Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Stitchin’ With Sadie Jane

I’m making progress on Jason’s hexie quilt.

I have quilted the center star, outlined by the row of white hexies..and am now up to the diamonds surrounding the star.

This quilt is being quilted from the center out.  It’s a lot of quilt wrangling as the sides of each hexie are only 3/4’’ and I can fit about 5 stitches per side an approximate 1/4’’ in from each edge.

I’m really enjoying stitching to some Amazon Prime, and am discovering series that I didn’t know about before.  Night before last I settled in and watched the whole mini-series of Doctor Thorne hosted by Julian Fellowes, the genius who brought us Downton Abbey.

Last night I started in on Cranford – I love Judy Dench!  This one started about 10 years ago, why I never heard of it I’ll never know.  It’s perfect for stitching to if you like period drama, and I do. Cranford has 2 seasons.


Close up!

I am loving my YLI hand quilting thread.  What you see on the outside is a thread net, available from longarm quilting suppliers for keeping cone thread from misbehaving.  I just cut it to the size I need and it stops the thread from springing forth out of control.

Sadie has been singing her sad song, but she is getting a bit better every day.  This was yesterday –

Click to play:


She finally let me show her hind quarter!


Awww mom!  A shirt?  REALLY?!

She started to lick at her belly stitches, and she can’t wear a cone (inflatable or otherwise) due to the incision on her neck so we have improvised a t-shirt.  If she starts to lick her leg, we’ll have to tape it up.  So far she has left it alone.

This morning’s clip.  Click to play:

She’s been a good companion while Jeff and I work on getting all of these ruler orders out! We added the Simple Folded Corners rulers suggested for this year’s On Ringo Lake mystery to the store just yesterday – 400 of them.  And there are only 126 left.  You are keeping us busy as we work to get these out to you as quickly as possible.

Another batch of 400 arrives next week.

Tomorrow afternoon we are headed up to the cabin Virginia for a long weekend and will be back at it again on Monday.


What do you see here?
(Click to biggie-size)

This image was sent in by a reader yesterday who looked up the Wallburg Post Office on google.  Whose van do you see pulling into the lot (likely at break neck speeds just before closing time?!)  LOL!

The photo was taken by google in October of 2016.  That is me and my van MOBY pulling in for our daily drop off!  HYSTERICAL!  Moby!  You are famous!

Not only that, but that sunny October day looks mightily inviting.  It was 22 this morning when taking Sadie out for her walk.  Brrrrr!


And yes, this is the post office that holds mail for me when it has no street address! LOL!  Thank you for the wonderfully thoughtful Christmas card!

Today you’ll find me and Jeff doing our order stuffing thing up until Post Office closing time.  And then it is back to my desk here to put the final touches on this book manuscript stuff and get it OFF my plate.  I’m close to being done.  All that is left really are the pressing diagrams.  I want this sent off before Christmas so I can just relax and not worry about it.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Thank you Martin Luther King, jr.!

I also love this Irish chain variation. I feel the need to hit the strip bins!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. So glad Sadie is beginning to feel better! Watching our fur babies when they aren't feeling well is painful for us too! Enjoy your day ur long weekend. You work so hard and deserve some down time! Happy holidays!

  2. I think Doug Leko owes you a huge Christmas present! Where would his ruler be without you? Love mine!

  3. Me alegro que Sadie vaya mejor, me ha emocionado como contesta cuando le habla.¡¡¡ Son tan especiales¡¡¡¡, entienden todo y saben siempre como estás tú, dispuestos a ayudarte siempre. Saludos míos y de mi Patch, que ya tiene nueve años.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Your/Jason's Hexie quilt is amazing Bonnie...so very pretty. I can't believe you are quilting every single Hexie in the quilt! wow..just wow. Oh, I Love YLI cotton quilting thread, been using it exclusively for a few years now.

    Gentle Hugs & Kisses for Sweet Sadie please.

    Debra in Ma.
    where it is in single digits.

  6. Mom, does this scar make my hind end look big? LOL Poor sweet girl.

    Our vet recommended a Shed Defender suit since our HarleyQuinn is a licker and cones won't stay on her italian greyhound neck.


  7. Your hexie quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I've never entertained the thought of tackling one, but you certainly make it tempting! I hope you have a wonderful weekend at the cabin!

  8. Needless to say, your hexie quilt is stunning! Do't know if i could give it away, if it were mine. 😊
    Sadie looks pooped and a bit frightened, bless her heart ♥️ Praying she heals safe and well...with many happy years ahead.

  9. OH how sweet the sound of her voice! Hope she heals quickly and is ready for Santa!

  10. My dog had a growth removed from his eye lin. I put a touch of aquaphor on it to keep it soft and he didn't bother it.

  11. love and hugs, i thought it was a bit 'cool' at 48* when i went to get my paper at 730 this morning! Yep, I'll bet neither ofyou lingered long to smell the fresh air this morning... talk about get your biz taken care of!!! Blessings to your entire family, i love when you post about your reunions and wish to be adopted, please! I'm sure many of us (your huge fan-based-group) feel as though we know you, not to be intrusive, but to offer support and love, healing and health for all... xo Cats in Carlsbad, CA


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