Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Manic Quilting–Of the Best Kind!

This was Sunday’s Quilty Pleasure!

When The Hubster said he was heading out on a motorcycle ride with Martha’s hubby Don, I knew I’d have at least PART of the afternoon to myself.  My goal?  To get the Crooked Courthouse Steps log cabin quilt quilted and trimmed, preparing it for binding.

Could I be done by dinner time?  YES!

There is EVERYTHING in this quilt.

Every fabric genre.

Fabrics from 1980-something up to today.

Christmas, Halloween, batik, modern, calico, recycled fabrics, millennium fabrics, novelties, solids, plaids, stripes, dots – it’s IN here.  And I love it!  There will be a FREE tutorial coming up for this one, so please stay tuned.  It will find a home under the free patterns tab where you can refer to it again and again and again.  

I really did have the BEST time stitching this one.  No rules. No muss. No fuss.  Just fun – as much fun as one can have while recovering from THE PLAGUE of the decade.

Off the rails and all trimmed up!

Close up of fabrics and quilting.

I quilted on my APQS machine, computer driven by CompuQuilter.  The pattern is Whisper by Urban Elementz.  I used a straw/gold colored thread that blended well through both the light and dark areas.  Such great texture!

The word DREAD is really BREAD -

But will remind me of the dreaded bronchitis that hung on for 2 weeks.

Binding perfection – early 1990s print!

It’s a weird shade of eggplant/plum that I do love – an old VIP print that has lived in my stash for more than 20 years.  And amazingly it goes well with the Moda print I used as backing – which has also hung around because it is the strangest shade of yellow green and never was quite right with anything else.

There is no funky piecing in the back of this quilt – another “it must have been meant to be” moment as I had enough yardage of the backing fabric to do the back and the hanging sleeve with some left over.

Binding went on yesterday afternoon!

I am loving having 2 machines set up at the Quiltville Post Office – this Singer 15 with the potted motor just powers through weight and thickness.  And I tend to keep the walking foot on it at the ready.  Binding is SO easy and effortless with this set up.

I started in on the hand stitching last night -

I didn’t get too far – I was mighty tired!

Miss Emmy Lou – supervising!

She is settling in just fine.

This happened over the weekend, too!

Lowes had fridges and microwaves on sale.  I love that the little microwave fits Martha’s mother-in-law’s cabinet just great – and the fridge?  AWESOME!  I’m all set to heat up my lunch or make my tea/hot beverage as I work away in my happy place.

Exciting things begin today.  This post is a bit late this morning as the electrician we contacted came over early to see what needs to be done with the remainder of the electrical at Quiltville Inn.  This is the LAST big job to hire out.  Sewing room power – enough for 12 machines and small table-side irons as well as 2 big ironing stations. Sewing room overhead lighting.  Dining room lighting. Ceiling fan electrical fix in bedroom 5. Moving the chandelier from the dining room to replace the ugly 1960s pendant light in the front stairwell.  

And at some point a commercial washer/dryer set up in the garage/shop for all the linens will also happen.

And then the painting begins.  Followed by much cleaning, sprucing up, and home decor to make things ready!

The electrician just left – he LOVES the house, he’s excited to be working on it, and son Jeff just arrived to mow the lawn.  SO I am pushing send and heading straight on into my day.

Don’t forget we’ve got the September Quilty Box up for grabs  on Yesterday’s post!  Head on over and ENTER!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I don't get people who don't get my need to always be creating. 

That's likely why I like hanging around all of you!

You get me. We get each other!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, folks!


  1. You 'get'us We "get" you...truer words were never spoken ! (or written, typed,or flown to the universe, on the internet)

  2. So cool when those long saved pieces of fabric from nd the perfect home 😎

  3. I recognize the print from your quilt backing and have it in one of my favorite quilts! :D

  4. I think the reason I love your blogs is I can identify with you. My quilting and fabric let me work at my own pace in my own space. By this time next week your dread will be bread again!! Cheers— here is a toast to your health!!

  5. It's a mighty big "club" we've joined, most of us with that creative child chomping at the bit... you are supreme leader and I'm so glad you're feeling better. Emmy looks more settled too! I'mma gonna have to do this strippy courthouse steps, LOL I think my bucket list now is two buckets! Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. Yep, we get you! Thanks for sharing even when you didn't feel good. It's a very Quick finish. Love the Purple binding

  7. This quilt looks like so much fun! I want to dive right in, but will wait until you have the pattern up because I'm sure there will be lots of tips that will be well worth waiting for,

  8. I love watching your creativity work. You inspire me. I smile at the thought how quickly you made this quilt. I love the quilt and all that went into it...again inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  9. Love your latest creation! Bronchitis didn’t keep you down. Recovering from hip replacement & I soooo want to be at my machine! But my butt sure isn’t ready yet! I’m living vicariously through the blogs! Lol have a great week!

