Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wrong Way Round Gone Right!

This is finally in the machine!

Why am I saying finally when I just finished the top on Sunday?

Because I started the blocks last March/April.  I had sewn many of the blocks before I figured out that more than half of the required blocks were sewn inside-out and wouldn’t do what I had designed for this quilt.  They were the WRONG WAY ROUND!

By the time this was discovered, I didn’t have much of a chance to work on the RIGHT WAY ROUND blocks due to travel, teaching engagements and by summer I was deep into mystery making – On Ringo Lake!

I’ve been longing for my December time off to finally put this RIGHT.  And hopefully the quilting will be finished this morning.

Who knows!  By today's noon eastern Quilt-Cam time you may see me stitching binding on!


Something about trimming!

I took this photo before putting borders on at the cabin.  Something I wanted to share for those who haven’t done this before.

The sizes of setting triangles are usually rounded UP so they are a bit big, and easier to cut when you aren’t cutting something + 7/16’’!  I like my setting triangles a bit big so that I can trim them down after assembly, leaving me the 1/4’’ I need beyond the corners of the blocks so that borders stitch on nicely!

In this photo I’ve just trimmed up a corner, using a large square ruler with a good 1/4’’ marking around the outside edge of the ruler.  I don’t want to have to guestimate.  I need that 1/4’’ line visible to my eyes.


Working my way along the edge.

I slide the ruler along the quilt top, resting that 1/4’’ line on top of the block corners so I can trim leaving that 1/4’’ seam allowance ready for adding borders.  Give it a try! 


The discussion started here!

Somehow I came into possession of yards and yards of this vintage 1950s/1960s cotton dress print. If it is as old as I am do I dare use it up as backing?

I am to the point where this stuff can’t always be saved for the TOP of something.  Let’s face it.  The stash is aging faster than I can sew it up, and in the case of this?  It’s perfect for backing. My plan, as it has been for years, is to stitch up the fabric that simply needs to GO into backings and move that fabric on out.

But it required pre-washing.  DO you see how red this is?  We don’t know anything else about it because there is no printed selvage. Into the washer it went.  With 3 color catchers.  And it’s a very very good thing!


All of that ironing!

I didn’t have quite enough for 3 lengths of the vintage fabric, so I also used another red as a “racing stripe” between the two panels to make the backing big enough.  Oh, but how I hate pressing yards and yards of pre-washed fabrics!


No matter how hard you try, the same fabric is going to show up in two blocks next to each other!


Quilting with Fast Feathers by Christy Dillon.

I’ve also got some good news on this finish – which is why I am in such a hurry.  You’ll find the pattern  for Right Way Round (Yes, that is the name I am giving this quilt!) in a 2018 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine!  Hooray! (Stitch faster, Bonnie! This has to be sent off right after New Year’s to make the deadline!)


Sadie & the Blue Donut of Shame.

Someone won’t leave her stitches alone!

So here I am…a gazillion things on my plate. 

Quilt-Cam will happen at NOON Eastern time today via Facebook Live.

The last of the before-Christmas orders will go out this morning.

I have my final check-up and check-off for this tooth implant, and if everything is golden, I get handed off tomorrow to the dentist in Jefferson, NC to start the crown process.

All I want for Christmas is my bicuspid back!  And we are getting closer.  I’ll sure be glad to smile with a full set of teeth. This has been going on since Memorial Day weekend.

After the dentist this afternoon, I’m headed up to the cabin – Jason is arriving tonight and I’ll stay through Christmas.

This is it.  It’s really here!  I’m scrambling to figure out what projects I want to work on now that this top is done.  Of course there will be hours of evening binding time, and I’m looking forward to that.

Our November Quilty-Box Gift-Away is still on going.  Get your entry in HERE. Drawing the evening of Dec 23rd.

Yesterday’s Epic Daylight Bundle Gift-Away is going strong!  Read about it HERE. The drawing for that one happens the morning of Christmas Eve, Dec 24th.  Whew!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I love this quilt, it has fabrics from the same era as the backing fabric used for Right Way Round!

