Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What Quilters Do While Waiting -

It seems we spend a lot of our daylight hours just WAITING.

Waiting for the morning coffee or tea.  Waiting for the washer to finish spinning so we can put the laundry in the dryer.  Waiting for the microwave to finish heating whatever we are zapping because it can’t zap fast enough.

I spent a LOT of yesterday waiting.

From waiting room to exam room.

Waiting, waiting waiting!

And then – off to the pharmacy for miracle meds to take this bronchitis, ear infection, sinus infection down. “It will be about 45 minutes, would you like to wait?”

NO!  Not really!

But just down the road was the antique mall in West Jefferson, NC that I really love to wander, and it had been a few months.  Could there be something new?

The treadle in the top photo of this post was new to me.  Pretty thing!  I love the non-fancy craftsman style cabinet, and I an guessing somewhere in the 19-teens-to-twenties.  Just a guess.  Didn’t have the strength in me to investigate further.

Oh pretty!  This is new!

Something is going on with these sashings!


There were 3 or 4 sashings that were dark/light/dark instead of light/dark/light.  Maybe by the time she had gone this far with this quilt she had completely lost her sanity? LOL!

Or perhaps she was dealing with bronchitis, ear infections and a sinus infection and just didn’t care.  I love this – is it Wheel of Fortune?  Not quite a compass – but sort of.

I love this little desk.

But I don’t know if I have a place for it -

But it is SO SUPER CUTE.

And there may be a place for this -

But I need to wait until painting has been done to be sure.

One should never make rash decisions while waiting for medication.  And sometimes it’s okay not to buy something even if that means it won’t be there the next time you look. You can’t buy it all.  But this was tall and narrow and just might do……so we shall see.

When I was going out -
This was just being moved in!

Such a pretty one!

The bread box top says “QUEEN.”

She sure is!

Both of these machines I saw yesterday – my big concern would be if the shuttle and bobbins are present, and if they use easy to find needles.  That’s the BIG thing.

And of course, if I were the dealer, give this thing a 10 minute clean up and maker her pretty.  It looks like she’s been stored in a barn somewhere for a long long time.

Amazon’s been good to me!

Any smoking at Quiltville Inn needs to happen OFF the porch.  It’s not fair to the non-smokers to make them subject to smoke that lingers and stains on the porch, and then follows the smoking quilter back inside. 

There is a covered entry to the garage/shop should the weather be bad, or anywhere in the yard 20 feet from the porch will be okay, but definitely not on the porch, and not in the house.

The key pad lock box is for the house key, and the code can be changed with each set of guests.

The two private signs are for the office/supply areas.

Son Jeff came up yesterday to mow, and brought me Sadie, so she is keeping me company while I get through this crud.

Today’s stitching -

I started in on this last evening, and plan to continue today.  There will be a nap.  I don’t plan much of anything else at this time -  I’m hoping that the antibiotics kick in and I am back to normal in rapid fire fashion as I really don’t have time for this kind of thing!

And I’m hoping that there will be a successful nap.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's about balance. And I am always trying to find the balance point in my day-to-day life.

Make one choice today that puts you in a better place of balance.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. I just had a sinus infection, too. Take care of yourself! The other stuff will wait.

  2. A slow down day sounds good. Maybe next week for me. Binding is a good slow down activity. Naps are the best! Glad you have Sadie there. Feel better quick!

  3. Omigosh! How much was the National? Sold mine and regretted it ever since... Diane Lowe

  4. I, too, was at a quilt retreat in Pennsylvania last weekend, Bonnie K Hunter. And was eagerly buying neutrals for the next mystery!! After the last four mysteries I was depleted. Bring it in, I am ready!!

  5. well dagnabit! You know how to rest and nap and give yourself permission to do all that, you don't need to be sick to justify a curl up in the quilts! Heal quickly dear heart, take care of Bonnie first and love on Sadie, i bet she wagged herself silly to be back with mama... can't thank you enough for your contribution to my life... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. Feel better soon, Miss Bonnie.

  7. Oh, no! Take care of yourself and feel better soon. There's never a good time for this, but at least it's happening on a week when you don't have to travel - esp. by air. Here's hoping the meds and some snuggles w Sadie set you to rights quickly.

  8. I hope that you're feeling better real fast!
    The treadle in the top photo I believe to be a National 2-Spool, probably from the 20's. It's a machine that takes a spool of thread in a canister instead of a bobbin case.

    1. wow, wonder why that didn't catch on, just imagine no bobbin winding OR running out of bobbin, well, we could all run out eventually, just sayin'...Cats in Carlsbad CA

  9. My mother used to say if the object is still there when you are ready to get it, it was obviously meant for you!

  10. The Blue Quilt you are working on is beautiful!!! Did I miss which pattern this one is? Hope you feel better soon, let your body tell you what it needs. I have learned this after 17 years with my heart disease. It works. The docs said I only had 3 to 5 years to live, but God seems to be in control.

