Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Jewel Box Stars Finish -


I’ve posted photos of Jewel Box Stars as I was finishing the binding, but I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to get full out photos over the porch rail.

I thought yesterday would be THE DAY, but it turned out to be too breezy to get a good hanging over the outside of the porch.  So Sadie jumped in (and on) to hold down the quilt from the breeze while I snapped a couple!

My job now is to edit the original Jewel Box Stars post with an update on how many blocks I made, finishing details, etc.

The blocks are 6’’ on their own, and I turned 4 blocks in toward each other to make 12’’ star blocks.  I set the blocks 6 x 8 so the quilt measures 72’’ x 96,

The perfect size for a twin bed at Quiltville Inn!

Today’s mattresses have much more of a drop and I was worried about box springs and sheets hanging out.  I also have dust ruffles to put on the beds which should hide box springs as well.

If I had made the quilt another row longer it would have covered pillows, but that isn’t needed.

And yes, I did give this bed a nice lay-upon once the quilt was in place.  Oooh….comfy!

I love how this quilt used EVERYTHING.

And that it was all sewn in between the stitching lines of other things.

What’s not to love about Leaders & Enders?

Close up of some of the fun fabrics used.

Wouldn’t you love to come snooze a spell?

We can’t wait to start welcoming groups!

Quite a few have asked what kind of joint health chew our vet has prescribed for Sadie.  She really is doing so much better with this along with the combo of the arthritis pain meds.

And she LOVES them.

I am giving her one after her morning potty along with her arthritis pill.  She KNOWS – she sits for the pill first (good girl, swallows it right down) and then she gets a Dasuquin. After her last potty at night before bedtime I give her the second one.  She is running and even jumping like I haven’t seen her do in a long time.  It makes me so happy that she is feeling better and more like herself.

My favorite shelf at the QPO!

Martha’s mother-in-law’s cabinet is being put to good use!  I am loving my quick heating electric tea pot. I know I’ll love it even more this winter!  The next thing is to get a better small fridge and kind of move things around in the back vestibule for easier access.

Silly Hubster – he thought he was helping me by bringing ALL of the book back stock boxes to the QPO, but now there is no room to move in here. A few cases to keep me supplied would have been sufficient, we can always bring up more as they are needed, but no – he and Jeff emptied the whole storage room at the Wallburg house.

Books need to be kept in climate controlled spaces and I do live in a more humid climate, so I can’t just put them in the garage or the cellar at the retreat house. So yes, tight quarters.  I guess I could start relocating a few cases here and there back to Wallburg with every trip?  LOL.  Would he notice?

Last evening’s round of Shoo Fly Leader & Ender blocks -

Only 7.  That was because I was doing some LONG lines of chain piecing working behind the scenes on something very mysterious!  That last long seam was completed last night and now I can pull the Crooked Courthouse Steps blocks back into production and see if I can get that top to completion before I have to travel again.

I’ll also need time to kit up more of these -

Full steam ahead!

I am still hearing from several of you who who are interested in HollyAnne Knight’s online course: Free Motion Quilting Academy that is now in the registration process for the next 8 week session.

I am so glad you are excited and I hope you’ll share your progress as you work through this fabulous online course.

If you missed the info, click to THAT POST

You can be free motion quilting that stack of completed quilt tops on your home machine in no time. Maybe you’ll be finishing your OWN Jewel Box Stars quilt?

Time is running out!

Registration for this session ENDS SEPTEMBER 18th! 

If you want to know more, HollyAnne presented an intro via Facebook Live that I have pinned to the top of my Quiltville Facebook Page. 

September is passing so quickly!  I need to soak up as much of it as I can. Register for the course HERE.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Every morning is a reality check on how this day is going to go and much of the outcome depends upon taking control of my thoughts, my decisions, and my actions and reactions. 

Especially keep an eye on those reactions, they are sneaky and can trip you up and set you back unaware!

