Thursday, December 14, 2017

Doggies, Cutting Dies and Play Time!

Sadie and I got out for her first “real” walk post surgery for Mast Cell tumors yesterday.

It was a slow walk around the neighborhood with loads of “sniffing around” time.

Don’t you sometimes wonder what is going through a dog’s head as they sniff and sniff and sniff – whatever holds their interest, whatever could it be?  Sometimes I think it must be “text messages” from other dogs who have come by previously, and she is catching up on all of the news that happened while she was confined at home.

The t-shirt thing is working well at keeping her from getting at her side stitches, except for the hind-quarters area.

We can’t put a cone on her because of the incision on her neck. And we caught her trying to lick the stitches on her hind leg last evening.  I told Jeff that we could get a pair of “tighty-whities” and put them on her with her tail out of the fly.  He laughed and said “Now she’ll really be humiliated, what is she supposed to be, Captain Underpants?!”  I busted out laughing too.  Poor Sadie.  Right now we’ve taped gauze over the wound, whatever it takes, she needs to leave her stitches alone.

We were joined on our walk by neighbor dog Piper, who was especially gentle with Sadie.  It’s as if they KNOW something is not quite right.

Together we walked and sniffed our way over to our next door neighbor Chip’s house:


Chip is incarcerated behind the chain link fence.  Poor Chip!


I know they really DO like and care about each other!

It was good to see tails wagging and happy doggie smiles all around.


We adore Piper.  Those ears!

Piper came in for a treat and a visit, and then we sent her on her way home. Jeff and I worked our way all the way up to post office closing time.

This next info is mostly for our Quiltville Friends in Australia.  I have met with Norma Bradley, a designer  from A1 Craft & Quilting who asked if she could provide dies for cutting the Flying Geese and Chevron units for our On Ringo Lake Mystery.


Chevron 2" x 5" unit & Flying Geese 2 x 3½" unit
Chevron unit finishes at 1½" x 4½" when sewn in the quilt
Flying Geese finish at 1½" x 3" when sewn in the quilt
Uses a 6" x 12" cutting mat (2612) INCLUDED

This die is the ideal helper for clues #2 and #3 in Bonnie K Hunters current Mystery Quilt " On Ringo Lake" which you can get by joining her blog here and the Facebook group here

The die needs a cutter that can use at least a 6" wide die. It fits all brands of cutters sold in Australia.

For more info on the die, click HERE.

The cost to ship outside of Australia would likely be prohibitive, about $53 AUS,  which translates to about $37.00 US with the exchange rate. but feel free to contact them for info if you wish.  I’m just happy that we can make our Aussie friends happy!

My thanks to  A1 Craft & Quilting for coming up with the idea. If you do order these dies, please let them know you read about them here on my blog and tell them that Bonnie sent you!


I told you I would!!

After posting yesterday’s Quiltville Quote and mentioning that I would love to work up this block, I finally found some time after returning from having my van worked on.  This is MORE than an Irish Chain.  Only the center  25 patch is really related to an Irish Chain.  From there, it’s built out like a Chimney & Cornerstone Log Cabin block, and I am in love.

I just can’t help myself! Click to play:

Even after finishing THIS test block, I have some ideas for easier construction, and am thinking of submitting this one with my simplified instructions to Quiltmaker for my Addicted to Scraps column.  Boy, is it ever fun to sew something that has ZERO triangles!

I woke up to another 50 orders this morning, Jeff is ready to get on board with me and kick these out so we can head up to the cabin this evening.

I also need to do the finishing touches on Part 4 for On Ringo Lake so it is ready to go and I can enjoy the weekend.

Today is also the last day to add your link to this week’s Link-Up.  Check out all of the wonderful entries HERE!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Let's face it, its been a stressful year! I had a long talk with my dad yesterday working out things I can do to minimize the stress and capitalize on the happiness.

Are there things you are going to change for next year?

One of the things I've done this year is cut way back on Christmas decorating. I've got out some Christmas quilts, and we love our Christmas dishes. It's fun to use them everyday during the holidays.

I’ll be plugging in the small lit Christmas Tree at the cabin tonight.  Can’t wait.

