Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Quilted Memories from Oregon!

Marley and her G.G. are sharing the big red heart quilt that Marley made.

It was the highlight of our Show & Share in Roseburg, Oregon – the last day of my 2017 teaching year.

Marley is as proud as she could possibly be, and with every right to!  Fabulous quilt.  Fabulous team!

When I think of all the memories that are being made between grandmother and granddaughter my heart just sings.

And G.G. is the perfect person to teach her -


Oregon quilt in full size!

The last time I visited Oregon a few years back, this was just in the planning stages and I got to see it completed! I believe this was designed for a block of the month. I don’t have any info, but if anyone knows, please post it in the comments section below.


We had some great Show & Share in Brookings as well!

ONE “Sawtooth Flutter” block (That still needs a new name…help me out here! LOL!) from a previous edition of 100 blocks made the perfect pillow topper! (And a 3rd place ribbon!)  This is one of those blocks that MUST become a full quilt for me…..seeing this made up, oh yeah.  Time to move this to the front burner.  Great job!

It’s a short video, but click to play the wonderful array of quilts shared during my one day workshops with both Brookings and Roseburg from last week.

What a terrific way to end a very busy year!


A day’s work in the sunshine!

I keep waiting for the snow to go away.  I like it when it falls and is pretty, I don’t like it 4 days later when it is hard and crunchy and miserable.  Hopefully this sun will warm things up enough to clear it away until next time.

The Simple Folded Corners Rulers arrived yesterday afternoon about the same time that Sadie was coming home from surgery.  They have been added to the store, and are limited to stock on hand.  

There is one more batch coming next week.  

We are getting close to Christmas and will be working around family time.  Thank you for understanding.


Sadie, not feeling so chipper.

Disclaimer.  If you are squeamish, the following photos may bother you.  Scroll past quickly.

This is the second surgery that Sadie has had for Mast Cell tumors.  The first round was nearly a couple of years ago now, and it was just in one location.  This time it was 3.


Under her chin.


A huge incision on her side.

And one on her hind quarters that she wouldn’t roll over for me to photograph.  She is a modest girl, after all.  Poor thing.

Pain meds, anti-inflammatories, rounds of ice packs for swelling, and lots of loves and cuddles are required. It hurts to see her in so much pain and discomfort.

I am hoping she will bounce back quickly and fully be her Sadie self after a few days.  She spent last night just softly crying, and so did I.  Jeff slept next to her, and he said he didn’t sleep much at all, which means she didn’t either.

It gets harder and harder as our beloved animals venture fully into their elder years.  Sadie will be 12 in February.  Bless her.

So today is a slow-down and love the dog day.  We’ll work on ruler orders in-between and do what we can to get them out as quickly as possible.

Our Mystery Monday Link-Up that started yesterday is in full swing!  Have you checked it out? Click HERE to be amazed! 

You can add your link up until Thursday night at Midnight, and part 4 of On Ringo Lake goes live on Friday.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This is another wake-up call for me. Missing important moments due to being a workaholic.

Work should never be more important than family or friends.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM EST

    I hope Sadie heals quickly. I hate when our furbabies are hurting.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Bonnie!

  2. Poor, poor Sadie! I hope she is feeling better in no time.

  3. Poor Miss Sadie. :( Our Doxie is 13 and a half and has had three very major surgeries in the past 12 months and I just don't know if he or I have another one left in us. It is so heartbreaking to watch them age, but I am ever so grateful that we can do what we can for them.

  4. Sending positive thoughts and prayers out to sweet Sadie. I hope she has a speedie recovery.


  5. Hopefully Sadie will be back to her old self in no time. I hate to see animals suffering. Thankfully she is getting the best care possible.

  6. Best wishes to Sadie and her two legged family! Been their with my girl, Whidbey, and it doesn't take long for them to feel better. I think they enjoy the extra attention they get because of their shaved spots! Take care and enjoy the slow moments.

  7. Poor Sadie. I hope she feels better soon. I'm sure she's getting lots of loving! Our 12 year old cat had breast cancer about a year ago. They took out all the mammary tissue on one side. No chemo and they said the average recurrence is about 4 years, so we're grateful to have. That much time with her, and hopefully more not less. Meanwhile she is back to her 'i am the Princess here, and You should pamper me!" Attitude.

  8. This afternoon I'm taking Morgan on her first walk since spinal surgery. We will make it a meandering "sniff walk" for Sadie, and send prayers for her and her pack. I'm sure she's comforted having you all there.

  9. Oh, the things we will do for our dogs. Our Keesha had surgery on both of her back legs for torn cruciate ligaments. She is gone now but I would do it all again for her.

  10. Hope each day gets easier for Sadie as she heals. It is definitely sad to watch our pets become geriatric. Our cat is 16 and has slowed down a lot. A bit stiff and doesn't jump up on things like he used to.

  11. Poor Sadie girl. Hugs to you and Jeff. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. They worm their way into our heart and love us to death, expecting nothing more than love back from us.

  12. I a older dog that had sergery, I had some trouble getting her to eat after her sergery. On the third day the vet gave me a food replacement to give her and it did the trick. I hope you baby is doing better today, if not check with your vet. You would be suprised at what they have that can be helpful.

  13. I had a older dog that had sergery, I had some trouble getting her to eat after her sergery. On the third day the vet gave me a food replacement to give her and it did the trick. I hope yourfur baby is doing better today, if not check with your vet. You would be suprised at what they have that can be helpful.

  14. Prayers for Sadie as well as you and Jeff. Always hard when our fur babies aren't 100%! Orders that don't arrive in time for Christmas just allow the giving to be extended!! Enjoy your short holiday with your family and have a blessed Christmas!

  15. Poor Sadie - but she made it through the surgery and, now she's home, she's such a little fighter that she must surely feel better soon. Wishing you all well.

    Some stunning quilt that Oregon medallion!

  16. Oh Gentle Hugs & Kisses to poor Sadie Girl...she is such a sweetie...I know how much you love her.
    Love that first quilt with the Heart. very nice.

    Debra in Ma.

  17. Does Marly have her own blog???? I'd follow her!

  18. My heart goes out to your oh-so-sweet Sadie. Prayers for her recovery to be quick and for the cancer to stay at bay. Hoping she will have many quality of life days ahead.

  19. I hate mast cell turmors! Love and prayers to Marley, and to y'all, too.

  20. Only the tiniest, most gentle tummy rubs for Sweet Sadie. Many hugs for her Mommy too.

  21. Poor Sadie I hope she will recover soon. I know how helpless you feel when they are hurting. Hope she will recover soon.
    Sending prayers she will recover soon!!
    We have a 12 & 7 year old Westies. We miss Moshe he was 14,5 years old. We still miss him a lot!
    Happy Quilting, Yoka Bazilewich


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