Monday, September 16, 2019

Tale of the Traveling FREE Machine!

Meet Diane of Richmond, Virginia.

She had contacted me months and months ago about a machine she was needing to rehome, and would I be interested?

She said “I'm from a quilting and antique-loving family, and I would like to donate this sewing machine to your Quiltville Inn."

"This is an early 1900's Free treadle sewing machine in a beautiful tiger oak cabinet.  The machine has an automatic lift, instruction booklet, metal box with attachments, and seems to be in terrific condition.  My parents bought the machine, and I have used it as an end table and night stand."

"FYI, the Free Sewing Machine Company was founded in 1900 in Rockford, Illinois by owner William C. Free.  The company was later purchased by Westinghouse.”

A plan was hatched to meet up with Diane on my way to Pennsylvania for the Quilt Odyssey Fall Retreat.  And I am so glad I did!

Diane and her Partners in Quilt Crime!

We met behind a Mc Donalds not far off of I-81, and these ladies had come over from Richmond for a day of quilt shop hopping and lunch out. 

I would have loved to have had the time to run around with them, but I was on a beeline for Pennsylvania and needed to be there by 5pm.  Next time, ladies!

Oh, she is gorgeous – just look at those decals!

I haven’t looked up the serial number yet – hopefully can find some info.

Even the side plate is gorgeous!

I asked Diane if she had ever sewn on this machine, and she said no, that no one did that she remembered since her parents acquired the machine.  The belt is still there, but has aged over time, and it needs a replacement.  But I was still surprised that it was intact!  It’s too loose and slips terribly, so we will have to fix that before I can get her up and running.

I wanted to post about this last week – but we all know how that went, from the time I got a flat tire in Hagerstown Maryland to driving home with the bronchitis and ear/sinus infections really starting to rage.

I was able to move the machine into the Quiltville Post Office because there are no stairs, but I’d love this machine to reside at Quiltville Inn, perhaps in a sitting area where she can be a focal point, but it is going to take menfolk to help me get her up the stairs, into the house, and choose a good spot for her.

Hello Gorgeous!

I don’t even know if you take regular sized needles?!

Does anyone know?

I love the automatic lowering mechanism!

There is a point where a person CAN have too many machines.  I think I have reached full house status.

I also have my friend Nancy to thank for sending me home with THREE Singer 99’s that can be used either for parts or spare machines, and a 201.

Machines are multiplying like rabbits!  I love the idea of having the 99’s on hand for those who can’t travel with a machine or as a back up. They are sweet, easy to maintain and easy to find parts for.

Sunlight down the drive this morning -

The internet has been abysmally slow this Monday morning, but then so am I!  But I am here.  It’s okay to work in slow mode!  Why rush everything?

Sadie’s favorite spot!

The QPO was a bit stuffy when we arrived, and I threw open the windows and the front door to get the fresh morning air inside.  She loves watching the traffic from the open door and catching the morning rays.  

Click to Play:

Our plan for today is to get the mail out, tackle some things around here, and then head back to the cabin to continue big work on some behind the scenes stuff.

I am still hearing from several of you who who are interested in HollyAnne Knight’s online course: Free Motion Quilting Academy that is now in the registration process for the next 8 week session. 

I am so glad you are excited and I hope you’ll share your progress as you work through this fabulous online course. 

If you missed the info, click to THAT POST. You can be free motion quilting that stack of completed quilt tops on your home machine in no time.

Registration for this session ENDS SEPTEMBER 18th!  

If you want to know more, HollyAnne presented an intro via Facebook Live that I have pinned to the top of my Quiltville Facebook Page.  Give it a view HERE

September is passing so quickly!  I need to soak up as much of it as I can. Register for the course HERE.

What’s up for YOUR Monday?  Do you have any plans for anything special this week?

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage Log Cabin quilt found in North Carolina.

I hope you find some time to spend with fabrics you love and quilts in progress!

I have spent a lot of time this past week just putting pieces together, and I really can say it brings peace to my life.

Welcome to a new week ahead everyone -


  1. first I am free motion quilting some "leaves and vines" on scrap pieced pumpkin (a la Bonnie) place-mat.....then back to WIP and 15 little L&E Shoo Fly Shoo kitted up and ready to play....life is sew grand !!!

  2. Quiltville is now definitely the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

  3. I know it cost a lot of $$ to get QPO up and running but that by itself was worth all the effort. Great place to sew, send out orders and enjoy the sun.

  4. I will spend the day working on quilts for our local crisis nursery. A friend and I are using up our stashes and a new friend sent us some children's fabrics from hers on the other side of the state. Our quarterly Guild meeting is next week and we will have 5 finished quilts to donate. We live 60 - 70 miles apart and get together a couple of times a month for sewing nursery quilts and a good visit.

  5. So glad you are on the mend with your Sadie girl nearby! Heaven!

  6. Beautiful view for Sadie. Even with the ragweed. I have some stitching to get to after Quilt Guild this morning. Gotta drive through rain to get there. Earworm of the day Rainy Days and Monday... you're welcome.

  7. So happy to hear your medical issues have reversed!! What a gorgeous machine you were gifted.

  8. What a gorgeous treadle machine! Very happy to hear you will have machines for those of us who may need to fly to get to the Quiltville Inn. I am assembling my rows for my Cathedral Stars from the workshop in San Luis Obispo in June. I am also finishing a table runner for our guild boutique sale in Oct.

  9. Bonnie- I wish I had your problem w/ too many antique sewing machines. I have too many newer machines, but am looking to acquire a treadle. I would love a SInger, as that is what I learned on, but they are hard to find at a decent price here. A friend/ former co-worker has an Eldridge for sale. I looked the brand up, and looks like a good brand. I was wondering if you knew anything about them or had sewn on one?

    Thank You so much, and I Hope You have a Great week and continue to improve in health!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is damp and the sun is trying to shine!

  10. Here's a link to the manual!


  11. What a beautiful view out of QPO door I’m sure the fresh air is much welcomed, Sadie looks so comfortable on her bed watching the world go by.
    So pleased your feeling so much better, you need the rest time to get over that nasty bronchitis and ear infection.
    Have a wonderful week
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. Seems you are finally feeling better... glad you are! Sadie is beyond too cute 💕💕💕💕. Thank you for always brightening my mornings.

  13. I own the same treadle sewing machine. It's a bit more worn, but I love the decals and cabinet, too. Enjoy!

  14. I would love to know if you have ever published a book of your wonderful quotes?
    I would buy one in a heart beat. Love them all!

  15. Your Sadie looks so content taking in the sun. My little Ginger loves to sunbathe too. I've been cutting and sewing patches for the Shoofly quilt. I'm putting a four patch in the center. When I saw the 4 patch quilt I fell in love with it and just had to add a 4 patch to the center of the Shoofly block. I'm making 4 twin size quilts for my great grandchildren. Two for the 7 months old twin boys of my grandson and his wife and 1 more boy quilt for a great grandson and a girl quilt for his sister who were adopted by my granddaughter and her husband recently. All the rest of my grandchildren and great grandchildren already have their quilts made long ago.

  16. I have the same machine. Yes, it takes regular needles, no adjustment. Mine is earlier than yours, but I cannot find anything on the serial number.

    I have an intact manual, if you need a copy.

  17. Sadie's such a good girl. My girl would love the sunshine too, but would bolt out the open door to run through the countryside. Nice new to you treadle! I'm getting ready to computer long arm quilt my first quilt at my local quilt shop this week. I'm excited.

  18. Ahhh Sadie! Glad you are feeling much better and what a superb machine - I hope it takes normal needles so that it can be used. Lovely gift.


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