There are a couple Christmas floral arrangements here and there but I am not going all out.

Christmas minimalism is really helping with my stress and helping me focus on what REALLY matters most.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


  1. I am with you on the minimal decorating this Christmas. Kids are gone - just me and the old man who is happy he doesn't have to haul all the stuff out, trip over it and then put it away in January. I've decided to do only things that make me happy! Ok, I still have to go to work 5 out of 7, but other than that, the system is working well. My Christmas gift to me this year is baking cookies. I've turned the kitchen into the Hollow Tree and each night make a different cookie. Now that's fun! The only problem is yesterday I found some videos on YouTube on how to do that fancy flooded icing on sugar cookies. Spent $150 on Amazon for everything I needed and by Friday night I will be ready for a new adventure. So instead of decorating the house, I'm decorating cookies. The folks at work get all the booboos so everyone is happy!! Enjoy your time at the cabin! And Merry Christmas, Bonnie. You start my day off with a smile each morning as the first thing I do is see what you have written. And that's one of those things that makes me happy!!!

  2. I cut back on decorations a couple years ago. One tree, a Christmas card holder, a NOEL plastic canvas wall hanging, and wreaths on the doors. I have six crate of Christmas decorations in the attic that need to go into a yard sale.

    Glad to see Sadie recovering. Best wishes to you and the family for a blessed Christmas.

  3. Bonnie,

    We have also cut back on decorating. We eliminated the tree completely. My husband works for UPS and I own a store that ships packages and sells toys & gifts, needless to say, we take busy to a whole different level..And, of course it snowed again so we need to deal with that. Reducing the decorating is allowing us to enjoy things more and relax just a little. I have started your mystery for the very first time, but mostly it will wait ubtil after Christmas. Enjoy your relax time!

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family...
    Love the block!!

  5. I'm still in the decorating-the-house-like-crazy-person mode. I enjoy it very much. It's the only decorating I do but it does take time. Many things I have are very sentimental to me and a joy to "discover" every year. I have decided though as things wear out or break they are not being replaced. If I live long enough, decorating should be a nonissue. Have a great and blessed Christmas.

  6. Merry Christmas Bonnie. I too cut my decorations from 6 bins to 3. Thinking about all the gifts we buy and wrapping them all are next my big challenge, but for this year they are done so I have a week to relax some and enjoy the season.

    Let me add my appreciation for your patterns, inspiration and daily blog. Your scrap user system changed my life and I mention you to everyone who admires my organized, colorful stash of pre cut pieces.

  7. Wreath is one the door, cds on the player, & maybe a cookie will be baked. Several years ago I gave all the tree decorations to my son & his family. Thus freeing up time for other things. Good news for sweet Sadie. Loved seeing the pictures of the dogs out socializing. Merry Christmas to you & your family Bonnie.

  8. Dogs texting, Dogs incarcerated and Doggy Capt Underpants..... What a great way to start my day - I am smiling now ;-)

  9. Hi Bonnie, So nice to read your dog is healing...that's a gift! I've been hearing from so many people how they've cut back this year on their decorating for Christmas. So have we! Not sure what the reason is, but it sure does make life easier...maybe we're all getting older or maybe it's the tone of the country.
    Enjoy your holidays & I LOVE reading your post daily!!

  10. each year I seem to put out less and less of the old stuff that is falling apart and holds no special meaning to me - in fact as they mean nothing anymore to the kids either who are only here for the holidays rarely anymore I am cleaning things out after xmas and packing in smaller boxes - some of the old will go to goodwill and some in the trash - keeping the nice stuff and things the kids always loved.

  11. We also have cut back significantly on decorating ... We are wintering in our RV in Texas and Arizona for the first time, and there simply isn't room to haul along the traditional collection of decorations. I'm missing it, but can't untangle missing my house and missing the decorations. I have my featherweight with me, so at least that remains the same. By the way, when we walk our dogs, and they stop to sniff and sniff and sniff... We say they are reading p-mail. Merry Christmas!

  12. I love the new block you are working on. I have a bunch of white on black and black on white and kaffe fabrics. Those will be perfect for this.

