Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Bit of Home Stitchin’!

Eventually – even though the task seems impossible – if we keep chipping away at it, we get there!

One. Hexie. At. A. Time!

I finished the second long side border, including the “turn-the-corner” units on my last flight.  HOORAY!

Someone asked how long I’ve been stitching the borders.  I can’t remember. Honestly I can’t.  Has it been a year yet?

There are 25 rosettes in the length not including the units that turn the corner, the red spacer hexies or the row of neutrals I am stitching above the rosettes.  The rosettes make up 175 of the hexies in the border. Let’s just say it is A LOT.

And in general, I never count pieces –or the time it takes me to stitch something because let’s face it – when we are doing something we love, time stands still.  And this was all sewn while sitting on planes or in hotel rooms or airports when no other stitching could happen and I just wanted to occupy my hands.

It’s getting there!


Evening stitching to White Christmas!

We love the classics during the holiday season, and White Christmas along with Holiday Inn are at the top of our lists.  Also Home Alone.  A must watch!  Home Alone came out the year that Jeff was born and we have watched it every year.


I spy a Y2K hexie – do you?


Stitching on a Holiday Green Machine!

This is my 1953 Bernina 117k.  It may look black in the photo, but it is a deep forest green.  I pulled out some fairly long-term project blocks that got set aside while I put On Ringo Lake on the front burner this summer.  Blocks are kitted and baggied so it was easy for me to pick up where I left off.

Square in a Square units have always been a bit of a finicky thing.  No matter WHAT you do you can not sew these with a “SCANT” seam.  The center square turns out too big, and then when you trim your units you will definitely lose your points in the next seam.  The center square MUST stay the size it needs to be.

I made this little video to show you the one little adjustment I make when sewing these units.

We can't alter the finished size of the center square if the unit is going to come out right, but we can scoot the corner triangles a few threads in from the edge of the center square and sew a quarter inch seam.

There will be plenty to trim when squaring them up after stitching, and the center square will measure correctly.

With this method, I don’t have to make my triangles extra big to trim them down.  And I get my full 1/4’’ of seam allowance around the corners of the center square without them being lost in the next seam.

And while I stitched, I watched Netflix:


Hysterically funny!

We share our Netflix with both of our sons and Rick & Mona.  Evidently Jason has gotten ticked that “SOMEONE” was watching on his profile and put a bunch of stuff he didn’t want on his play list.  LOL!!

Where it once simply said "Jason", it now sends a message to "Jeff" to stay off of his profile!

I have half a mind to go into Jason’s profile myself and set up a bunch of schmaltzy Christmas romance movies on his play list.  Yes, I am the kind of mother that would do that!

I just busted a gut when I saw this – yep.  Not much has changed since these boys of mine were 6 years and 12 years.

I’ve been settling in to home life after a very very busy year.

Mail processing resumes tomorrow as my local post office is closed on Saturdays (yesterday) and Jeff and I will start mailing all of the orders that came in while I was gone to Arizona and Oregon. 

I am hoping the Simple Folded Corners rulers that are on the truck will arrive tomorrow as well.  I’ll put them in the store as soon as they show up.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our regularly scheduled Mystery Monday Link-Up!  Did you check where we ended with this week’s?  There are some beautiful posts and photos.  Visit them HERE.

Old Mother Hunter’s cupboards are bare so today includes a Costco run and likely a Lowe’s and/or Home Depot run because the wheels that roll our glass shower door have broken.  The hardware came WITH the glass shower door, but this is the second time it hasn’t held up.  GAH.

Hopefully there will be more Sunday Stitching  this afternoon.  And I am hoping that as things settle in that we will be able to throw in a Quilt-Cam this week as well.  It’s been a long while since we’ve had one!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Pineapple Blossom quilt shared during our Oregon workshops last week.

Express your gratitude so others can hear what your heart feels!

Have a pieceful Sunday, everyone!


  1. great Brit Christmas movie is on Netflix for now: "The Christmas Candle" Takes place in the Victorian time. I enjoyed it greatly and can recommend it. Mary ANn

  2. Absolutely love your Bernina.

  3. Your hexie quilt is truly an heirloom. Just down right gorgeous.

  4. Hi Bonnie,

    We moms of older children can wreak havoc on our adult children. Some days I have to sigh when my girls have proven one more time that they have annoying siblings.

    I have meant to ask if you are following a pattern? I am afraid I would forget how everything fits into place.

    I started a Hello Kitty hexie quilt when my second grand-daughter was born 4 years ago. No where near finished.

    Merry Christmas Bonnie,

    Marilyn Longden

  5. love that christmasy pineapple blossom!

  6. That gratitude quote is profound, imo. What a great habit to try to make part of our daily lives, and a perfect 'resolution' or theme for 2018. THANKS, Bonnie!

  7. Oh, how I LOOOOVE those hexies = This is going to be such a GORGEOUS quilt :D
    I'd love starting one like this in 2018, is there a graph sheet/pattern design you made for it, pleaaaze dear Bonnie ??
    THANKS for the inspiration...

    In stitches,
    NADINE (Belgium)

  8. Say, did you see that the season 2 episodes of "The Crown" are up? Or at least they are in Canada, not sure if our playlist is exactly the same. Have a great week! I hope I will be able to join in on a quiltcam.

  9. Really love this quote! I will be haunting your FB page and this page tomorrow as I’m hoping to score one of the folded corner rulers 😊
    Glad you’re back home safe and sound !

  10. Often people ask me how many hours it took to make my two Hexie quilts . Like you Bonnie I never count the hours. I love hand work I forget the time often. I do not understand why they want to know how many hours it took or days?
    I try to keep my hands busy too so I do not snack.
    Your beautiful Hexie project looks awesome Bonnie I so enjoy the pictures of the work you have done!
    Before you know it it will be finished!
    Happy stitching, Yoka Bazilewich

  11. Loving your Hexie quilt...you are so Awesome at designing.
    Look forward to Quiltcam.
    Merry Merry Christmas Dear Bonnie.

  12. If I counted the number of hexies I use I would never do the project, it would become over whelming from the start. The same with quilting, I find a pattern and do it because I like the design not because of the amount of time it will take. Enjoy your family time and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  13. I have always wondered why we say "half a mind" - did we lose the other half? It ran away?lol.
    Pretty sure it takes all our mind to have a thought!
    I think I heard I have half a mind to take this flyswatter/switch, etc to your backside way more than once,lol
    Ah memories:)
    Hope Sadie's recovery is still going well


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