Saturday, September 28, 2019

A Bit of Place Mat Action–and 2 Quilty Box Winners!

Quilting All the Small Things!

I am having a blast with these place mats.  How much fun it will be for the guests at Quiltville Inn to smile and giggle at the cute slogans and quilting related plays-on-words with these!

I am also excited that they are making good use of bigger floral prints that are harder for me to use.  They make a great backing and then I don’t have to cut them up so much – the fabric can speak for itself.

I have found that two placemats fit wonderfully on the fabric, selvage to selvage. The margins that are left can be stripped up and placed right into the string piecing bins for another go round.

And those batting scraps!  Those are also going down.  it’s a triple win/win/win!

Two placemats, side by side!

I mounted the backing fabric first, placed the batting on top of it, and basted a straight line through just backing and batting so I could pin in the place mat tops and baste them down.  From there it was just choosing an edge to edge design that I liked to stitch across both mats in that set.

It’s also a great way to try out quilting patterns that I have been less familiar with.  We all have our favorites, but it’s fun to play with some others from time to time.

Basting in the next batting strip -

And the next row of place mats!

All 6 ready for binding!

It doesn’t take long!

This size is good for travel binding.

Maybe to California this coming week?

There will be a tutorial for these with all of my measurements and hints coming soon.  Stay tuned on that!  We have a very busy season coming up shortly.

Someone else – sleeping on the job!

I guess binding doesn’t really hold her interest.

But don’t these block colors remind you of this:

Wildflowers on the hillside.

These were found blooming up an embankment behind the Blue Ridge Movie Lounge where we went last night to see Peanut Butter Falcon.  Precious movie!  And I was surprised to see such pretty flowers blooming toward the end of September.  Anyone know what these are called? (Besides WEEDS?!)

It was a great evening for movie watching!

We’ve pre-purchased our tickets for Downton Abbey for when I come back from California.  October 8th – I’ve got my eye on you, and I can’t wait!

Quilty Box Drawing Time!

SO many of you are wanting this box!  For item description and more info hit up the original post HERE.

It’s time to draw for our winners – one to receive the Classic Quilty Box, and a second to receive the Quilty Box Mini.

Who is entry 3686 of 4563?

(WOW! So many of you want this box!)

Pam H!

The Classic Quilty Box is coming your way!

And the Quilty Box Mini is going to:

Entry 1521!

Michelle Burton!

Ladies, I’ve sent you each an email to the address you provided when entering.  Please reply back to that email with your mailing address and I’ll have the kind folks at Quilty Box get your goodies off to you. 

Thanks so much for participating – and be watching for another fun Gift-Away to happen soon!

Today there are big plans to do a bike ride from White Top Mountain down the Virginia Creeper Trail to Damascus, Virginia.  That is if it stops raining.  And if it doesn’t – there is always tomorrow.  But I would really like to do it today.  We shall see.

And if not – there are more place mats needed. 

What’s up for your Saturday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Trust yourself! You really DO know yourself better than you think you do!

(And I know myself well enough to know that I have to make this vintage string quilt!)

Hooray for the weekend!


  1. The pink flowers look like the tall phlox we have here in NH.

    LOVE those placemats!

  2. Bonnie I believe the flowers are Sweet Peas behind the movie theater. They grew on a bank at my grandmother's house in Pennsylvania. And her name was Sarah Jane, nickname "Sadie". I love your helper Sadie. Love this quote of the day and the quilt. Can't wait to see if you re-create this one.

    1. Joyce I agree with you, they are sweet peas, my favourite flowers. I love the scent of them and always had them in my garden, but unfortunately I have no more garden and I miss it so much.

  3. I see Sweet Pea vines in the photo.

  4. Congratulations Pam and Michelle, hope you have great fun with the quilty boxes.
    Your placemats are adorable what a lovely way to use up the great license plates

  5. Those are called sweet peas! Aren't they pretty?

    Love the blocks, those are pretty as well

    Great use of those plates, I never knew what I'd do with them. This is perfect.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  6. Sweet Pea, very hard to get rid of but pretty. 😁

  7. Congratulations to the two winners! Quiltville, it's exciting to see your up-coming projects. Safe travels.

  8. Love your placemats. The wildflowers are: Lathyrus latifolius - Perennial Pea, Sweet Pea, Everlasting Pea; and will probably bloom until frost, we see a lot of them on the hillsides along the roads here in Oregon, when we manage a few days of sunshine. You will probably see then in California too.

  9. Your flowers are sweet peas. There are some perennial ones, smell nice too. I used to have one climbing all over a banking.