  10. We get you Bonnie! And we are inspired by you!
    Love the Scrappy Dread quilt!

  11. Things are falling into place at the Inn, right on schedule for your opening next year and in your QPO as well. The wonky courthouse steps is beautiful, love the backing and binding you used! Have a crafty creative day! Julia

  12. I love you didn't put any borders on this quilt. It looks great!

  13. You inspire me daily, thank you for all you do!

  14. Hi Bonnie;
    I started making these blocks when you first posted. I'm enjoying them so much I can't stop!

  15. I love the eggplant/plum fabric - I have some yet from a quilt I made for my mom and dad in the early 90s, a KING sized Star Spin that I machine sewed and hand quilted! Good memories. I wish I lived closer to come help paint and clean up, it is so fun when a project is getting near the end - alas, it would be a heck of a commute from MN!

  16. Love the crooked courthouse blocks, I am also working on wild and goosey, crazy town and some string blocks!Thanks Bonnie, for fueling the sewing addiction !

  17. Sweet Emmy Lou you have a new kingdom over which to rule! Sorry the trip didn't suit but it seems you recovered well. Your humans work hard to keep your world a safe and happy place. Be good to them, they mean well. Bonnie is doing so many things that make many of us happy as well! Thanks for helping her world be a
    pleasant place.♥

  18. I totally get you. Glad we are part of a large group that feels the same way. We get it.

  19. I love the quilt,and I really love finding you and your blog and know im not the only person who finds joy in scraps and color,and can be quite obsessed! thank you x 100000 for your company and inspiraton😊

  20. You inspire me! Even with the crud, you spread joy. We need more people like you in this world. 😁

  21. I am absolutely in love with these blocks. I can't wait to get some stitched. It must be so exciting to nearly be done with tradies at Quiltville Inn. It won't be long before you start posting about the first guests you have arriving. I will be so envious of the lucky ladies. I am so happy for you to be finally seeing you right dream come true.

  22. The backing fabric is divine and the binding a match made in heaven

  23. I had that “dread” fabric. I used it to wall paper my dining area in 1982. When I took it down a few years later I reused it in many different projects. Still a favorite but all gone now. Love the quilt

  24. Super neat quilt. I have the plum fabric as well. Leftover from wedding sampler quilt made for my daughter and her husband. They just celebrated 26 years. I am using it up in a toothbrush rug.

  25. I love this quilt definitely one I’ll be checking out when it reaches the free pattern tab, and so funny that bread changed to dread to remind you of when you made this adorable quilt. That backing and binding are just perfect do you always put hanging sleeves on the quilts or just special ones for classes?
    It so cool how the Inn is coming together before you know it, it will be up and running so much fun will be had by all.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  26. I love the Moda backing! And I love that wild, everything-goes scrappy fronts give us a place to indulge in an unusual backing print that would be hard to use anywhere else. Good chance to use something daring! :) Your binding color is exactly what I was thinking would look nice when you first posted the Moda backing the other day. You may have had the plague, but you whipped that fun quilt out in record time!!

    Exciting progress at the Inn. Love hearing the updates!

  27. Friends call me the “Energizer Bunnie of Quilting”.... I just need to have fabric and make something that is colourful. Even on holidays!

  28. I'm laughing right now because I recognize so many of the same prints sitting in my own scrap bin! And your excitement for the progress on Quiltville is contagious. I'm jazzed and ready to go even though the most thrilling thing I've got going on at the moment is unloading the dishwasher. :D

  29. I still have that quilt binding fabric, only in green. Some of those prints seem to live forever.

  30. Oh, that backing and binding fabric! I had both of them, well, may still have both of them if I dig in the closet and look - had the binding in dark green too. I'm not sure anymore what's in my stash closet. I did a major cleanout and give-away to the local guild - it was just too ridiculous, how much fabric I had. Come the mystery, I will prowl through the boxes and see what I have. My husband's health issues have precluded my doing a lot of sewing since the first of the year. I am eager to dive into another project - bring on the mystery!

  31. I love your mini-kitchen setup! Is that in one of the little back spaces at the Post Office or in the main room? If it were me, I'd also have a little couch for naps, but of course you have a whole house with an owner's room right next door!

    I love seeing your place come together and I'm glad the "plague" has left you! :)

  32. This has got to be my most favorite quilt ever! So excited for this one!

  33. I love the backing fabric and binding you selected. Sew pretty! I'm looking forward to this pattern (as I do ALL your patterns!).

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