Monday, December 11, 2017

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 3!

Monday, December 11th!

December is flying.

I hope that as we swing deeper into the holiday hubbub you are able to carve out a few minutes each day for yourself – even if you are just pressing and cutting in anticipation of sewing AFTER January arrives and things go back to normal.

10 minutes here.

15 minutes there.

It all adds up to a whole lot of progress if you can grab those small moments of time in between other things and just do what you can do.

How are you coming along with Part 3?


Say Hello to the Bonnie Lassies of Camarillo, California!

Back row - Nancy Isbell, Cynthia Carmody, Jonal Beck, Jackie Tucker, Carol Seaman
Front row - Dalya Dektor, Myda Broadway, Wanda Brown

This photo and email came from Dalya who writes:
“Hi Bonnie!

The “Bonnie Lassies mini group” of Camarillo Quilt Association in Camarillo, CA had a 2 day “sew-cation” to celebrate the Mystery Quilt.

This mini group meets twice a month (for over 2 years now) to sew Bonnie Hunter patterns. In December and January we will continue working and helping each other on the rest of the clues. And having lots of fun!

On Thursday Nov 30, 17 quilters came and we worked on clue 1. On Friday Dec 1st, 9 quilters came and we worked on clue 2. Some who hadn't finished My Blue Heaven (the workshop Bonnie Hunter taught in June at CQA) worked on that pattern too. Lots of fun and pot luck food from 9-9 both days.

We didn't get everyone in the picture as some came only for the morning or one day and others packed up before picture time on the second day.”
It sounds like much fun was had!

My thoughts are with these ladies as now they ALSO battle the smoke and fires raging in southern California.  I was just with them this past May, and we had such a wonderful time.  It just hurts my heart to think of how much devastation fire has caused in the past year.


Clue 3 wrangled!!!!

Thanks for the funny, Becky Thill!

She sent this photo to our Quiltville’s Open Studio group on Facebook, with the following lyrics.  You’ll thank her for the ear worm!

Don't try to understand 'em
Just rope 'em, throw, and brand 'em
Soon we'll be livin' high and wide,
Move ‘em on, head ‘em up
Head ‘em up, Move ‘em on, Rawhide
Cut ‘em out, Ride ‘em in
Ride ‘em in, Cut ‘em out, Rawhide
Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, Rawhide

Have you been scrap wrangling during this week’s Part 3 unit?  It’s time to share your stuff in this week’s Mystery Monday Link-Up!


Good thoughts for Sadie Jane, please!

While you are linking up below, please refresh your memory by reading the info provided.  And please keep in mind a prayer and a good wish for my Sadie Jane who is having her second round of Mast Cell tumors removed today.  It’s a scary thing to put an elder dog under anesthesia.  And she has a heart murmur.  But these tumors have got to come off if we want to keep her around a lot longer.  She will be 12 in February.  And we love her so very much.  Emmy Lou was even close at hand to keep her warm last night.

The hubster is taking Sadie in right now as I get this post ready to go live.  Thank you.

If you have a group who is stitching together, send me some photos along with the story behind the photos in an email and you could be featured in a future Mystery Monday post!

No matter where you are in your On Ringo Lake, you can share blocks, design wall photos, fabric choices, completed units with your dog, cat or grand baby – just share!

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I want to thank those who took the time to correct entries on last week's link-up for On Ringo Lake.  I realize that quite a few people skim read and don’t really take the time to understand what I am requesting with this Link-Up and other social media posting throughout the course of our mystery.

One more time:

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This link-up will close at midnight, Thursday, December 14th. If you miss this one, no worries, you can join in NEXT Monday as well.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Wonky rail fence quilt shared during our Oregon workshops last week.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


  1. Thanks Bonnie...Prayers for Sadie Girl are being said Daily...Love the pic of both your babies.
    Try not to worry as hard as it might be.
    Debra in Ma.

  2. Gotta get linked up later. I have misplaced my Essential Triangle Tool. I know I could use my Easy angle and the Simple Corner ruler method, minor set-back to my progress on step 3 was a weekend away for my Quilt Zone with family. Looking forward to getting a group of Quiltville Mystery ladies together for part 4. I will send pictures for next week.

  3. Thinking of my fellow quilters in Camarillo. I am miles away from the fires, yet our air quality if impacted to the point that they had to close schools. Thinking of you, be safe and keep on sewing.

  4. Still thanking God for the Thanksgiving Miracle and asking for continued healing for Mark and comfort and courage for his extended family. I will send prayers for sweet Sadie Jane.

    We so appreciate everything you do for us quiltvillians. Any time your name is mentioned I smile and silently thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful quilters all over the world. Thank you, Bonnie for your inspiration on how to live. I love your daily lessons.

  5. Poor Sadie, prayers for her and for the vet. It seems like your whole family has been through the wringer this year, 2018 is going to be better.

  6. Praying for Sadie and you. I hope she came through with flying colors.

  7. So I click on my ITunes icon and now I have Frankie Lane in my ear singing "Rawhide."

    Thanks, Bonnie.

  8. While the quilts and all are great ... my mind goes right to Sadie Jane...bless her pup heart.Both Sadie and you are in my prayers. There is something beyond unique about that type of bond we have with our furbabies.

  9. I do not like to hear Sadie is unwell really that any family member is unwell and when it is a fury one they can't tell us what the problem they feel is and how to comfort them. Hopefully she will recover nicely. We have an old cat who has us so well trained that we schedule around her my poor husband says between you and the cat I get no peace but he loves us both very much perhaps the cat more she sleeps on him me next to him

  10. Good luck Sadie.

    And then Rowdy Yates and Gil Favor - who knew they were secret quilters! Did laugh at that - out loud!!!

  11. Wow, look at all those different colours. There's going to be some different and amazing quilts. I so much want to do one of your mystery quilts, I just need to get myself organised (that's a work in progress).

    And, importantly, kisses and hugs to Sadie xoxoxoxo

  12. Thinking of your Sadie. Mast cell tumors are horrible. We dealt with that. Wishing Sadie all the luck in the world. Thank you for the mystery. This will be my third, haven't done one in a while but I've got a lot of stash to plunder and they are always so beautiful. I'm taking your advice and just stealing an hour or two when I can. Probably won't be done until March but I enjoy them. Thank you for these!

  13. I think I did it right this time Bonnie. Thanks


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