Saturday, December 09, 2017

Sister’s Choice and Homeward Bound!

Meet our fabulous nine-year-old Marley, the youngest quilter in my last quilting class of 2017!

She was stitching along next to her grandmother, whom she affectionately calls “G.G.”

When my own grandmother became a great-grandmother, she also became G.G. to my kids – it just warmed my heart to see these two stitching side by side!

As I talked to Marley about her quilting experience, I came to realize that she has been around quilting and making her own quilts for most of her little life.

At one point through my questions, she looked at me as if to say “This isn’t my FIRST rodeo, you know!”  LOL!!

Oh, Marley, we were so blessed to have you as part of our workshop!  You added so much to our day!

She even got the day off of school to take this class.  Bonus!


Watching those seams – You SEW, Girl!


Beautiful block!

My thanks to Marley, and to her G. G. for encouraging us ALL to let our inner 9-year-old selves out to play this holiday season.

Our room at the community center in Winston, Oregon was large and brightly lit with a wall of windows – there were Christmas decorations for the season everywhere, including 2 lit trees on stage.  It felt like a Christmas party!

And what do most parties have in common??


Good food!

But I think this one takes the record.  18 crockpots and 34 sewing machines plus irons, and the power didn’t blip at all!


Oh my goodness!!

A crock-pot parade of epic proportions! 


And we sewed until we couldn’t sew anymore!
(In between loads of snacking at the treat table!)

You’ll find the rest of our fun day in the video below.  Click to play:

What a way to send off 2017 into the archives!


Flying my way home.

Flying out of Portland is always a wondrous treat.  Yes.  I said Portland. We worried about weather when making these arrangements for the make-up dates of this trip.

It’s not always easy to get OUT of a small airport in the winter. There are likely only a couple of flights a day.  And if flights are cancelled you can be stuck a good long time.  Myrt and her hubby have kids and grandkids in the Portland area, and it was agreed that I would arrange my flights home from Portland, which meant a 3 1/2 hour drive from Roseburg after the workshop was over.

It made for a long day, but the drive was full of great conversation (and maybe a wee nap from the back seat) and dinner out. 

They had kids and grand-kids to see, and I had a shuttle to the airport in the morning for my flight out. It worked!

Click to play:

Oh this view!!  And it’s a good thing my flights went from Portland, Oregon to Detroit, Michigan – Atlanta had cancelled hundreds of flights yesterday due to the storm.  As it was, while waiting in Detroit for our flight to board to Greensboro, the gate across the way had just cancelled their flight to Richmond, Virginia due to the same storm system.  I was on pins and needles for a while wondering if I would indeed get home last night!



Let me tell you, after 11 days on the road – incredibly full and busy days – I am not fully functional today.  There will be a nap.  I hope there will be time to sew.

I’m giving myself the weekend to spend with my family.  I’ll hit the ground running on Monday.

But today, and tomorrow, I am taking designated snow days off!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Wonky Wishes quilt shared during our Oregon workshops this week.

All you need to do to learn something new is change your perspective!

And it’s true – there is NO PLACE like HOME!


  1. So glad you are home and into a Winter Wonderland. We were told here in Arkansas that we were too far north for the snowfall!!! LOL That is a first. Thank you for sharing your travels and other quilters with us. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. We got 3 inches north of Spartanburg, and it is still coming down. As long as the power holds out I say this must be a private quilt retreat weekend.
    Glad you got home safely, Bonnie. Take it easy and enjoy being home.
    Thanks for all you do and who you are!

  3. So good to see that you made it home safe. Have a very good weekend with family. Merry Christmas. Mary in Wa. state

  4. I fly in & out of Portland often! That isa rare treat to see all the mountains as clearly as you did! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Snow! LOL, you have more snow there than we do in SE Minnesota. I know, I know, yours will be gone in no time and we will have plenty for the next few months. Enjoy the beauty and snow day while it lasts! I'm glad you made it home in a safe and timely manner.

  6. Normally I am already done with Christmas music this time of year, but the jaunty rendition that accompanies today's slide show was fun. Glad you are home safe and sound. I am hoping for a white Christmas here in St. Louis, global warming or not!

  7. Love seeing children Quilters! Keep goon Marley!

  8. Austin Texas clear to Houston had plenty of snow and snow days for the children. What a treat for us.

  9. Wow the parade of crock pots surely has to be a Guiness world record! Glad you are home safe and taking the weekend off and I hope it is un-plugged as well. I like seeing the alternative methods for cutting but still hoping that one day I will make it to the shop and see that the booty and folded corners ruler are in stock.

    Rest up girl you deserve it.

  10. Here in south central Alaska we had rain and above freezing temperatures all week. Last night was finally cold again, and now of course the streets, sidewalks, parking lots, everything is covered with ice, and it's our town's Colony Christmas weekend - craft fairs, lots of decorations, fireworks, a parade, etc. but no snow!

    I love rhe Sister's Choice block. I made a non-scrap version in white and pastels about 15 years ago, and it was on our bed for spring/summer for years until it was getting too fragile

  11. I'm loving all the Sister's Choice quilts, as that is the quilt that STARTED 2017 for me. And how I found you. This year, I have become a Bonnie-holic. I love your design style and your blog is so much fun.

  12. I always loved Snow Days! My genealogy journey started on a Snow Day. Snow Days just aren't the same though once you retire. The idea of getting an unexpected day off when you would normally be working just has a special feel to it.

  13. What a precious little quilter! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, the crockpots are fantastic!

  14. Excellent block Marley made - those great points! And what a spread! I guess those tables were groaning until everyone tucked in! LOL!

    Good to be home. My daughter was travelling back to snow last night - we just have rain. Your photo of the mountains look like icebergs in the sea and the clouds look like sheets of ice on the water - almost like a photo of the Arctic!

    And Sadie looks very happy!

  15. My daughter in the Atlanta area was without power yesterday and the snow was still coming down! Her children were as excited as ever. The day before they had already made a snowman, thrown snowballs and went sledding down their front yard.
    Here in Winston Salem,we made chicken soup and enjoyed watching the snow fall from indoors.Hubby shoveled snow for us and our neighbors.
    Thanks for all you do for us with your great quilting and happy holi-days to you and your family.

  16. My husband asked, "Did you see if Bonnie got home yet?" So sweet.We had snow, sleet and rain all at the same time in Clayton, NC. 35° so no sticking. In the mountains it got so much more. Enjoying Clue 3 of MQ. Claudia

  17. You are absolutely amazing. And always positive! What a blessing you are to us!

  18. Bonnie,
    love all the photos from all the statesand countries. I hope you have a wonderful holiday in the winter wonderland and love the pictures of Sadie.
    I was in the 1st workshop at Orange Grove Quilters guild in California. We made the "Jamestown" pattern and I finsihed it. I changed my colors to R,W,B for a vet. It turned our good and now it went to one of the long-armers. I use your ruler all the time and I have a few friends who are Bonnie-ites. Happy scraping and holidays to you and yours
    Wendy Dillon

  19. Glad you made it home safe and sound. We had 4-5 inches of snow in SE Central, MS :). It was almost gone the next day. :(. Love snow but do not love the black ice so I stay in and sew.


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