Sunday, May 31, 2020

Finding Harmony

These two.  Learning to get along.

As Lola usually stuck to the higher ground of her cat tree when Zoey visited the QPO – I am amazed at how close she allows herself to be next to Zoey at the cabin.

Perhaps the closeness of anyone familiar is a comfort to her while she adjusts to a new life in a new place without Dresden.

I know that animals have emotions.  Happy, joyful, surprised, comforted, fearful, angry –just like we do.

And they express their emotions in the only way they know how while we try to read the signs and signals and guess at what it is that is going on inside of them.

Yesterday was a HARD day.  Writing like I did in yesterday's post– waiting for the comments to come slamming me back into my place -

They were ALL so supportive, and that little comment community buoyed me up and carried me through my day.  Those who did comment shared their hearts.  We are on the same page and there is hope in that.

Much little boy quilt making going on!

And it seems Lola has found her favorite spot in my sewing studio!  Which is great – because Emmy Lou doesn’t wander down here.  Lola?  She has been exploring everywhere – and I mean everywhere.

I packed up all of the supplies I needed to get Casden’s quilt to the layout stage.  I needed a place to layout and plan – a place where I could leave things for several days if needed where things could be safe from scampering dogs and inquisitive kitties.

Just a few holes left to fill in -

Starting to build my columns!

And this is where I stopped, just done for the day.

Once again I need to thank everyone who so graciously sent novelty fabrics for me to play with!  So much little boy FUN!  While this quilt is for the bed, there will also be another quilt in the works using the plethora of charm squares and other pieces so thoughtfully chosen for him by YOU.  I couldn’t have done this without you.

If there was an email address enclosed in your envelope (legible!) I have emailed you a thank you.  It may have gone to your spam filter.  Those with no way to contact you, I know this isn’t enough of a thanks but I hope you see it.  Your enclosed messages meant so much.  I needed the contact.  I miss people.  I felt your hugs.  Thank you.

Today there will be more of this going on – and I can’t wait until Jeff arrives to do the yard work at the inn so I can show him in person how it is coming together.

Do you think I can have the top done by today?  I’ll need to start thinking of a backing!

And since it is Sunday – it’s also time to draw for our May Quilty Box winner -

Info on box contents in the original post HERE.

Looking for entry 2467 out of 4610!

Barb K!  This box is coming your way!

Barb, I have emailed you at the address you provided with your entry.  Please reply with your mailing address and I’ll have the kind folks at Quilty Box get your prize on its way to you.  CONGRATS!

What is a Quilty Box?

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And while I am here – THIS IS THE LAST DAY of 25% off all digital patterns in the Quiltville Store using coupon code DIGITAL25 at purchase.  It ends at midnight, so don’t delay!

It’s a beautiful day outside.  Sun is shining, birds are chirping, and more painting continues at the inn.

Leftovers from the other night’s lasagna are packed along with other snacks so we will be good for a lunch break on the porch.

My heart is with all of those experiencing violence by those who love to spread violence and fear in their cities.  Often this is coming from OUTSIDE of the area – those who love to riot and loot coming in to incite things further to direct the blame towards those they are against.  It’s a mess.

Are you a helper?

Or are you pointing fingers and being pulled into the madness?

My eyes are on the helpers.  My heart is with the helpers.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

To my friends in places of extreme unrest and violence - my heart is with you.

You may feel that your hands are tied with things out of control and there is nothing you can do.

Comfort the scared. Check in on your neighbor. Take care of your family. Focus on those who are helping, not adding to the unrest.

But in the midst of this, please remember to care for yourself too.

Peace to you this Sunday.


  1. So glad you felt support for yesterday’s heartfelt message.

  2. Have a beautiful, relaxing Sunday! Hugs to you and the family!

  3. My heart is breaking, too, for all that's going on around us. So many hurting people. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  4. Speaking to one thing in today's blog. When Dresden and Lola were at the post office and you brought Zoey in, the cats felt their space was invaded by an outsider and they did not want an outsider, they had determined their pecking order without Zoey. Now Lola is without her sidekick, she is not in her turf, she may feel this is Zoey’s turf and therefore is more tolerant of Zoey being present and closer. As Lola explores and takes notes of the scents of the other occupants and their behaviors towards her, she will become even more tolerant. I speak from experience of catching feral cats for S-N-R and snatching their kittens and with the help of my son, taming and homing them. The first cat dictated what went on between all of them. It wasn’t until he passed that the next cat that came in the door (six months after he arrived) became the cat in charge. She would not tolerate visiting grown cats, and she had always been passive. Lola isn’t feeling in charge, the other cat and the dog were there first. And one of the things to help with her loss of Dresden may just be taking her from the post office where she would have been searching for her friend. Bless her and you as you go through this loss.

  5. You always seem to impart the things I need. Yes, I think all of us could use a hug. The loneliness is getting to me. I think I will bake something and share with the neighbors. At times, it seems like one person can't do anything but the other day a young lady from church dropped a candy bar off on my porch and it just made my day. Just a little thing to her, but a huge thing for me. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Have a sweet love filled day.God Bless you!

  7. I woke up this morning feeling more hopeful that thinks will get better. We share your grieve in loosing a beloved pet...knowing that the hole will be fill by those left behind. God bless all that you do to educate and comfort people. Follow everyday!

