Thursday, December 21, 2017

Crowns & Quilt-Cam!


Hello from Quilt Villa!!

Sadie and I made it last evening just before dark, followed by the Hubster and sun Jason around 10:30pm.

I missed them both.  I was already sound asleep in a big comfy bed after a very busy day.

I did have a couple of evening hours all to myself to join lengths of binding, do some pressing, some stitching on – along with a label and a hanging sleeve – ready for hand stitching down while holiday movies play and yummy things cook in my little cabin kitchen.

And the biggest news of all is --

We stopped at the oral surgeon on the way up.  He gave the new bone-graft/implant post a good tap tap tap and declared it healed enough to wear a crown.  HOORAY!

I may not have my bicuspid back by Christmas morning, but I am on my way to the dentist who is doing the crown part this morning.

When they asked if I could be in at 7:30 am, and it’s 35 minutes away – I only hesitated for a minute about thinking it was too early.  I’m not looking THIS gift horse in the mouth, I’ll take it!  What other dentist could fit me in just a few days before Christmas on short notice?

And if I don’t have my crown on by New Years, or when I leave for California on January 8th, my hopes are that I’ll be smiling broadly with all of my teeth by my Birthday on the 23rd of January.  I can’t think of anything I’d want better.

I enjoyed yesterday’s Noon-time Quilt-Cam on Facebook Live.  Did you catch it?  If not, we are going to do a replay for you right here so we can archive it as well.

SO much sewing going on as we get closer to Christmas.  Many were working on various stages of On Ringo Lake:

Jeri B tuned in to say:

"Working on clues 3 and 4 today ,still have last years mystery on my design wall."


Jeri’s En Provence in Progress!  GORGEOUS colors!


Gwen’s Part 3 units!

She writes: “Watching your Quilt Can while I am sliver trimming Clue 3.  Merry Christmas from Minnesota!”

In fact there were several Minnesota quilters joining in and I was happy to hear from folks in Sweden and Norway as well as other parts of Europe as we were early enough for them to pop in  after 6pm their time.

Click to play:

We spent a fun hour, and as soon as we were done, I was throwing things into the van and loading up Sadie to head out to the oral surgeon and then up to Virginia:


Driving Miss Sadie!

Yeah, the “Blue Donut of Shame” is such a fashion statement.

She doesn't mind it much.  THIS was our just-prior-to-Quilt-Cam-heads-up-announcement yesterday.  She is such a ham!  Click to play:

What you can't see is that she is watching son Jeff eating a bologna sandwich just behind my camera!

She has not been leaving her stitches alone on her hind quarter –and though she may look ridiculous, this is so much better than “the cone.”  The good news is, pathology came back from her tumors and only one of them, the one on her rib cage was malignant.  The other two were benign, but still needed to come off.  They also think they got a wide enough margin on the bad one so that it shouldn’t come back.  Let’s hope so.


No, she doesn’t look real happy with me right now! LOL!


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

While you are busy taking care of everyone else this holiday season, make sure you take time to take care of yourself as well!

Part 5 of On Ringo Lake goes live TOMORROW! (I can’t believe it’s been 5 Friday already since we started.)

I’ll be back up here at the cabin enjoying family time as soon as this dentist appointment is over.

And I do believe I'll be squeezing in a nap somewhere.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!


  1. I knew it! I knew there was something very interesting to her just out of camera range. Enjoyed Quilt Cam yesterday.

  2. Hope the early start allows you a full day of leisure doing whatever strikes your fancy. May you have a blessing filled Christmas!

  3. I watched Quiltcam last night while working on clue #2. Thank you! I really enjoyed it. I am going at my own pace and not worrying if I keep up. I will finish it.
    Have a wonderful time with your family. Merry Christmas.

  4. Using the Mystery Parts as leader/enders with my Christmas stitching. Finally have a few Free days to get it done. Packages might be late, but I am sending them out before the snow flies! 1st day of Winter. Brrr in Walla Walla.

  5. "All Bonnie wants for Christmas is her bi-cus-pid, her bi-cus-pid, her bi-cus-pid. All she wants for Christmas is her bi-cus-pid, But her birthday wi-ll b-e j-ust fine!"

  6. Glad you are getting your crown - you are the QUEEN of QUILTING!

  7. Take some of your advice from the quote of the day and take care of yourself! You sounded very tired yesterday on Quilt Cam. I think you take on too much and I hope you slow down and enjoy the Holidays :)

  8. BarbaraS you are too funny! Yea for Sadie. My Jiggs had his button and stitches removed and does not have to wear the cone - he's one happy camper. Missed the Cam but will watch tonight while baking.

  9. Missed quilt cam live, but enjoyed going back to watch it! I had to adjust my notification settings to “see you first” so I’d quit missing stuff! Merry Christmas! 🎄

  10. Enjoyed Quilt Cam. Merry Christmas to you Bonnie and your family. Thank you for everything you do.

  11. Great news on Sadie's biopsy results!

  12. I really enjoyed quilt cam. I am working hard to get all my fabrics cut for Ringo lake before leaving for my winter stay in Fl. I am planning on sewing in my little park model by the sea. Love your smile You will sparkle brighter with that new crown !! Thanks for a great mystery. Have a wonderful Christmas and bright New Year


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