Saturday, September 14, 2019

When the Binding Queue is Empty -

Three big quilts – hundreds of inches of hand stitched binding!

I know that there are folks out there who have STACKS of quilts to bind and they say that it is their LEAST favorite part of quilting to do.

It’s my FAVORITE.  It’s my reason for feet up and relaxation and much binge watching.

It puts me in the same room as the rest of my family, and right in the middle of conversations (if binge watching is not going on) where making plans for the week ahead, the weekend, the next month, can happen.

Machine work – we all know I am a frantic machine piecer, but that puts me in my own zone.  With hand work I am a participant.

Only this time, the only person to talk to is Sadie.  LOL!

The Hubster is in China, and there have been some video chats but it’s completely upside down because 7am my time is 7pm in China, and so forth.  One more week of this and things will be back to normal.

I took the last stitch in the hanging sleeve on the basket quilt yesterday.  I wanted to get photos, but it’s a bit rainy out right now and I just didn’t feel like driving over to the inn to get a porch shot.  Maybe later.

From top to bottom:  Jewel Box Stars Leader & Ender project – DONE!  Winter Blues Quilt (future pattern release) DONE! Fancy Baskets (future pattern release) DONE!

But I am going to need a new binding project – and SOON!

Sadie, asleep on the job!

This sweet dog and I did make a foray over to the Quiltville Post Office yesterday and took care of some bill paying, order filling and other necessities. 

I love that she is now comfortable and familiar with wherever I take her.  The meds for her arthritis and the glucosamine chews are really seeming to do their trick with her.  You can see when she sits more readily, that her hips are not bothering her as much.  Before she was very gentle with herself.  She is now sitting normally.  I am so glad.

Crooked Courthouse Steps  progress!

I am amazed at what is coming out of this string bin.  Seriously.  Three more rows and I’ll be at twin size.  And while I do a lot of color controlled scrappy quilts, and I love them too – I really do lean toward “Rainbow!” as my favorite color theme.

Close up of blocks.

I am playing fast and loose with my fabric choices.  Plaids don’t go straight, things taper and lean.  I love how the center squares dance like notes across sheet music. Up and down and up and down – all on their own.

Things look kind of fun on the diagonal too!

Now there’s an idea!

No, not really.

There are even some “big printy” strips with way more color in them than just neutral and I also threw those in – not only to use them up, but to me they are like colorful confetti on top of a frosted cupcake.

As I’ve been doing my sewing, all of my trimming has been with scissors up to the point of the final block square-up with rotary cutter and ruler.  I’ve enjoyed the feel of cutting fabric with scissors.  It’s been easy – just trim right over my trash can.  Most of the time I hit it, some times I miss!

Three more rows to go and then I am done.  Not likely today – I may take a break and switch things up a bit.

This has been my best cure-all!

Antibiotics are working, but this thing is hanging on far longer than I thought. I honestly haven’t had anything hit me this hard in years.  And again, I am so so so glad that I don’t teach again until October.  October will be BUSY.  I need to be ready for it!

Alex Anderson’s retreat in California – Whoop!  We are doing Punkin Patch as our project, and I can’t wait to be string piecing with the ladies. 

Close on the heels of that – KENYA!!  It’s here. It’s finally going to happen.  So I am being a good girl and getting over this thing so I can enjoy myself.

This trip is filling!

May 29 – June 6 2020

My original Ireland tour filled up so fast, there were enough names on the waiting list to open up a second week.  Only the second week is happening before the original one because of how things had to fit on the calendar.

I would LOVE to have you join me – June is such a lovely month in Ireland.  For more info click HERE.

Yes, Quiltville Inn will be opening also, but I have made a promise to myself that my own exploration and growth through travel with not cease.  I have helping hands willing and able to welcome folks to stay at the retreat in my absence.  They can carry on as they would at any retreat working on their own projects.  I just won’t be able to provide add-on workshops on those times I am not in town.

There is so much good happening in 2020 I can hardly contain myself. I hope you’ll be a part of it too.

This is happening this afternoon, 2pm EST!

If you are interested in more info on the 8 week Free Motion Quilting Academy course, this is your opportunity to join HollyAnne on her String & Story Facebook Page.

Questions, answers, getting to know what to expect when learning to free motion quilt on your domestic machine in the comfort of your own home.

An online course means no lugging of your machine to class.  You can do it at any time, day or night – and the video instruction is available to you FOREVER.

View my original post about the course HERE to learn more about this great opportunity.

And then set your watch for 2pm Eastern Time today and join HollyAnne on her String & Story Facebook Page  and participate!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

I live by the Serenity Prayer.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

And sometimes the courage to let things go.

The background quilt is a bit out of focus – because sometimes life is that way.  

This week was the one year anniversary of Mark’s funeral.  He’s been on my mind a lot, and I know that there are unresolved things that I’ve just got to let go of.  I miss him every day. 

