Sunday, September 29, 2019

Autumn on the Virginia Creeper Trail!

Damascus, Virginia.  Our Day started here!

Had I thought twice about it, I would have called for reservations. But had I called, there wouldn’t have been any availability.  I guess in my  naiveté it never occurred to me that OF COURSE the changing of leaf colors would bring folks in droves and all shuttle rides from Damascus (Which boasts NINE huge bike rental/shuttle service places!) to White Top mountain would be full.

But we didn’t plan ahead, and when we showed up, walked in – there had just been a cancellation and there was room for us on the 10am shuttle.

I say room LIGHTLY. Because I am not a petite girl.  I’m 5’9 – and The Hubster is a burly guy of 6’3’’.  And they expected FOUR people in the back bench seat of the shuttle van?  There was some shifting around to get myself and 3 other “smaller” ladies to take that back bench seat.  Keep the a/c vents open folks! This is a long and winding road to the top.  Cross your fingers that NO ONE gets car sick!  (one lady complained that she was “too cold” under the vent, and I told her that I was sorry – either she is a bit on the chilly side or I (crammed into the middle of the back bench seat) am going to lose my breakfast.  She agreed.  LOL.


The shuttle ride alone was cause enough to deserve a VCT magnet!

My 3rd 17 mile jaunt down the Virginia Creeper Trail this year.

It’s been wonderful to visit it Spring, Summer and now Fall.

Who turned off the faucets on the water falls?

When Kim and I were here in August – just 6 weeks ago, this was flowing like mad.  And we climbed up on to one of the rocks to enjoy it.  This day?  We have been so dry with no rain that things are looking pretty sad in the water department.  Visit THAT POST to see the difference!  We need rain.  And soon please.

I love the earthy smell of falling leaves.

Golden glow of autumn.

I could do this weekly – it is that much fun!

(Except for the back bench seat routine!)

The creeks are REALLY low!

Little log cabin in the perfect setting -

Just need to get rid of the plastic porch chair and replace it with a proper rocker!

A few red maples make all the difference!

Autumn, you are so lovely!

Favorite trestle bridge.

The only one I know of that still has the steel girders.

It was an awesome ride – it doesn’t take more than a couple of hours, but you can take as long as you want.  Stop, enjoy the scenery, have a picnic, take photos, appreciate nature.  In one area, a little church was having a hot dog cookout as a fundraiser for their youth program.  LOADS of bikers were stopping, and I thought it was a wonderful thing to do.

We were worried that there would be SO MANY PEOPLE but were surprised how after you get past the initial drop off point that everyone spreads out.  There was some “On your left!” as people passed, or we passed others – but really, there was plenty of open terrain so that people were not on top of one another. Which is amazing to me.  Because it was really a BUSY weekend on the trail.

When we got back – there was a NAP!

And some sewing.  I’m working on step outs for the Crooked Courthouse Steps tutorial coming up.

Coming soon!  Get your strips and strings ready!

Today the plan is to FINALLY get those IKEA book cases put together so I can start sorting through books and getting the dining room in order.  I need to make some space in there as The Electrician is supposed to start this week with removing the chandelier from that room, hanging it in the front stairwell, and putting up the new dining room lights over the two tables.

And we’ll see how the day goes from there.

Any fun plans for your Sunday?

Morning fog on hay bales and barns.

I stopped on my way to the Quiltville Post Office this morning to take this photo before the sun came over the rise and burned the morning fog away.  I just love seeing peaceful scenes like this.  It just starts my day off right!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Double Irish Chain quilt found in North Carolina.

Try this experiment this coming week. Where will it lead?

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. fun times with allen wrenches, remember all bookshelf pieces have a front and a back (ask me how I know). Quiltville Inn is so awesome! WIP finished, set aside SFS,L&E....getting all strings together and even pressing some(raining here).

  2. Your bike ride was so beautiful. Planning on a trip the last of October (in the car) with my best friend and her 91 year old mother to Gatlinburg, TN. We are hoping it will be the perfect time for fall colors. Love your Scrappy Courthouse Steps quilt.
    I wish I had something ready to bind today myself as I have a swollen foot and am chair bound.

  3. That is a beautiful area. I hope to see it one day. Thank you for showing it.

  4. Thank you Bonnie for beginning my Sunday with such inspirational words and pictures!

  5. I love the fog in Autumn! Peaceful Easy Feeling plays in a continuous loop in my head this time of year. What a perfect quote to share with the world. Thank you Bonnie for a perfect start to today!

  6. I'm volunteering at American Legion for Bingo.....I do this every Sunday.I love it, I get out if the house, see people I don't see every day, and do a good deed for our Veterans!

  7. Looks like you and hubster has the perfect day yesterday!! One of these years I'll be a "leaf peeper" too!!

  8. So glad you and the hubster could enjoy a day together. It doesn't look like fall here in the Midwest yet. We had two days of rain here, quitting early this morning. I went to the gym early and came home to get back to cutting up my stash strips. I just might have to make the courthouse steps quilt with all the strings I have created in the last 3 days. But will be after our move before I get to start any more quilts. I found a couple projects in tubs all ready to quilt that I had totally forgotten about. But I am so ready to get back to quilting. Packing up and downsizing is a lot of work and not the kind I really want to be doing. I need to feel the fabric, and I have enjoyed at least sorting and cutting up strips and strings. Your blog is keeping me sane for now. Thanks!

  9. Beautiful scenery. The autumn mist rising is my favourite as I love seeing that here too. It is good to ring the changes in the scenery - even waterfalls and that makes it interesting because it's never the same. Love the photos, and the little log cabin is so sweet.
    Yesterday met a lot of Youtubers at an autumn show and such lovely people they are - all very inspiring and their sense of humour is terrific! But that was for growing veg and other things. Super day - added bonus was farm animals like shire horses and alpacas - and even a paddock with giant tortoises! Although I don't think I need one of those however much I like them! I want to go again! LOL!

  10. Isn’t it wonderful to live in such a beautiful place? What a wonderful “date” For the two of you. That would never get old for me!

  11. Such a beautiful ride! Thank you so much for sharing the lovely pictures!
    I love your Blog and the countless exciting trips that you take us on.
    Jeri D


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