  13. Oh, I really like that block! I see another quilt I my future.

  14. So glad to hear that Sadie is healing. At least surgery is an option. One of our dogs had a tumor and was not eating; the vet said there was no use in prolonging her life, it wasn't going to be good. Our oldest was in college and was heart broken not to get to say goodbye.

    On another note. I think it was in a quilt cam that you showed how to adjust the presser foot pressure on a Singer treadle machine. Thank you, I never knew that. With some oil and pliers I was able to free up the adjustment and now I can turn it by hand. I am not sure that it had ever been turn in the life of 100 plus years of this machine! With some experimenting I think I can attempt to do some straight line quilting with it! I can do free motion with another machine that is only about 25 years old. I am not very good at machine quilting yet. I had to laugh to myself last night as I delivered a charity quilt to my sewing group, they were amazed at the hand quilting I had done (not very well in my opinion) on that quilt. I didn't say anything as many are new quilters or not quilters at all (the group has knitters and crocheters that make baby and children's items, too).

  15. I so agree...I bought a 3 ft tree on clearance & that's what we have...Some greenery in the archway & call it a day!

    Debra in Ma.

  16. We are down to a tree (real, husband's choice), a string of lights in shape of a Christmas tree on the side of the house, and we still s nd cards. All our families are far away. We send Alaska calendars (it's where we live) and make charitable contributions in their names. I do have Christmas songs playing a lot, and tomorrow my small group of quilting friends is having a potluck brunch - at the home of one member who still goes all out with decorating.

  17. When you were talking about Sadie smelling all around getting her text messages to catch up on the news. . . well, we call it "reading her Pee mail" . . .

  18. Sorry! I have decorated enough for both of us. Still need to put Christmas Quilts on the beds. Lol, at putting 'tighty whities' on Sadie. Putting in a few more stitches on Mystery parts keeps me sane. Candy making and Christmas concerts next week. I do it for the Grandchildren! Love the variation on your Irish Chain block. Happy stitches!!

  19. Love the block and am excited to try it!

    Haven't finished part 3 yet but can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Loving this mystery!

    As for Christmas decorations, less is more. I've cut way back on the decorations the past couple of years. I love the effect. All I have is the tree, a lot of fake pointsetta (forgive my spelling) plants and garland on the windows. Christmas is about family anyway and not the gifts. Enjoy your family time this week and give your Sadie girl a hug from me.

  20. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Our little rat terrier likes to run to the curb and street light to find out if any of her doggie friends have left her "pee mail", as we refer to it. Thank you for everything you do for quilters every where. Simple is the way around here for decorating, if I put it up I just have to take it down and it is only two of us now, so I just enjoy everyone else's lights and displays.

  21. My Christmas decorating has been greatly reduced over the years too. A few years back I donated five good sized boxes of decorations to the local charity Christmas store. Each year as I pick out what I really want to use I keep thinking I need to sort out some more to donate somewhere. I'm also considering getting rid of the big 7 1/2 ft. tree and its "casket" and reducing the ornaments even farther. Can't quit the tree altogether with 4 yr old grandchildren. They would be disappointed.

  22. My Christmas decorating has been drastically reduced this year. My DH passed two months ago and I am having a difficult time getting in the spirit of the season. Do have a tree up and my quilts out, but that is it. It's time to pass collected decorations from the last 53 years on to the grands to start their traditions.

  23. Bonnie I just have to comment,(being the animal lover I am). Keeping your dog fenced in when you are not with them is a sure sign of loving your animal. Dogs and cats that roam free without or sometimes with supervision usually end up as road kill on the side of the road. Please stress to your followers how important it is to keep your animals safe. Its not incarceration, its protecting them while allowing them fresh air and outdoors. Fenced yards should be mandatory for all dog owners, unless the only time you let them out is when you walk them on a leash. Sorry for my soapbox but I feel so strongly about this matter.

