Wednesday, September 27, 2017

As Autumn Begins to Fall…

I pass this farm house every time I head up to Virginia.

On this part of the road,  there are no shoulders to pull off.  No driveways, no turn outs.  But this is the country.

And there was NO ONE behind me.  I came to a full dead stop in the middle of the road and quickly grabbed my phone to take this photo through my window, a bit magnified.

I was hoping that the windshield was clean enough that the photo would turn out.

Blue sky and blue ridge mountains.  goldenrod along the road side – beautiful house. This is the view to make even my eyes take it all in and do a happy dance.


Do you see what I see?

A pumpkin patch!


Pumpkin Crossing!

I have passed this patch several times during the summer months, but the beautiful pumpkins are now in the process of being harvested, so I thought I should pull over and get some shots before they are all gone.

Nothing makes me smile more than a truck full of pumpkins rattling its way down the road.  My inner child starts to imagine all of the fun faces that will be carved for Halloween, and then images turn quickly to scents as I remember carving off the top (with cuts at an angle so the lid doesn’t fall in!) and using the big turkey stuffing spoon to scrape out all of the “punkin guts” inside.

Pumpkin seed roasting with seasoned salt.

Can you smell it?  Now fast forward to Halloween night with the candles glowing from within on front steps and porches.  The scorch of wax, candle flame and pumpkin.  I love this season!

I haven’t been up to the Cabin for a few weeks now, and as always, things are changing.


This sign makes my heart pound!


This is the view as I turn onto our road.

The deep and verdant green of this Virginia summer is beginning to fade toward yellow, and the hay has been cut, likely for the last time this year before winter comes.  I love the large round cylindrical bales just sitting in the freshly mown landscape.


Sunlight as the gate opens.


Yes.  Leaves are turning!

There was some sewing yesterday before dinner, but mostly just relaxing.  The partial shed you see there is to the point of having windows installed, and the roof is partway done.  Son Jeff is supposed to come up this weekend and help with the rest of the roofing.  Then the tarp will be gone.

I do have SEVERAL trail cam photos to share, and rather than do them all at once – I thought I’d just post a couple, saving the rest for “trail cam photo of the day” while I’m here for the next few days.


Um Yeah.  You.  Go away!

We have placed trail cams in very remote areas on the mountain, only accessible by ATV (or tons of steep hiking) and have invested in extra cards so they can be swapped out on occasion to see what activity has been going on.


Just sitting under the camera.  LOL.


Got an itch to scratch??

Taken before 5am on Monday the 18th.

As long as they stay AWAY from the cabin, I don’t mind. With more than 42 acres, there is plenty of room for them to stay on the OTHER side of the creek.


Last night’s View from my Hoop.

I moved the hoop ONCE last night, completing the section I left unfinished the last time I was here, and then completing the section I started last night.  This quilt will get done one hoop-full at a time.

I received word from Jeff that more Triangle Booty Rulers arrived yesterday after I left, and I have added another 100 Quiltville Eco Pouch Sets to the Quiltville Store.

I’m heading home most likely Monday, so anything ordered between now and then will ship upon my return home.

Things to do here:

Hang up the temporary design wall aka flannel backed tablecloths I picked up yesterday!  I want to dig into the Sugar Bowl Blocks in earnest now, and also work on this year’s Checkerboard Rails Leader & Ender Challenge now that the Hourglass quilt is done, except for binding.

I want to be surrounded by colorful blocks over the next several days!

Binding may also go on today on the Hourglass as well.

It’s a beautiful Wednesday up on the mountain.  What are YOUR plans for today?

A little bird told me there may be a Quiltmaker Gift-Away happening here on the blog TOMORROW, so be sure you come back and check it out then!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

We show our hearts with actions more than words. Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida. Give.

Smoky Mountain Stars quilt made for quilts of Valor by Marlys and shared during my visit to Boca Raton last week. The pattern is found under the free patterns tab.

After seeing all of these Smoky Mountain Stars quilts in Florida (Did you see them all in Monday's Slide show?) I have this idea of doing it with STRINGS and using the Simple Folded Corners Ruler.  Oh, Geeze...too many projects I want to do, and too little time!

But wouldn't THAT be a great sew-along??


  1. My country mom always called the round bales of hay....hay doodles. And if they're wrapped in white plastic, my husband calls them a marshmallow farm. Tee-hee.

  2. You truly show beauty around you and I love it. A country road and being aware of what you see gives me such peace in all the chaos of the world. The pumpkin field is awesome. Thank you for sharing your life with us and especially your quilting. Have a wonderful time at the cabin.

  3. Such beautiful scenery...thanks for sharing the photos. My son moved to Virginia a few year ago. I finally got out to see him in the spring and enjoyed the beauty then....but I think the next visit I do will be in the autumn....maybe next year.

  4. Yes, the Simple Foldedicated Corner Ruler would sure make those stars quicker to stitch. No waste triangles. I have 2 of them, lol. Beautiful Views in Virginia, except for the Big cat and Bear Happy walls of color sounds like a great idea with your blocks up to inspire.

  5. The hay bales always remind me of old fashioned shredded wheat cereal.

  6. Love your views, they are absolutely breathtaking! I love your Smoky Mountain Stars quilt and would be interested in how to change it. Have an awesome cabin time!

  7. Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy all the natural beauty that surrounds you :0)
    Happy Sewing, I'm going to bind a quilt today after doing some house cleaning for company :0)

  8. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I understand the feeling of needing to get more done. I'm already 71 and even though I'm retired, I can't sew nonstop. So many projects that need to be finished. Having said that, I'm looking forward to the mystery this year.

  9. Quilt Villa looks like heaven to me.

    I am ordering the new rulers....I am thinking we might be using them for the next mystery! :)


    sao in Midlothian, VA

  10. I this time of year as well. The strings quilt idea with the stars would be a GREAT sew along! It's always easier to keep motivated on projects if you're doing them with someone else. :)

  11. Your home away looks wonderful! As long as them bears stay away!

  12. I love seeing your photos! Thanks for sharing them. Smokey Mountain Stars makes a great Quilt of Valor!

  13. How do I get to quilt friends on Facebook. The blue banner is gone that I use to usealso having a hard time making a cimment

  14. Just to let you know my daughter Heather and her family were able to fly out of Puerto Rico today. I hope your Aunt and Uncle will be home soon as well.

  15. Thank you for your post today. It didn't come direct to me today as it usually does, so had to go in search for it, but it was worth it. Hope it was just a freak for today only. Love your pictures and your sharing your wonderful life with us. It makes me stop & think each day what could I share of my life today that would make someone else's life a happier day as you do mine. Someone else posted the "star" yesterday but it was under a different name, had no idea you had one. I look at all your patterns, and just drool, because I am a very slow quilter, and my mind & wants accumulate a lot faster than my fingers can work. I really connected with Susie L comment this morning. Enjoy your time at home away from home, be safe. Thanks again for the picture tour.

  16. Love when you share going to the cabin photos with us. Like taking the ride along with you. Fall is coming ... for sure ' cause it comes every year. But am l ready for it or what! You bet.
    Think your idea of doing the star quilt in atrings is inspired...you jus HAVE to do it. 😃
    Enjoy your time at the cabin... drive safe.. and!!!! BTW where is SADIE?

  17. How do you do it? So amazing but woman you make me tired! LOL I enjoy your journeys and all your quilts! You are definitely an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your life, Va is beautiful! Coming from a woman who lives in two season Texas!!!!!

  18. Love your view from the hoop quilt :)))


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