Thursday, September 05, 2019

This is ONE Short-Sheeted Week!

I don’t know how to NOT multi-task.

It’s a well known thing – if I can do two or three things at once, then all the better.

Sometimes that means that NONE of the two or three things turn out quite the way I expected – but hey – it’s worth a try, right?

Such was my day yesterday.

The things on my list:
  • Get mail order out (Done by 11:30am. Hooray!)
  • Drive to the cabin and take care of some things there – (Spa chemicals are not my thing – it involved a phone conversation with the hubster telling me which one and how much.)
  • Be back in time for a 1pm Podcast recording!
  • Pack the van for today’s trip to Pennsylvania – did I miss anything? Did I forget anything?  It feels very weird because there is no lecture so I’m driving with ONE quilt in the car!

My highlight of the day – meeting up with a van full of 4 wild and crazy Canadians!  And we had so much fun.  I’ll send some photos when I get some back from them.

You know, at the first of the year I had to stop mailing internationally due to the customs issues and charges, and the increasing postage rates that have gone up to “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” along with the problem of enough missing packages and replacement cost of those packages (And once more, additional postage charges out of pocket) that it was just a no win for me. 

So instead, the Canadians came to me!  They were on their way to Blowing Rock, NC – I wasn’t that far off route, and we had a good time.  I got to show them this:

Downstairs bath has a shower door!

Upstairs front bath has a shower door!

Back upstairs bath has a shower door!

I have spent the last two nights at Quiltville Inn – feeling that if I want the place to feel like a home, I need to live there a bit to see what it needs.

I took my first shower in the new shower this morning – awesome!  Now the big question – if all three showers are running at once, will I have enough hot water with the on-demand hot water system?

I thought twice about asking the Canadians if three of them would volunteer for shower so we could test it out, but I thought that was being a bit TOO hospitable.  LOL!

But the sunsets have been amazing!

As to the podcast – it should air in October.  I’ll let you know when!

And that hand stitching picture at the top of this post?  That was a multi-tasker, too.  My friend Linda called for a chat – (While the chemicals were running in the hot tub at the cabin) and I sat right down in my comfy chair and stitched my way through our conversation.  

It really was the time out that I needed after everything else was caught up.  Hand stitching and chatting – they go hand in hand, don’t they?

And this is where my evening ended up.

I NEEDED more Shoo Fly block kits as Leaders & Enders for what I plan to be working on while in Pennsylvania.  Have you joined in?  You’ll find the information on our Shoo Fly Shoo Leader & Ender Challenge under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Jump in at any time – this challenge will run until July 2020.

So here we are at Thursday morning – a very short week indeed, and I am out the door.

Much retreat fun ahead with a 2 day Daybreak workshop from String Frenzy – it’s going to be a ton of fun.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Sweet thoughts with a lot of truth! I wonder what learning will come my way today?

As soon as I push SEND  I'm out the door and pointing the van toward Pennsylvania.

This girl is retreat bound!!!

Have a terrific Thursday!


  1. Have a great weekend, Bonnie! I'm retreating next week and kitted up more Shoe Fly blocks as well. Leader/endering is addictive!!

  2. Celebrated my birthday the last two days in a row, and leaving shortly with my sister for a four day quilting retreat In Rhodes Grove, Pa with her and about forty other ladies — so with a stretch of our imaginations — I guess we will be retreating with you, hahahaha. Safe travels lady!!!

  3. the fourth ( or maybe the fifth ) fun thing about these leader and enders, is that we are all putting them under the needle together...along with our individual projects.

  4. How fun for the Canada ladies to shop the Quiltville store. You filled up your short week.
    Have safe travels. Those Shoofly blocks are calling me, too many other Quilts to finish. They're so scrappy. If I can get some cut to use along with this years Mystery, that would be good, lol. 2 more stitching days this week.

  5. I'm looking forward to your podcast interview, they asked some very good questions!
    Thanks again for the Shoe Fly tutorial!

  6. Enjoy the retreat. Love hearing how the Quiltville Inn is coming together. I hope to see it in person someday.

  7. Who is doing the podcast interview? Where do we find it? Did I miss something?

  8. Oh! I do like that antique quilt w your quote! Already mulling over the ruler math on that one, and eyeballing my shirt stash. Fun stuff.

    The showers look great - exciting progress. You're getting there!

  9. I wish I was one of those Canadians :0)

    1. Me to but I don't think driving from Victoria, British Columbia to Virginia is in the cards LOL

    2. Never say never! It was a fabulous addition to a road trip we were on! And planning is in the works for booking a retreat at the Quiltville Inn!

  10. I love the black and white patterned floor tile in the first shower!

  11. Love the chamber pot!

  12. Have a wonderful weekend at the retreat, hope you get lots of sewing time and lots of fun.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  13. I learn so much about how to make a "true" scrappy quilt by examining the fabrics you choose; thanks, Bonnie, for that little teaching moment of showing us the fabrics on your cutting board!

  14. I love following your adventures and watching Quiltville Inn blossom into her lovely best! Yes, you will have plenty of hot water when all showers are running with the on-demand hot water system. Good choice. Safe travels and happy quilting!

  15. I don't have the time to quilt right now but love reading your posts. Thanks for the sayings at the end. They are sometimes what I really need to read for the day.


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