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I wonder if Sadie's chews would work for me? I'd love to jump and run, but like her, the arthritis keeps me from it. :)

    Your L/E quilt is beautiful. I've been sewing my 3.5" squares together as L/E for a couple of years now. I alternate them with plain squares cut from older white on white fabric. I have some big pieces that have that thicker paint on them. It wreaks havoc with my thread when FMQ, but is fine with the walking foot--I have used yards and yards of it this way. Now, I can almost see the bottom of the 3.5" squares bin! These are favorite donation quilts--people who have not had quilts before especially love them since they look like the quintessential idea of a patchwork quilt--simply squares of lots of prints. Thanks for the idea of using L/E--I love them.

  2. A timely thought for the day--I thank you for that!

    I've been working on a 99-block string QAYG project, so to break the seemingly never-ending stream of strings and blocks, I've taken to creating a L&E break after every 10 blocks. That way I get to see a little progress on both projects.

  3. It's a beauty, glad you found a vintage bed to rest on with it. Love the Porch sign too! Happy you use such a variety to use for leaders and enders. It's like quilting a Rainbow. September has brought a chill to the PNW. Gotta wear my Scrappy makes me Happy jacket from Block Party.

  4. Is the medication Sadie is on a prescription or over the counter. My boston terrier grand dog has arthritis and my daughter has spent a small fortune on prescription meds that have not worked.

    I LOVE the quilts on the beds at Quiltville, makes me want to curl up and take a nap.

  5. I love your jewel box stars it looks so pretty with miss Sadie holding it down for photos. I must start getting some of mine finished I have a load of flimsy’s that need to be sorted. I find the layering really hard and not easy as I don’t have any large spaces to lay them out. I recently saw a tutorial using pool noodles so might give this a whirl.
    Look after yoursel and hope you keep getting better
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  6. Wonderful quote of the day. Does anybody know when Bonnie kits her blocks, does she put 1 block parts in 1 baggie? Or does she put 10 block parts in 1 baggie?
    Inquiring minds need to know.

  7. Sadie is a great quilt model for your beautiful quilt. I especially like the photo on the porch.

  8. The quilts are so beautiful and look so sweet on the beds at the Inn! Sadie is the perfect “Vanna”! We hold such a responsibility for our pets and it is such a wonderful feeling to do something and see them happy and healthy! It’s such a challenge sometimes when they can’t “talk” and tell us what’s wrong. I have mine on joint supplements as well and she is doing great as well. Makes my heart happy. As far as the books...... people - we need to help Bonnie by buying more books! Start that Christmas shopping early!!! 😁

  9. I need that teapot- where did you get it? And- is there a tutorial for the leaders and enders? I need to do that!! Love your blog but how on earth do you do it every day????

  10. Love see this finished project... my next leader and enders in the Jewel box... excited to see is come together.

  11. My dog has been taking Dasuquin with MSN for over 5 years. He is almost 16 with no sign of arthritis. He has other old age ailments (high blood pressure and enlarged heart), but he is still able to go on walks with me.

  12. I just received my copy of your book, String Frenzy. You and I have breakfast together every morning when I read your Blog. That is how I got interested in your technique. I found you originally on Bloglovin. I'm going to save the book to read in the car tomorrow on the way to a Ricky Tims Seminar in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul.MN) That's a combination - Bonnie Hunter and Ricky Tims!!. Anyway, can't wait for both. Did I mention I'm not the driver - just in case that came up.

  13. Just got your book String Frenzy in the mail. Saving it to read in the car on the way to a Ricky Tims Seminar in Mps/St. Paul. That's a combination - Bonnie Hunter and Ricky Tims!. BTW, I'm not the driver. Can't wait or either.

  14. Oh he'll notice you sneaking the books back in - it was all part of his cunning plan to empty the house of merchandise! LOL! Love the jewel box stars. :D

  15. I love your posts even though I don't always leave a comment. Love the quilts on the bed as well.
    Visiting your retreat is now on my bucket list but it will be a while before I can even think about it. That's okay though because at least it is on the list.
    I would take the books back one by one that you don't need. We lost books one year because of water that had leaked into the basement and I didn't know until month later.
    Also I love the cup with the sewing machine on it. I have a few sewing mugs myself.
    Have a great weekend.


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