Saturday, December 16, 2017

From Cold and Wintery Virginia!

I stood on the end of the front porch – the bit that is over the garage, looking down at the hairpin turn of the laneway –the very steep part that I love to curse at when hiking up.

11% grade might not seem like much by numbers, but it is steep enough that most cars – unless they have all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive – will find themselves spinning wheels in an effort to gain purchase and make it up this last bit of hill before reaching the cabin.

It’s beautiful in winter.

When we first saw the place – just a year ago – the snow was already gone.

And though temps have gotten above the freezing mark in the past week, what is left here on the mountain side are simply places “where the sun don’t shine” and I love the iced ginger cookie appearance of the landscape.  There isn’t a lot of snow, but it’s enough to feel festive!

And enough to keep me inside and stitching.  I have no desire to hike a snow-covered 11% grade of a cabin road.


Sunrise beyond the ridge.

Sunrise is my favorite time of day, and in the winter here, it’s hard to miss it.  I admit to even sleeping with the bedroom blinds UP, knowing that the dawning light of day will gently wake me to this beautiful sight. 

There is something so peaceful about the dark silhouette of trees against the morning light of dawn.


There has been some sewing happening!

How many of you remember these blocks?

(And pay attention to the Slimline Daylight light – more to follow!)


Remember when....

I stitched the binding on a baby quilt made of “WRONG WAY” blocks while on the plane to a family reunion in Utah in July.


Finished baby quilt on Mercedes rental car upgrade!

(I loved this car!)

The quilt was gifted to my sweet sister-in-law Anna and my brother David who were expecting baby #4. Do you see the "H" design in between the rolling stone blocks?  At this time the expected baby didn't have a name....


My niece Lucie, David’s oldest holding her new baby brother!

HENRY (It's an H name!) was born November 30th, and is such a happy little chunk! He sure loves his big sister! And with the arrival of little Henry Joseph Sherwood (who now has his gifted quilt from Auntie Bonnie) I was reminded of these RIGHT WAY blocks that had been set aside while working on getting On Ringo Lake completed.

Something crazy great is in the works! I am joining with the Daylight company and HollyAnne of String & Story for a special holiday giveaway starting Tuesday! Details to follow then! Do you own a daylight light? Would you like to?

Click to play:

You’ll want to come back here on Tuesday to see just what is up.  It’s unbelievably great, and you are going to want your chance at this!

In the mean time:


I’m only 4 blocks short of a layout!

I hope to be sewing this top together today.  When at the cabin I am forced to make some interesting fabric choices because my stash is limited here.  I’m going through all of the blue and doing scrappy blue setting triangles because I don’t have enough of one thing.  It’s worked for me in the past:


Blue scrappy setting triangles on Carolina Chain!

Carolina Chain was featured on the C&T blog yesterday, and you can find this pattern FREE HERE!

If you do go get the pattern from C&T, would you leave them a comment that you read about it here and thank them for posting it?  I’d love them to know just how much we appreciate them doing this!

If you like this pattern, you’ll also love the other 11 quilt designs in the Addicted to Scraps book now at a special sale price in the Quiltville Store

When you purchase the Addicted to Scraps book in my store you will also receive a free pattern for my Wanderlust table runner, not available anywhere else!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I fully believe that we have to take care in what we read, watch, listen to and think about!

Think good thoughts today.

Love from Quilt Villa!


  1. Thinking good thoughts as we get nearer to Christmas.I am baking today and hoping to finish early enough to get in some sewing on clue #3 and 4!!Hope Sadie is recouping from her surgery.

  2. Thank you for the free pattern. Enjoy your peaceful Saturday.

  3. I really love this current quilt. I can't wait to see it done! Is it for an upcoming book? Enjoy your holidays. Thank you for the inspiration you provide day in and day out. My day is always a bit brighter after visiting your blog.

  4. Ditto what Karen said!

  5. To Karen & Mary Ellen, YES!

    I hope to submit this to Quiltmaker first, and then it will come out in a book way down the pipeline as it is too late to get it into the next book - photography has already been done for that one :)


  6. Another Winner quilt!
    I'm with Karen...I always feel better, more relaxed after reading your posts.
    Precious Baby.
    I'm done with part #4.
    Debra in Ma.

  7. You are so right about heeding what we allow into our minds and hearts. That's why we are quilters, quilting grounds us and brings peace and harmony to our lives.

  8. The sunrises and sunsets have been really beautiful lately and I have been paying more attention to how the dark brown trees add to the beauty instead of trying to see past them.

  9. The 'Right Way'Blocks are looking Beautiful with the 2nd Block you chose. Scrappy Blue setting Triangles, oohhhh how pretty! We have icy snow this am. Had to put the flannels on my bed with my Celtics Christmas Solstice.

  10. this phrase is so true...has hit me square on during my recovery when tempted to dwell on negatives and not positives...

  11. Enjoy down time at your cabin. You certainly deserve it! You, your inspiration, and all you do for us who admire you are so grateful. You've had a rough end to 2017. As an animal lover myself my heart goes out to Sadie. I believe the worst is behind her and she'll soon be back to her old self. My family wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy healthy and prosperous New Year.

  12. Another beautiful quilt in the making :) Enjoy your cabin time and have a very Merry Christmas!

  13. The picture of Lucy and Henry ( my DH name :0).) is so darling!
    Love all your quilty creativity.....so inspiring Bonnie. Happy cabin sewing!

  14. Love the quilt. Can’t wait for Tuesday for a chance to win the slim line light. X

  15. I loved your quote of the day. That is why I turned off my T.V.
    If I happen to see it in the doctor's office or the mechanic's waiting rooms, I am truly shocked at what is on it.

  16. I have the same lamp based on your recommendation and absolutely love it. Now my husband wants one too. 11% is very steep! Wow!

  17. I love these blocks!! But I also love the WRONG WAY ones too!!! I always sleep with the blinds open (I hate alarm clocks). Winter sunrises in bed are my favorite!!

  18. Hey Bonnie! I have a Slimline from Daylight that I just got at the Houston International Quilt Festival and I love, love, love it!!! Now I need one of the floor lamps too!! Stay warm!!!

  19. Love the photos and yes - a gingernut cookie with icing! Never thought of it before and now when we are out and about I'll be thinking of that from now on!

    Best photo is of your niece and ickle bro. Such a lovely, happy picture.

    Pretty quilts too. Always on here can they be seen. Sorry, breaking into a Yoda moment now! It's the fairy lights fault because I have put them on as it's only just dawn outside and I didn't want big lights on - very similar to your scene above!

  20. Bonnie I have loved that "WRONG WAY" baby quilt since you first posted photos of it. Will you be making the pattern for that project?


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