  8. It fills my heart with joy that your quilting friend show you such support, and I hope my small message helped. Thank you for sharing the good times and the not so good. In these times of worry it’s nice to see that life goes on and I pray that thing will get better and people will learn to be more tolerant of each other and treat each other with kindness instead of hate.
    Love how casdens quilt is coming together he is one lucky little boy.
    So nice to see that Lola and ZoeyJo are becoming more used to each other it’s lovely to see, I hope EmmyLou will learn to tolerate them also.
    Keep safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  9. Sandra
    Hi Kate

    My brother who is 50 years old and has five children ranging from driving age to diapers and has always had a thriving hardwood flooring business to support them was assaulted by a police officer(s) over a year ago. So much so that he can no longer work. he was permanently injured and could've died. He could've died very easily from what they did to him.For no reason at all! I mean it was a very Trumatic experience For him and his family and for me because there was no reason. Just completely went bonkers over an accusation made and they swarmed in on him as if he were a terrorist or something. Completely innocent. He's white, hard-working, never done anything wrong in his life- to this day. The police force in America needs to be addressed. It's unfortunate that some use race and various situations to cause Mayham. Things like this occur to ordinary people every day and it never hits the news. I encouraged him to go to the news with it. What good would it do? I feel badly for the black man who died - but it happens to white black purple green...

    I think getting to the root of the problem with the police force in America is what's important most. There's no excuse for the side effects of this violence that's going on.

    1. agree. This sort of thing happens all the time.
      There are good police and there are bad police.
      There are wonderful officers of the law, and horrible officers of the law. We depend on them.
      I am so sorry about your brother. What a terrible terrible thing

  10. We should all demand better training for police force. Compared to other first world countries, with 2 to 3 years training, the US is on the low end of training weeks.
    And more personal, try to connect and make with people that are not like you. Once I see someone from a different race/ethnicity as a friend it will be difficult to ignore wrong doings of society.

  11. Family...pets and people...E-friends, quilting/crafting, quiet moments to reflect...how blessed we are and how good it is to share this life♥

  12. Bonnie my young niece was one of the helpers/organizers in Minneapolis yesterday. I am so very proud of her and wish that I could go into the US to help her.

  13. Love the top picture on your post. The looks both are giving each other is wonderful. Love the Scooby quilt. I had fabric to share.....just couldn't find it. Guess I need to straighten but is more fun to create. I'm making small laundry bags for the caregivers to my mom to wash their home made masks in. It's great to burn through deep stash! Good news, my 90 yo mom returns home from rehab this week!

  14. Thank you Bonnie so much for your posts. Hugs from Linville NC. We are going to visit Grayson Highlands soon.

  15. So glad people stayed positive and Lola is settling in. Zoey should be happy - another family member to herd, but do give extra love to Emma Lou so she doesn't get too jealous!

  16. Lovely to see the animals getting closer together. I'm sure Lola knows. Emmy Lou is probably going to take a bit longer to adjust. Like leading a horse to water really at her age. The quilt is coming along nicely - such fun to play with novelty cartoon fabrics.

    And as for the current affairs - I can't believe there are so many unpleasant people surfacing when we should be helping each other to get through this. It is downright scary. We don't seem to have the same level of violence here and it must be worrying to watch and wait to see if it all escalates, but there are those who enjoy power for using it to their own purposes and there are those with common sense to stay well out of the way in the hope that it all goes away. Here we have absolute twits marching like ants to the beaches in droves, leaving all kinds of filth as the toilet facilities are closed - what next typhoid! I'm angry because the behaviour makes it worse for us who want to get back to see our parents and our children without the fear of passing on the virus or getting it ourselves.

    Meanwhile I've had a request by a friend for scrubs caps! Guess what I'm doing today! I don't do clothes - yikes! Oh well, I guess it means I will be learning to sew curves!

  17. Thank you, Bonnie. Thank you for being one of the helpers.

  18. Bonnie, I always get your blog the next day, (late delivery here)
    I hope your Sunday was marvelous and restful.
    I know your heartache. Dresden loved you, and you helped him. The greatest gift. Grieving takes a lot of time

  19. I'm glad your little critter kingdom is sorting itself out. I always love reading your blog, you speak from your heart and we need common sense now. I lived thru the 60's as a teen, it seems we've learned nothing.
    I have problems getting my head around why a policeman with 3 others to back him up needed to be such a bully. An unarmed man in handcuffs doesn't need to be brutalized, just let him sit on the curb with someone next to him.
    And the protests are one thing, the blatant vandalism quite another. What is wrong with people who burn a business or a car? Target didn't have anything to do with what happened, neither did Macy's. A mall 10 min from me had rioters yesterday afternoon in the Macy's.
    I hope we don't have a Covid spike from all the people getting together to express their pain. But I'm afraid we will.
    I'm just sad, but it will get better. I have to believe that. The arc of the universe bends toward justice.

  20. Yes, the rioting is horrid. A lot of rioters have come from out of state to help destroy. BUT please note that during the day THOUSANDS of bags of groceries show up for those effected to help themselves. Churches are packed full with canned goods for anyone in need. Hundreds of people from all over come with brooms & shovels to help clean. Money is coming in. The generosity is astounding.

  21. Bless you and your genuine thoughts. I'm new to all of this and love your quilts. I enjoy reading your thoughts every day.

  22. Healing hugs from Wisconsin!

  23. There are so many much more eloquent than I that I hesitated to write.
    Then I decided my feelings were just as valid as theirs. May you find the healing you so deserve. I'm sorry for your loss.

  24. Dear Bonnie, I too am being very blessed by your honest and open thoughts each day. In our 70's, my husband and I relocated from friend and family filled Idaho to Portland, Oregon last summer. Our dear son and wife are here and a great blessing, but along came the "virus," plus I can't manage the high traffic and city "planning." Yes, I understand all those struggling with isolation. Your encouragement and positive ideas + obvious love are invaluable gifts. Saying "thank you" seems like a small gift to return, but I AM deeply thankful for your "friendship!"


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