the rhododendrons in bloom yesterday – I just wanted to share a less rain beaten photo -

On the agenda today is to finally install a flag pole to the porch post to the left of the front steps (looking at the house from this direction) and hang out a brand new American Flag in honor of Memorial Day.

It’s a Memorial Day we won’t soon forget – am I right?

Perhaps I’ll be celebrating behind my Plague Doctor mask? LOL!

Thanks for the mask, Danielle Hanson! Lol! I tried to get Zoey to model it but she was not having any of it!

If you want to know a bit more history on the Plague Doctor masks – click HERE.

Want to make one of your own?  Pattern HERE.

Casden’s quilt is underway!

Or at least I have started on the sashing strip part as envelopes continue to arrive and I want to include as many fabrics as I can from those who have been so kind to rain their stashes for anything Scooby Doo or little boy related.

Building the sashing rows first helps me know how long to go and what the repeat needs to be.  I did some figuring with graph paper.  My calculator.  A notebook.

Alternate offset rows of sashing.

I figure if I get all of the hum-drum parts done, then sashing the charm squares until I have enough to arrange them and put them together will be the fun part.

Again, thank you thank you to those who are helping with this project!  There is no way I could build this variety on the fly without a little help from my friends. And little boy fabrics are just something that has not been on my radar until Ashlyn and Casden came into Jeff’s life.

I’m already thinking – “A quilt needs a pillow case or two to match!”  and “If there are enough scraps I can make a snuggle quilt for the couch and car trips!”

I know I’m not his biological grandma.  I don’t even know what my place is in this little guy’s life, really.  This relationship is still fairly new and we are testing the waters and keeping our hearts open.  I am still getting to slowly know Ashlyn.  But she is a terrific mom and I am so happy that Jeff has her in his life.

Sneak Peek from our #unityquiltalong tag!

Some are finished.... Some are still in progress.... And some are just beginning! I am so excited with what I see happening.  Have you taken a visit to see what is being shared?  Please leave comments on those who are sharing their progress.  You will make their day!

As it’s a holiday weekend, the USPS will be closed through Monday for me after 11am this morning.  So I’m rushing over to get out what I can.  if the rain holds out there is some yard work to happen, and then I’ll be back here working more on Casden’s quilt – and possibly tulips.

Are you doing anything to celebrate Memorial Day?  I know we will likely grill out and just enjoy being here.  I still think that hiking trails are going to be far too muddy for any hiking/walking.

Oh – and don’t forget about our SewPad Gift-Away!  The drawing is happening tomorrow so get your entry in ON THAT POST!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we encouraged this to happen?

Have a wonderful Saturday, folks!


  1. Grandchildren are grandchildren, whether biological or not! I have 2 of each! And a little boy quilt is a joy to make! He will love it and know he is accepted and special! That’s all we really want for our littles! My grandchildren are all adults now. So now I have great grands, both biological and not! Doesn’t matter to us, quilts all around!

  2. We have 2 grandchildren, with #3 expected this week. The older two are not related to us through biology but they are "ours" every bit as much as the new one will be. And we couldn't love them any more even if they carried our genes. Heart matters, not biology.

  3. A little boy can never have too much love and you have a lot of love to share!!

  4. You are a good "bonus" Grandma!

  5. It’s wonderful at you’re showing him love by making the quilt. Biology doesn’t matter. He’s a grandchild by heart.

  6. What beautiful picture of the cabin and Quiltville Inn! Those pics deserve to be hung on a wall! Have a beautiful day Bonnie ❤

  7. "Bonus" gramma. I like that one. Or 'spare'. How does "Grammy B" sound?

    And your next mystery quilt could have 'green' in it.

  8. Haha your Appalachian Green looks like our Pacific Northwest Green! So much rain! But we'll be glad of it come August. You go, Gramma! 🥰🥰🥰

  9. Any child would love to have a dozen grandparents---all to spoil them rotten. My parents included three stepchildren as their grands and the neighbor's daughter as well---children are our hope for the future and to be cherished no matter their geneology.

  10. We call all ours grandblessings, 2 bonus, 8 biological, and one on the way. We gained our bonus ones when they were 6 and almost 5. As the others came along, including their younger sister and brother, they realized that they didn't have a quilt from me. I said I wasn't there then but they would get one someday. Well, someday came 3 years ago and they were thrilled. They've been family almost 8 years now.
    Family is family through love! Enjoy your family's expansion in whatever form it takes!

  11. I have a cousin who calls hers "grand children by love". I think that is perfect.😊

  12. Still loving your posts & pics. Heads up on 4 more little boy fabrics coming. Hopefully in your next mail batch...

  13. How about making a tooth fairy pillow?

  14. I love how you open your heart to this little boy and I’m sure he will love the beautiful quilt your making him. Grandchildren are a blessing I have 3 and biological or not this little boy is just lucky to be in your family and to have your son in his life too.
    It’s so nice to see both your cabin an the inn surrounded by that beautiful green the pictures are so lovely to see .
    Your mask is so cute I’m going to read up on it now.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend .
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  15. Your son's g/f is your daughter in love. Your daughter in love's child is your grand child. If you have a chance to love a child, that's grand. So, biological or not, it doesn't matter. He is lucky to have you in his life, and I am sure you will make a great grandma!

  16. Funny mask!
    We have one biological Great Grandson, one foster Great Grandson, 5 foster Great Granddaughters and 2 step Great Granddaughters. All in the same family. It is a fun home to visit!.

  17. Children bring joy and fun into our lives whether they are gene-related or not. I'm sure you will never know the true depth of joy and acceptance into the family, Casden will experience, but it will certainly build his confidence and his self-esteem. True acceptance into a family is such a gift to a child. Bless you for making this quilt for him.

  18. I have a step great grandson too. His mother says my grandson will always be a hero to her. She has put it so well. "He mended a heart he did not break and he is raising a child he did not make."

  19. I am a bonus mama of two beautiful girls for 15 years now. My parents also didn't exactly know what their role was at the beginning and how to handle things, but after a year they fully embraced being grandparents. My girls are the only grandchildren (yet!) in the family and my parents are spoiling them rotten. I love it!

    I am sure you will find your way. This quilt will be a wonderful start, I am sure he will love it!!


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