And that lets me know he is still with me.  Every day.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone -


  1. Your binding blitz is done and mine is just beginning today as I sew down the binding on my Emerald City :-) Quilting just finished yesterday. Thank you for such a fun learning adventure!

  2. Binding is my favourite too! What a delicious photo of your recently finished quilts!
    Love the new scrappy steps project... so much fun in the string bins!
    Can't wait until you feel up to QuiltCam again!

  3. Yep, Heaven is mot too far away. Our loved ones are the angels on our shoulders when we need them. I truly believe that. Have you seen Coco? It's a kids movie, but it teaches that is good to remember those who are gone. Loving your Rainbow of Scrappiness! Day 2 of our Quilt Festival here. Have a great weekend. Feel better everyday!

  4. Love, love, love the courthouse steps! Hopeing you feel better soon.

  5. I am impressed by those who can hand sew binding. I used to be able to, then arthritis started in my hands, so I learned to do it by machine. Sometimes I really miss hand work, especially quilting.

  6. Just a silly question for you, Bonnie. Do you put a hanging sleeve on every quilt you make?

  7. I'm so happy Sadie is feeling so comfortable, physically & in her newish surroundings!! 💝
    And thank you, Bonnie, for all your recommendations and teaching!! Every time you recommend a ruler, a technique, or another teacher (like HollyAnne Knight) they have been superb and work wonderfully. I trust your knowledge and your instincts 100%.

  8. Love the hand binding part of a quilt as well. For me, it is putting that unique personal touch to the quilt. I appreciate this tender time for you as well. It's been two years this week that my daughter passed away. Tough to let go. Needle in hand, pulling thread seems to soothe the soul. Sweet post Bonnie. Your next book is going to be so much fun. Totally Bonnielicious!

  9. I, too, love the binding process, for the same reasons. Sorry your “bug” is hanging on. Hopefully it will pass very soon. Glad Sadie is doing better.

  10. I like binding too. I normally go straight from quilting to binding, so I've never had more than two quilts to bind at the same time. Glad Sadie is more comfortable. Zeus is too, which makes me feel so much better.

  11. Lovely to see a happy chilled out Sadie, so pleased she's more comfortable. That is some marathon binding session and don't they look lovely in that stack - eye candy!

  12. Somewhat unrelated but....I finally finished your "quilt" puzzle! What a challenge that was and go glad I didn't "let it go"...now on to scrappy projects. Thank you for all you do and share.

  13. We can never truly let go of the people we love. As we get older, so many take a place in our heart. I know that. I know your loss.
    I am happy you got some binding done. I really really do need to get some binding done....

  14. Looking forward to the Winter Blues Pattern. It makes me happy just looking at it and the border is fantastic.
    The Courthouse Steps that you are doing remind me of Gwen Marston and her wonky blocks that were so fun to do. She is missed in the quilt world because she loved it so.

  15. I love sewing binding, too.... for all the same reasons you mentioned! Glad you are feeling better..... sounds like you had a “doozie”! I would love to go on the Ireland trip.... in fact, I was going on the first one and then have had some health issues and it had to come off my list of things to do �� .... at least I can enjoy the trip through your eyes!
    Thanks again for all you do for us Bonnie... you are an inspiration! Betsy D

  16. I, too, love to hand bind. These days I do far more machine than I do hand quilting. Binding is my only time where I can wrap up in a quilt I've made before it goes to its new home. If it is a gift, I can spend time thinking about who is getting it and sew all those lovely thoughts into the quilt with each stitch.

  17. Love seeing the finished quilts. Ginger tea is the bet. Glad your on the mend.

  18. This week will be the 6 month anniversary of my sister's passing. (((Bonnie)))

  19. Can you tell me what kind of glucosamine chews Sadie is getting? My 16 year old Puggle (Sadie also) was put on meds for her arthritis. It helps but she still limps badly. I am hopping that the chews might help her also.

  20. It's no wonder you've been sick this week, Bonnie, with the anniversary of Mark's death. I am so sorry. Prayers for God's peace and comfort in this grief season.

  21. I splurged and booked the Ireland tour way back when, got in on the first week. Which I see now is going to be the second week. ha ha ha, could not talk my husband into coming- so I'm bringing my daughter. She does sew, hasn't got into quilting but who knows maybe this will do it? maybe not, not important. I hope you are giving us a list of what we should bring. Have never ever ever, done anything like this before so I am really at a loss here. But sooooo excited. Looking foreword to this so much.

  22. I'm with you on binding. It's the frosting on top of the frosting and so soothing while in process. I find it calms my mind, slows my heartrate and oh the bliss of the finish. It's kinda sad when I finish one.

    Hugs to you. Death anniversaries can be so so hard. Thank goodness you have Sadie Jane there to listen to your words and sense your soul's pain.

    Take good care, dear girl.


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