See you at noon for Facebook Live Quilt-Cam!


  1. It's good to use up that OLD stash! Thank Goodness for Color catchers for the fugitive dyes.
    Wrong Way Gone Right is a good name. I'm busily stitching up last minute Christmas gifts for my 21 Grandchildren. I'll be cutting Wing HST's for part 4 to get it finished before Friday. The Christmas plans are happening before we know it. Glad your sons will be with you!

  2. Yeah!! My first live quiltcam today.I just started quilting last year and found you a few months ago. I am doing my first MQ with you, too.
    Bonnie in Spanaway WA

  3. Wow, a nice early qiult-cam, and ordinarily it would work for me, but this morning I'm scurrying around to get out on the road earlier than planned as we ha about 2" of snow overnight. My husband has a doctor appointment in Anchorage which is an hour away when the road is clear. I'm adding an additional half hour - ar lesat - to get there on time. Oh well, I'll watch it later.

  4. Hooray for finishes and color catchers and old stash! Can't wait to get the pattern. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Blessings for the New Year. Enjoy family time and cabin time.

  5. Those blocks with the same fabric look so different that it isn't noticeable. Merry Christmas.

  6. Ooohhh! Can't wait for my copy of the magazine - love that block. Quilt - check, tooth - check, and poor Sadie. I imagine those stitches are starting to itch. My Jiggs had to have eye surgery (twice in the last 10 days), they pulled the 3rd eyelid up and stitched it to the skin at the brow line with a button (like a shirt button) because that skin is so fragile. He gets the stitches, button and the cone of shame off today - yea! Have a wonderful time at the cabin and a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year Bonnie.

  7. I heart that vintage backing fabric with many puffy hearts. It's fantastic! I love that you've featured it on the back where it can really be seen and appreciated. If the fabric manufacturers suddenly started reproducing those funky 1950's prints, I'd go broke buying them by the truckload.

    I hear you on ending up w the same fabric in two adjacent blocks. Happens every time, right? At least the repeat fabric is subtle enough that it won't scream for attention. BUT, in one of those two blocks, that retro blue check w the red flowers is adorable! Just focus on that happy happy fabric instead! ;) The quilt is gorgeous!

    Virtual ear scratches from me to poor Sadie!

  8. That quilt is another winner Bonnie! Now while you have to ponder what project to take to the cabin, you know most of us (your loyal followers) will have plenty to do with Ringo Lake!

  9. I always oversize my side and corner triangles too - love being able to trim the edges of the quilt to the perfect size, nice and straight. And sometimes I leave more than 1/4” seam allowance so the blocks “float.”

  10. Naughty Sadie! She looks much better though. Doughnut of shame small price to pay for having the nasties removed.

    I actually like the wrong way round blocks! But handy tip with regard to the extra bit on the triangles. Thanks for that. :D

  11. Great job on finishing or I hope you finished you quilt last night. I will miss quilt cam today, have to work so I can buy more fabric. LOL I have one of those Elnapress irons and love to do yardage now. Done in just about 5-10 mins. Best purchase ever. I hate to see animals not feeling well. I think someone dropped a cat off, she has been here for about 2 months and is so friendly. Going to ask this weekend to see if she belongs to any one on either side of me. Out in the country so I'm sure she is a drop off and its getting cold outside. Have fun sewing and quilt cam today :) One more night sleep. Ya!

  12. The blue donut of shame really looks comfortable!!! Much better than the awful cone of shame!!! And actually, blue is Sadie's color! She looks very royal!!! And very pampered! Merry Christmas, Bonnie! Enjoy your family time!!!!! Lisa T

  13. Bonnie, with all of your vintage machines et al, you need to find an old "IronRite" for ironing those backings in a quick hurry. My mom used to also call it a "mangle". She ironed all our sheets every week! Crazy. I see them occasionally at estate sales. Just an idea. A couple of my friends have them in working condition and love them!
    Have a wonderful holiday! You are a joy! And a blessing to all of us!


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