Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Quilting Friends and Show & Share!

This kind of fun was held in Pennsylvania at retreat!

I adore teaching at retreats for the simple reason that when workshop day is done, the quilters keep sewing and there is time for me to unwind, hang around, and just be one of the girls.  It’s the best of both worlds!

As our retreat focus was ONE quilt workshop spread out from Thursday evening to Sunday morning – we even threw in some evening gear switchers for good measure. It worked so well!

We also saved our Show & Share event until Saturday evening – which gave us a bit of a break from our sewing machines which many of us needed.  Out came the crochet – because quilters must have busy hands – while quilt after quilt was shown!

Click to Play:

The quilts were so gorgeous, and I loved that many quilts were brought to sleep under as well as share!

I can hardly wait for a return trip in 2021 to see the many finishes that will come out of what we started this past weekend.

On the home front here – I do believe I have rounded a corner and am slowly rallying.

Fat quarters have been petted, folded and put away.

(Because quilters can’t have idle hands while recuperating!)

This binding is now done!

and so is the sleeve -

Label still to be sewn down.

And I have my baskets quilt waiting in the wings to bind next – while I dig into this:

Midsomer Murders!

There are 19 seasons – and I have watched them off and on over the past couple of years, but now with urgency as they are being taken off of Netflix on October 1st.  OH NO!

So feet up in the comfy chair I will be.

I’m better, but not all the way.  Just happy to be moving in a forward direction.

There is turkey soup in the crock pot already simmering away for today’s lunch/dinner.

Tomorrow – I’ve got something really fun to post, and you’ll want to come back and check it out. Especially if you’ve always wanted to know how to free motion quilt your own projects on your home machine.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Bound and determined to make more of today than I did yesterday!

No matter what your set back, be ready for your rebound – have a great Wednesday everyone.


  1. aaah midsomer...a dangerous place to live to be sure...but fun mysteries! come on over to britbox!

  2. RE-bound ok, theme for today, had oatmeal and remembered my vitamins..full steam ahead anticipating re-bound.

  3. I love Midsomer Murders, but I always laugh when I think of it. After all those seasons, you wouldn't think there would be anyone left to murder!

    Feel better.

  4. Wow, well it was a brief moment that I caught up to you! It will take me at least a week to sew my binding down. You are amazing even when you are battling an illness!

  5. Glad to read you are feeling better. You can find Midsummer Murders on two PBS channels and Ovation is carrying them also. Most of these are the older seasonsbut have seen some of the newer ones. Another series you might be interested is Death in Paradise . Check your local PBS listings

    1. Also available on Acorn. You also might check out Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, still on Netflix.

  6. Drinking my Vitamin C! Turkey soup sounds delicious! Binding and binging, good resting activity. Get better!

  7. I like the teal colored t-shirt you are wearing in the picture with the two ladies. Is that pattern on the front called Birds-in-air? I've always wanted to try that one, but haven't found a pattern for it yet.

  8. I was disappointed when I finished the Midsomer Murders. It was a good show.

  9. It is also on Prime ... at least where I am. I love it.

  10. Oh Midsomer Murders - I didn't realise it went to 19 series! I remember the older ones. It's like Morse - you wouldn't want to live in any of those places because of the murders! A bit like Miss Marple - who would be friends with that lady! LOL!
    Lovely quilts ladies. And glad you are on the mend. Here it's wet and it's windy - so tidying up the sewing room. Oh where to start!!!!

  11. Midsommer Murders is also on Pluto tv, but you can't pick and choose the episode you watch. It's like old time tv! What's playing is what you get! lol

  12. You always share something good from Netflix so here is my share to you. Heartland CA 2007, eleven seasons. Good, clean, wonderful family life on a horse farm that you can watch even just before bed without nightmares.

  13. Hope you feel better.i love when you go to the antique malls,not very many in southern CAlifornia.

  14. Bonnie- Great Quote for the day, and I am really glad you are bouncing back, but not bouncing literally! How would you like some dinosaur kale for your winter soups? I would love to be able to send you some from my garden!

    Keep moving forward each day! I love the blue and white quilt you are working on!

    Kasilof, AK


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