  10. The flowers LOOK like Sweet Peas, to me.

  11. Looks like the flowers are sweet peas. They probably escaped from a garden. Love the placemats!

  12. Flowers look like something in the pea family.

  13. Loving the placemats. When you have a chance would you show us the backs please? Yes I can see you making that quilt. Love the string diamonds. I noticed that the quilt maker made 4 small scappy diamonds to make the harvesting diamond. Would you think that is the poison green and bubble gum pink of the 30's?

  14. The flowers are wild sweet pea, I think.

  15. Such pretty flowers. They look like sweet peas to me. When I see flowers like that growing wild I feel sure there was a home on that spot once. I wonder what stories they could tell if we listened. Love your place mats. They are so cute.

  16. I saw Downton Abbey yesterday- it was fun. The license placemats are so cute!

  17. Looks like wild sweet pea flowers to me.

  18. Hi Bonnie! We had that flower blooming in Garden valley late spring and now its back. I downloaded "plantsnap" app and they tell me its a sweet pea. So pretty! Have a great day!!

  19. Your flowers look like Sweet Peas to me.....
    Like that diamonds pattern! Looking forward
    to mystery time.

  20. The flowers are perennial sweet peas. Love the place mats!

  21. Bonnie, I think the white flowers are sweet peas and the lavender flowers are crown vetch. Hope that helps! Have a happy day! -Franny King

  22. They look like wild sweet peas.

  23. I think that plant is called vetch--I believe it is a part of the pea family. Thank you so much for all you do, and all the positive energy that you bring to so many of our days!! Always enjoy your blog.

  24. I believe that plant is called "vetch" or purple vetch. It is a member of the pea family. Thank you so much for all the positive energy you bring to so many of our days! You have helped more people, in more ways than you know. Bless you and your giving heart!

  25. Oooh! I like that vintage string quilt, too!

    My mom gave me the cool hex/diamond rulers from Jaybird Quilts for Christmas a year or two ago, and I haven't had much chance to play with them yet. They would make cutting those diamond units a breeze! And the smaller pieced diamonds would use up a ton of small scraps. Hmmm.... you got my thinking cap out for me this morning, Bonnie!

    The placemats sure are fun!

  26. The pink flowers look like the wild geraniums that used to be on my mom’s hillside. The white look familiar, but I cannot place them. Hope the weather changes for you. Enjoy your weekend.

  27. I recently learned of an app called "Picture This" that you can use to take a photo of flowers and plants and it will identify it for you and tell you all you want to know about it and more. Just thought it might be useful for you in your travels....

  28. Downton Abbey was wonderful! I predict there will be another movie but my lips are sealed as to why I think that...I sure hope so!

    1. You are right Downton Abbey was WONDERFUL. I am going again to see it which is a first for me. I have never wanted to see a movie twice but do this one. I hope you are right about another one coming out and I think I know why you are saying that but I won't say anymore as I don't want to spoil it for anyone else. Bonnie, I love the placemats what a wonderful idea. Safe travels to California.

  29. I think they are wild snap dragons . My dad use to open them up and make me put my finger inside them!! I miss my dad. Have fun on the bike ride! That road sounds like a blast. Placemats are so cute

  30. I saw a few GREAT scrap quits at the Atlanta Quilt Symposium this weekend. I will forward info to you in case you would like to keep on your radar for next year.

  31. By now, I am pretty sure you know the pretty flowers are perennial sweet peas. Even though I will never be able to visit, I love following the progress of the transformation of Quiltville Inn. Thanks for all that you do for all of us. Looking forward to Black Friday!

  32. Hello, those are wild sweet peas. We had them covering the fence beside the garage when I was growing up. They will bloom throughout the warm/hot weather.

  33. Oh, and those wild sweet peas go anywhere from deep pink (almost purple) all the way to white. If you plant the seeds, you will get a variety of colors in the same batch.

  34. yes, they are sweet peas. https://www.gardenguides.com/124710-perennial-sweet-pea-plants.html
    the purple vetch is a different plant. You can tell the two plants apart by their leaves and stems.

  35. you had a lot of productivity
    Congratulations to the winners!! enjoy your boxes
    I want to make a string quilt like this last photo too
    Happy Joy filled Sunday

  36. NOT WEEDS! Sweet Peas :)

  37. I agree - they look like perennial sweet peas, but these don't have scent. The annuals are perfumed, the older varieties seem to be the strongest scented but have fewer flowers. I keep telling my husband not to run them over with the mower as they climb up a tree. I had to put stakes out to protect them . . . he ran over the stakes and the plant!
    Ahhh Sadie looks very happy. Nice to see the furry veterans are enjoying themselves at the moment.

  38. Many years ago, in 1979 or thereabouts, I used to visit at a friend's home in Damascus. Weekends at Tom Cat Holler were wonderful and relaxing!! The residents were always friendly, even though I was a "Yankee".
    I love your place mats!! What a fun idea for the Quiltville Inn.


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