  24. Decorating for Christmas is the only thing really that makes me feel more in the mood for it all. It's the soft multi-coloured fairy lights (not the bright hurt the eyes LEDs) that really relax me - probably childhood happy memories. But yes, less is more and we have less than we used to. I now have (yet to put up - a fresh wreath for the front door) garland up the bannisters with cinnamon sticks and bows and my fairy lights, a garland with soft white light for the fireplace and the tree with all the pretties we collected over the years. The neighbours teased us the couple of years when we stopped having a few lights outside, so they are up too.
    Definitely more special with children. I'm hoping that I will be getting grandchildren soon!

    And happy happy happy days as Sadie is up and about. You need to get her a onesie, maybe with an elf design so she can be Bonnie's Little Helper! ;)

  25. Can you find a onesie that is large enough for Sadie? That's what I used on my little girl but she wears a preemie size. If you put it on backwards their tail can stick out between the snaps and when it is potty time you just unsnap the snaps to get the flap out of the way - I always snapped the flap back on the side so it was out of her way. Worked perfectly and never got soiled. I'm not sure it would cover her thigh, but it would not be hard to add a leg to one side with Velcro to close the leg lower down...you can sew *grin* so I know it would be easy. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas at the cabin with your family.

  26. My dog went out every day to check her pee-mail! Believe me, if snow was present, I’d notice lots of communications between dogs.

  27. Love the Irish Chain block. At our house: minimal decorating, minimal present-buying. We are doing back-to-back Road Scholar trips for Christmas and New Year's.

  28. Christmas minimalism is a gift that gives twice. First, the run-up to the holiday and then the cleaning of the aftermath. And I'm excited to see what you do with this new block, I really like it.

  29. I laughed at Captain Underpants! I teach Children's Literature and applaud your son for his literary allusion.

  30. We've downsized the Christmas hub-bub over the years and the reduced stress has many benefits. I'm even clearing up the clutter in other areas of my life ~ unsubscribed to many email newsletters, asked off catalog mailing lists, etc. Now the clutter in my sewing room, that's another matter entirely! Wishing everyone a healthy, happy holiday and a rewarding New Year!

  31. Please watch out for Sadie trying to lick her incisions. If she does this constantly (especially on the easy to get to one on the leg) it can develop into a "hot" spot and then she will have another issue for you to deal with. Hot spots are difficult to get rid of, etc. My folks Labrador had this happen and it became a really big issue. Enjoy your time at the cabin and Merry Christmas.

  32. Merry Christmas To you and yours. Since it’s just me I put a wreath on the door and that’s it. This year my son and his wife will have Christmas dinner and has declared his house a no present for adults house. Only kids. Wonderful. Now we can concentrate on what Christmas really is. Love to your 2 legged and 4 legged family.

  33. Merry Christmas Bonnie!
    Love the new block! -Jean

  34. Bonnie, a tee shirt on the back half works just as well, with the tail through the neck hole!! We held the whole tHing together with Thundershirt over the top. Our vet was impressed!! Holiday happiness to you.

  35. Oy vey what a beautiful block you made. The material you used is gorgeous. Will be looking for the magazine. I had a 2 year prescription but will no longer buy a magazine. We are celebrating Hanukkah and like most do not decorate much any more! So glad to see Sadie doing so well!
    Merry Christmas to you and family Bonnie!
    Happy quilting, Yoka Bazilewich

  36. This year I decorated big,thoughout the house(bathroom too)2 trees etc!I needed a few days of festive cheer,to clear my mind and regroup.Alot if decisions need to be made...you know the big stuff,Mom's alziemers,Dad loneliness,other family stuff,and of course time to organize my plans for 2018.Bonnie I truely appreciate all the time you give,planning prepping etc for each mystery.I'm a little behind ,but it's relaxing when I can just sit and sew some parts.A BIG thank you!

  37. Most of my friends and I have small dogs and whenever the dogs have a surgery or wounds we use baby onesies on them to keep them from scratching/licking. Perhaps a child size once PJs will work for Sadie

  38. Your description of Sadie sniffing reminds me of a Cheech and Chong routine from their first LP (that ages me!) Two dog friends were sniffing their neighborhood and came across the mark of Fifi,the French poodle. They chase after her yelling--voulez, vous,humma, humma.


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