Thursday, September 12, 2019

Are You A Quilting Rockstar?!

Good morning, quilting peeps -

This morning’s post is a little bit different.  I want to talk about something that is out of my own realm of expertise, and turn the topic of Free Motion Quilting over to my friend HollyAnne Knight of String & Story. Did you know that her Free Motion Quilting Academy is in registration right now for the next 8 week session?

Enrollment runs September 12th (today) through September 18th, with graduation happening November 16th.

If you have always wanted to learn how to Free Motion quilt, and to do it from the comfort of your own home – here are more reasons why you should register now for the Free Motion Quilting Academy:


Free Motion Quilting Academy is an online course designed to guide you from a beginner quilter (yes, even a baby beginner) to a confident intermediate quilter. Inside this class, you’ll learn how to set up your home sewing machine for free motion quilting, how to make a quilting plan (deciding what to quilt where), and learn how to stitch dozens of free motion quilting motifs— plus, you have access to the videos forever!

How exactly does one go about learning all of this free motion quilting in just 8 weeks? It’s a lot easier than you think!

Step 1: Doodle. We will do a lot of drawing. (You can do this even if you “can’t draw”!) Just like we all spent years in school on handwriting practice to learn how to write, drawing builds up muscle memory to help your quilting.

Step 2: Practice. HollyAnne recommends spending about 2 hours total per week practicing your free motion quilting, broken into 20 or 30 minute sessions.

Step 3: Encouragement & Community. HollyAnne and your fellow Rockstars-in-Training are in this with you with weekly live Q&A sessions in a private Facebook group where everyone shares wins and challenges, and at the end of the 8 weeks, celebrates your progress and portfolio completion with the Rockstar Graduation & Pinning (Graduation is held via Facebook Live, and you’ll receive a commemorative pin in the mail.)

Here’s what some graduated Quilting Rockstars have to say about their experience in Free Motion Quilting Academy:

Denise G!

Free Motion Quilting Academy was a fabulous experience! HollyAnne truly instills confidence in her students to try new motifs, building on previously learned skills. I could see my free motion quilting skills grow every week. I highly recommend it. For the cost of sending a quilt to a long arm quilter, I now feel confident to quilt all my quilts myself. HollyAnne has an infectious energetic personality and has built a safe supportive community of quilters.The support of fellow cohort students is a big plus.”

Francie Jo!

“I went from beginner to intermediate. Before I stated I could not make a curved line at all! Now I love making curvy motifs! The support and encouragement to from HollyAnne and other rockstars is so helpful! Worth every penny!”

Debi P.

“I’m still amazed at the quilting I was confident in doing after such a short time. HollyAnne Knight’s videos are easy to follow along and I found her soft spoken deliverance of the material relaxing. I believe this is what eased my nervousness allowing me to build my quilting FM skills and new motifs.”

If you are ready to take the Free Motion Quilting Leap -

This is the way to do it!

If you want to know more – Click HERE.

It’s time to turn your tops into completed quilts – YOURSELF.  You can do this!

And this message just in from HollyAnne to you:

"I will be on my String & Story Page via Facebook Live on Thursday (Today) at 11am and 8pm EST and on Saturday afternoon (exact time TBD as my day shifted around a bit) and on Instagram @stringandstory live at 11am EST on Friday. Keep an eye on my String & StoryFacebook page for next week's live schedule, and I'll try to send an announcement here too. Live video is a great place for people to get to know me and ask all the questions."

On my own home front:

This stuff is magic.

I made a big pot of good old fashioned turkey soup and am feeling ever-so-much better.  Every day I am returning to myself.  (This process is taking far too long however!)  You’ll find the recipe under the recipes tab at the top of the blog.  It makes a ton.  Freeze half for later. Yummy.

Next up in the binding queue – Fancy Baskets.

I’ve reached half way – hopefully will finish it today.

There is just something extremely satisfactory about a well-mitered corner!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Courthouse steps log cabin quilt found in Virginia last week.

One look at the state of my sewing space, and you'd see what I mean!

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone -


  1. I find it interesting to note the the varied ways we all stitch our binding down. Yours looks just opposite of mine.

    1. I'm the same way--looking at how the binding and needle is being held when someone posts a picture and wondering, "How can she do it that way?!?" Mary ("Making Scrap Quilts from Stash") shows her mother sometimes on her blog, binding the latest quilt, and her mom's method turns my head inside-out!!

      Glad you're slowly mending, Bonnie!

    2. I do binding exactly the same way Bonnie does and can't imagine going the opposite way unless you are left-handed. To each, her own.

  2. The lst year I ever went to Paducah, KY John Flynn was sitting in a rocking chair quilting. An elderly lady watched him for a while and then said "you are quilting wrong" (he does have his own style). Never missing a stitch he laughed and said "yes, ma'am but I am getting it done".

  3. Love the quote today...might become a poster for my quilting space (or warning to those visitors who are not quilters). I love your Fancy Baskets, it is going on my list! Glad you're feeling a bit better, good soup is miraculous.

  4. So happy you are feeling better! Love this basket quilt!

  5. I love the quote today! I think I'll adopt it for my sewing room!

  6. I tried some FMQ. My muscle memory needs a Lot more practice. I am so spoiled by my Computerized Quilting Machine. Taught a new Quilty friend some binding tricks this week, Sew much fun to pass it on.

  7. Me too. I go around the quilt the other way.

  8. The fmq lessons sound really helpful will check them out I’ve watched string and story before on your recommendation and found her to be a very sweet and sharing person.
    So pleased your starting to get better a nice bowl of warming soup and cuddles with Sadie just the perfect combination. It’s so nice when a mitre just goes as it’s supposed to love the baskets quilt.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  9. Love the quote - I seem to be full of ideas ready to burst forth! LOL! HollyAnne is such a bubbly girl - fun.
    My husband made broccoli soup the other day - just from onions, potatoes (to thicken without the cream!) and the thick chunky stalks from broccoli that we prepped for the freezer and had some for dinner. The other week he added cheese to it. Both were extremely yummy when he zapped it down. And we have our Trigger stock - our fiery rooster had to go, so he was "done" a few months back! Will check out your soup too - can't have enough soup for winter in the freezer! Thankies muchly.

  10. Love today's quote and will copy it for my computer/craft/sewing room!!

  11. Could you please name the quilt pattern you and HollyAnne are holding up at the top of the post? It is gorgeous!


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