  11. Love all the goodies you find at the antique shops. And the blue quilt you are working on, can’t wait for a pattern. Hope you are feeling better soon. ((Hugs))

  12. Hope you're up and about soon. But agree with everyone, to give yourself some time. I also love that blue quilt and will be looking for the pattern today pop up before too long.

  13. Sending Get Better Quick wishes, so you can enjoy your non-traveling time. The quilt is gorgeous. I've been working on finding a better balance for myself lately. Sadie will be good company for you while your meds and naps are doing their jobs.

  14. OMG, get well first, then tell me what the blue/purple quilt is (in Today's Stiching)? Is the pattern available?

  15. Get well Bonnie. I've had my share of that condition and is no fun. You'll be well soon and can enjoy life at your usual pace which by the way isn't slow!! To a speedy recovery!!

  16. Your narrow case looks like a grandfather's clock cabinet that had shelves put in it. Repurposing is good. I would not have been able to leave a fiddle base machine with an intact coffin top. You have will power. Get better, soon. Life is too short for sick days.

  17. I actually caught up to you and I am sewing down the binding also. I hope that you feel better soon.

  18. Feel better soon.

  19. Meds and especially Sadie will get you back on your feet soon but please do yourself a favor and get plenty of rest. You have many self appointed doctors giving you good advise. Hurry and get well so you have time to enjoy the rest of September not traveling. I don't know how you do it all, you need the super woman cape. Get Well Soon.

  20. Get well soon. The quote of the day really hit me because I did lose myself for quite a while. I am so much happier now. After all it is only the selfish people making unfair demands that you lose in the end. Those that care don't put those pressures on you. Ahhh beautiful sad machines needing some TLC.

  21. I don't post much anywhere, but I read your blog daily. Thank you for the awesome blog, it sure feels like I know you - all the way from South Africa.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and I guess if one can find a positive in being sick right now - it happens to all of us and since you're having your turn now, you'll be all better and ready for your Africa trip coming up.
    Rest and get better soon Bonnie.

  22. So pleased Jeff bought Sadie up to keep you company whilst you recover hope you feel better soon.
    Love you antique finds that little desk is so cute and the narrow shelf unit is just beautiful.
    You blue quilt is gorgeous will this be in your new book?
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  23. I love your quilt find. They look like they have used the left overs from the nine patches for the sashings. Just lovely. I'm feeling you. I am so crook too after having a wonderful 6 week holiday.

  24. Get well soon! Gets lots of rest..... fluids..... chicken soup. 💐💐

  25. Be sure to give yourself time to heal and regroup! You need that!

  26. Be sure to give yourself time to heal and regroup! You need that!

  27. Love the cabinet on that first treadle. I remember using a treadle in Home Ec class back in the 60's. Got quite a rhythm going and good for the thighs. Thank you for letting us enjoy the past. And get well soon!

  28. Feel better, Bonnie...... sorry you have the “triple play”!

  29. Someone else said it...chicken soup and rest.Beautiful blue quilt. Your body will let you know when you are rested enough. So nice that Sadie is with you. How is she doing with her "aging" problems?
    Get well soon!

  30. Yeah, that spool of blue thread is not doing the Queen any justice... haha
    I love antique shops and especially .... almost anything in them that looks useful, or needs to be rescued, like olden Sewing Machines.
    I hope you are feeling better, as an olden nurse, be sure to drink "flush it out" and I hope you were given an expectorant
    I love reading your adventures every day, sorry this one involved the crud..

    I can't wait to come down and visit one day.

  31. I want to learn your ability to manage time to the optimum...I sat at the pharmacy for 15 min, with hands empty, waiting... your time management skills are so obvious and you make it all look so easy... i know it's not, thanks, again, for all you do... hope you're feeling better soon, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  32. Thanks for posting when you are sick.God's blessings.

  33. Wheel of Fortune sounds like a possibility. I was thinking 'Sundial' too although don't know if that is an actual block. That is a lovely quilt, even with the 'humility' sashings!

  34. At first glance, this will sound odd, but hang with me: I'm so glad your laryngitis wasn't because of allergies, but is because you are actually sick. Why in the world?? Because antibiotics will kick that, and you'll feel SO much better and then the mere allergies won't be nearly so bad! At least so goes my logic when I have similar kinds of things--I always far prefer a bacterial infection to a virus, LOL! Blessings as you recuperate and those antibiotics do their thing to make you feel ever so much better, and soon!

  35. Hope you are feeling much better now.
    The blue quilt is beautiful!!


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