Thursday, September 26, 2019

On Today’s To-Do List -

Place mat productivity is ramping up again  - let those string blocks and borders loose!

I’ve got 7 made.  I’d love to have a good 20 on hand – we know that spills happen and that is what place mats are for in the first place.  SO many license plates have been sent from all over, and I am really enjoying seeing the slogans, shop names and locations come together in these fun little projects destined to use up a plethora of strings, scraps of batting and backing fabric that really does need a new lease on life.

I have a large bin of FLORALS that are perfect.  I don’t sew with huge florals a lot in my quilt life, you just can’t cut them small enough!  Often they are prettiest when left whole, and as placemat backings they will be perfect.

And all of those batting scraps?  I am SO happy to have a way to use them up too.

Today’s job will be getting this batch loaded into the machine and get the quilting going.

Which one is your favorite?

I have alternated doing the center block in either X or O format. 

Bindings at the ready!

The sashings and bindings have come from languishing fat quarters, or gifted fabrics and have found the perfect place to land as it doesn’t take much – I have had a ball choosing accent colors to go with each one, choosing what would best make those fun license plates shine!

If you’d like to do something like this yourself, stay tuned.  This tutorial will ALSO be added to the Free Patterns Tab along with the Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt, still in binding progress.

Emmy Lou Lou Photo Bomb.  LOL.

This sweet girl has settled in so well.  Today was the day I was supposed to take her in to the vet for a check up, but yesterday’s dental extravaganza didn’t reach completion and I have to go the OTHER direction back to West Jefferson, NC to get that crown placed.

I have NEVER had dental fear.  “Numb is your friend” was NOT my friend yesterday.  It wasn’t the crown part – it was a “simple” filling in the bottom right that even after 4 rounds of numbing shots and numbing medicine even shot into the partially drilled out cavity itself would not numb. We did get that one sorted and finished eventually, but OH MAN.  This morning my whole jaw is so tender.  And I”m going back for the crown on the upper today.

Next week – we replace the old filling on the left.  I’ll keep saying “numb is my friend, numb is my friend” but seriously – it was not yesterday.

My drive home -

Southwestern Virginia Traffic Jam.

4:15 pm and this school bus slowly rambled up Grassy Creek Road, narrow and winding.  My mind wanted to know how LONG these kids spend on a school bus for them to still be ON the bus past 4pm.  I know that the bus picks them up in the morning at 6:50am.  Such a long day for kids.  

I do love seeing the school buses, and watching them slowly ramble past barns and fields and pastures – numb or not, I smiled with the one half of my face that was functioning.

The bus turned off, and I was free and clear all the way to the cabin.

(I just love seeing barns surrounded by hills and blue sky!)

Did you see that we have a Quilty Box Gift-Away happening on Monday’s post?  Head on over there to enter to win – it’s a great one with some gorgeous fabrics, and more! 

Drawing to happen on Saturday. You’ve got to be in it to win it, and you will want to win it!

I’ll be here at the Quiltville Post Office working on place mats until noon when it is time to head to the dentist – hopefully this won’t require ANY more numb, and I’ll be back later in the afternoon to pick up where I left off.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage string quilt found in North Carolina.

The best advice for a Thursday (or any day!) out there! But you have to start where you are to get it going.

Where will you start today?

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Love the placemats! And, yes, I did notice the middles. :) I rode a bus for many years. We were first on, last off. And hour each way. Not much fun. Hope your jaw feels better later; maybe icing it would help.

  2. Hi Bonnie! I've been reading your posts for a little while now... just wondering what it means to "web" a quilt. I am teaching myself to quilt and I am always coming across info that I don't understand. Can you help?
    I love your heavily patterned quilts. Maybe I'll be able to become as good a quilter as you are!

    1. Click the tips & techniques tab at the top of the blog and scroll down to W for "Webbing" Also, click the free patterns tab and check out this year's Leader & Ender challenge - Shoo, Fly Shoo - webbing tutorials shown there!

  3. I've been meaning to send a few plates from Walla Walla. Starting a Shop Hop today. Hope Numb is your friend today.

  4. I really like the placemats and the Courthouse Steps quilt! They are both on my project list.

    The school bus here comes 90+ minutes before school starts; so when my oldest got his license, the kids drove every day (17 minute drive) so they could sleep in.

  5. I love the one that says "Fabric Floozy"!

  6. I had a root canal where that happened to me. The dentist explained it was like a dam, once the water starts through it's really hard to stop. Same with pain. Best wishes for a pain free appointment.

  7. I have an extremely high level of pain tolerance--until it comes to the dentist. He is always amazed at how much extra "novacaine" I have to have. Sometimes I feel that he has to go get another prescription for the shots. LOL

  8. Another Fabric Floozy fan here! But I do like Goin' Sewin' too.

  9. Dentist visits are never fun some worse than others hope your next trip goes better. I had a molar tooth DUG OUT WEDNESDAY. Not fun. Going to my sewing room now to help with my recovery

  10. Love the placemats! What a fun idea. The bus picks up my little neighbor right at 8:00 am and she doesn't get home until 4:00 pm. Such a long day for little ones. Your pictures are beautiful of the countryside. I'm going to check out the webbing tips as well. Have a pain free day Bonnie!

  11. Bonnie- as a child I rode the bus an hour each way in South Central MN. In the winter it could be much longer, depending on snow. Waiting for the bus at the end of a qtr mile long driveway wasn't fun in the winter, either. I hope your dental appt. went well. I know about the agony of not getting numb, or them hitting a nerve with the shot; not fun at all. I am going through a second implant process now, too. So, will go in for a CT scan on the upper left, to make sure they do not have do a graft close to the sinuses. That will not be fun if I have to have it.

    I love the funky place mats. The flower backings sound lovely. Now, I think it is time I finally get to order some more things from your store, and get those curtains mailed off to you soon. What address would you like
    them to go to; still the NC one?

    Have a Great rest of the day!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where fall has settled in and it is now freezing at night!
    Have a Great Day!


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