Monday, September 09, 2019

The EXTRA Long Way Home.

Well, THIS was NOT on my agenda!

I had planned on heading south from Pennsylvania to the IKEA at Woodbridge, Virginia – though it wasn’t directly on my way home to Mouth of Wilson, it was a much shorter detour than a trip to the IKEA in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With the fuel light letting me know that I needed a fill up, and soon – I turned off the interstate and in to the gas station entry – only in avoiding a car that was taking up too much space coming OUT of the drive,  I found myself much too close to the curb. 

Yep.  I ran that tire up against the curb and promptly gave myself a flat tire.  Well RATS!

Curb check FAIL!

It’s Sunday.  I’m in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Are tire places even OPEN here on Sunday?

Thanks to a local guy who was filling up at the bay next to where I had pulled in, we were able to find a local tire place. From the tire place I got the number of a towing service.  Within 40 minutes I was locked, loaded and ready to roll  in THEIR truck!

This is NOT what I had planned!

But I am so grateful – it could have turned out so much worse.  It could have happened ON the interstate instead of in a gas station parking lot where I was moving quite slowly.

It could have happened in the rain or the snow, instead of on a gorgeous sunny September Sunday.

It could have happened at night time when no one was open.

It could have happened in a town where all tire places were closed on Sunday.

Instead, it happened in a place where I could get speedy help, and the tire place was connected to a shopping center where there was a Burger King, a Krispy Kreme, a Chinese Buffet, a Family Dollar, and an Aldi.  What more could a girl want while waiting?

They were done with my fix-it by the time my lunch was eaten and paid for and I was back on the road.

By this time a few hours had passed however, and my desire to go off course to IKEA had been scrapped. That can wait for another day.  All I wanted was to make it to the cabin and take a nap.

A bit grainy from zooming in closely -

These two stopped and watched as I crawled up the drive to the cabin – the time? About 5:15 pm.

And the nap happened even though it was that close to evening time.  I was that tired!

From my antiquing jaunt on the way to Pennsylvania -

Isn’t this the cutest thing?

Do you know what it is?

Vintage bonnet needle case!

SO sweet!

I bet these wouldn’t be hard to make -

There were a few machines I didn’t share the other day – because 19 quilts took up all of my post.  Some of these machines really need someone to love them:

This Singer 66 has seen better days -

What a pretty cabinet!

I love the crossed “White/SM CO” in the irons above the pedal.

Oh honey, someone has loved your decals right off!

The hand-wheel turned easily – shuttle in place!

Hopefully this one will find a new home soon.

Have you ever spotted a Howe in the wild?

If someone asked you “Who invented the lock stitch sewing machine?” And you answered SINGER – you’d be wrong.  It was actually Elias Howe who invented the two thread lock stitch.

Elias Howe and Isaac Merritt Singer battled over the patent of the lock stitch in 1854 , and Howe came out the winner.

Isaac Singer HAD made good changes to Howe’s basic model, and that was some of the debate – it was still Howe’s invention.  (Sounds a lot like our copyright debates today, doesn’t it?)

There were many companies producing sewing machines that were similar to Howe’s model, so he took the protection of his patent to the courts. After many years of legal tensions, Howe was rewarded compensation and royalties for his invention.Howe went on to receive money for all sewing machines produced in the United States.

I have no idea how early this Howe machine is -

But Howe himself died in 1867.

And yes, the shuttle is still there!

This 1950’s Japanese import owes a lot to Elias Howe, too!

Today’s agenda – mail order out the door, and settling into September and some deadline projects ahead.

I am HOME until I leave for Alex Anderson’s Fall Retreat in California in October.  So let’s draw this month out and enjoy it day by day and see how we fill it up.

I would love to give Quilt Cam another try – but right now I have no voice thanks to the ragweed allergies that befell me in Pennsylvania.  It’s blooming up there, but not down here yet.  But it’s coming!  GAH.

As soon as my voice is back (Ask the folks at retreat – they saw it happening day by day as it started on Thursday with sticky eyes, ear pressure and then moved on down my throat…) we will give it a try.  I want to hard-wire the laptop to the router to see if that gives us a better signal here at the Quiltville Post Office.  

I’m not giving up on it, but connection here is close to dial up.  I have plenty of download speed – it’s the upload speed that we need for a video broadcast so I thank your for your patience.

Quiltville Quote of the Day-

Vintage nine patch quilt from my collection.

A dream is just a wish until you put action behind it. How bad do you want it? 

Make some progress towards that dream today -


  1. Try acupuncture for your allergies.....it sure worked for me. I had one treatment for three weeks in a row. Haven't taken meds in 13 years.

  2. I bought a model 99 Mundlos Original Victoria treadle for $20
    last week. From the logo design, it was made between 1913-1944. I need to get a new belt, but it has shuttle case and several shuttles. everything moves smoothly. I AM SO EXCITED!

  3. Flat Tire is no fun! The tire place had you surrounded by good places for lunch or a treat. Cute Bonnet Needlecase. Thanks for showing the machines, you found some oldies in your travels. Happy Monday, busy week before Quilt Festival here.

  4. So pleased your flat happened in a safe place and your ok, what a helpful man to aid you finding help.
    So sorry to hear about your voice allergies are not fun, hope you get over it soon does honey lemon and hot water help at all?
    Enjoy your time at the cabin and QPO take care of yourself.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  5. Well Singer sold the most machines..giggle..think of all the.. Sew Howe? Howe Sew? jokes we could have shared !!

  6. I have a friend who swears by acupuncture for her allergies. For years she took meds and shots on a regular basis and was still miserable. She goes once or twice a year when the season is the worse and that seems to work for her. I was thinking some of the positive things you were about your flat tire when I saw it on IG. Glad everything worked out.

  7. I love how you always share a positive attitude! So often people sink into the negative. Bonnie, you are the best - there’s always something to be grateful for. Glad you were safe and made lemonade out of those lemons 🍋.

  8. We get our tires at Wal-Mart because there's always a Wal-Mart around and they have road hazard insurance. It has come in handy more than once.

  9. Drooling a bit over that White.

  10. Thank goodness for the nice person at the gas station! Years ago it was so easy to change tyres, but now with the gadgets that tighten the bolts, as if you are in a Formula 1 race, it's nigh on impossible to undo the bolts to change it over!
    Such a cute little bonnet - I wondered if it was for a doll or a baby at first - then you opened it up. But oh the White cabinet! The carving! Beautiful. Thank you and hope your allergies clear up soon.

  11. Get better. You are loved by so many of us. I sew with you whatching old quilt cams thanks

  12. I was looking for a funny, pick-me-up movie and settled on The Beatles "Help!". As the credits were rolling, up popped a picture of a treadle machine and a dedication to Elias Howe for inventing the sewing machine!

  13. Oh gosh yes the allergies. Mine are far easier to manage now that I am older. I hope you feel better and enjoy that new tire
    And.... enjoy some resting and nesting

  14. Your journeys are never dull. So sorry about the flat. My best friend hit a curb in Destin, FL. Thankfully her grandson was with her and changed to the spare so they could get to Walmart Service on Sunday also. I pray you have a peaceful rest of September. My retreat with friends is coming up next week with a trip from Arkansas to The Bunkhouse in Texas. Wish you could be there. Looking forward to hours of quilting and fellowship.

  15. Having a flat is inconvenient - glad it all worked out well. There is a pattern for the bonnet needlecase on this page https://tipnut.com/26-free-tutorials-for-needle-books-cases/


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