Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day Give-Away Winner!

Oh my! So many wonderful stories, some funny, some heart wrenching, some showing such strong women of selfless courage who deserve a lot of appreciation in return.

If I had my way I’d send a free copy to everyone! But we did this the old fashioned way and drew a random name instead!

And The Winner Is ----

Christy! ((No last name but she did include an email address))

She wrote:

My mother, of course. After all, she is the one who dragged me to quilt shops as a kid and when, after five or six years of being toted along, I saw a fabric I couldn't live without...well naturally, she bought it for me.

She also helped me draft out a log cabin pattern and figure how much fabric I would need to make it. She is the one responsible and accountable for sharing with me what is now a passion for both of us.

We now do annual shop hops together. The one year I couldn't be with her (I was teaching in Alaska and she was in New York), I called all the shops on the hop she would be visiting with another of our friends. I arranged to have a gift certificate waiting for her at each of the nine shops.

At the last one (our favorite shop too), I called as she was there and told her I love her and couldn't wait to do the next one together.

My mom's name is Charlene and she is also my best friend.
Thanks for such a great give-away idea!

Christy, this story has me all teary-eyed! Sheesh, can I be your mom too? LOL! Please email me at Quiltville@gmail.com and include a special note to your mom that I can send with the book, along with your mom’s address and I’ll get it on it’s way to her! I'm hoping you can do this right away as I need to have it packaged up before I leave for Texas in the morning.

I spent some time today, in between the packing and repacking in getting ready for Texas tomorrow, editing the photos from my Antique Mall Hop!

lexingtonva_2011 028

Well, I lost my marbles LONG AGO --- but I found them in Lexington! LOL! However, I still have not found my bluetooth ear thing for my phone. Sleepy smile

lexingtonva_2011 027

And Look!!! I did find my favorite Partridge Family Lunch Box!! OH, I loved this lunch box when I was a kid. I really thought they should ditch Tracy, and let ME play the part on the TV show. I was cuter, and had much more personality and could play that tambourine much better…LOL! ((These are the fantasies of a typical 3rd grade girl back then!)) Even that bus looks patchworky! Do you think this has had any influence on me as a quilter? Who knows!

lexingtonva_2011 013

One of the booths had bags and purses and other travel type items, and I saw these, instantly thinking how nice they would be as a “busy bag” carry along for sewing supplies on travels. I liked the pink one. Rolling on the floor laughing I didn’t get it…but I am always on the look out for fun stuff to travel with.

So on to the photos! I saw a LOT of humble lumpy quilts. And I know I am drawn to RED…always red. What can I say! My fave is the one with the equalateral triangles set in a “Jack’s Chain” kind of setting. You’ll know it when you see it!

There was also an AMAZING redwork with such detail….and I loved this flying geese style strippy…the hand quilting on it was phenomenal but like many of those old red prints with the black detail on them…the blacks have disintegrated the fabric leaving holes in the red. Still, it was a treat to see all of these. There are some pics of machines I was amazed with too…fun details, and also some coverlets, which I love! Enjoy!

There were too many photos to show ALL the thumbnails on the page, so you’ve gotta click the side show to view them all! I was a bit photo happy, but isn’t that honey-comb/jack’s chain variation above AWESOME?!

Happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one!


  1. What a great win for her! Your slide show of the vintage quilts was lovely, thanks for sharing and a very happy V day to you

  2. BONNIE! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) I just sent you a message with my mom's address. As promised in the email, I also just called her and she got teary-eyed too. I was going to try to make her wait till the book arrived to see what my entry is....but I couldn't! She loved it and is very excited to be inspired by your creativity! Oh, and this is my first win EVER on a blog! Thank you again for being so generous and sharing this. I can't tell you how much it means to us.

  3. You really hit the antique shop jackpot! What a great bunch of quilts. And that machine with the ROSE on it. That machine needs to live at my house.
    Great giveaway. I'm glad Cheryl got it, what a great story she told.

  4. Bonnie, I'm really interested in the red and white block that is shown in picture #39 of your slide show. Do you know the name of that block? I don't think I've seen it before. At least if I have, it hasn't struck me like this one did. Thanks

  5. Sherri, I tried to reply to you but you don't have your email address visible so I can't do it that way. The block is called Queen Charlotte's Crown. It's a traditional old block. :c)


  6. The machine in #10, the Singer Portable, is just like the one I had, I had inherited as the only one in the family that sewed when my Great Aunt Ethel passed away, it was lost in a move about 20 years ago! Oh...even though that thing weighed a ton it sewed nice!!

  7. Love that lunch box! Did it come home with you? If not, I WANT IT! I know the perfect person to give it to!

  8. Bonnie, Thanks for the info on the Queen Charlotte's Crown block. I only have a Google Gmail account, and I don't know how to put the settings so that you can see the email address so you can respond to me. Do you know how? I saw you instruction for blogger, but I don't have one of those accounts.

  9. Did any of those fabulous things come home with you? The quilts were amazing...especially the red-work one....wow! And I would have been sorely tempted to get the jar of marbles....how fun to just look at!

    Have a safe trip to Texas!

  10. Congrats to Christy and her Mom!
    Nice pics of antique quilts and machines, thanks for sharing.
    That's a lot of marbles for one person to lose, lol! While my mother was in a nursing home, her house was burglarized. Among the things that were taken was a big jar full of marbles. I guess I can use that as an excuse for losing my marbles!

  11. When I click to watch the slideshow I get a page that wants me to download some Windows application. I use a Mac. The Windows thing doesn't work for me. Help!

  12. Bonnie - I don't know why but I felt compelled to tell you that my family calls that 'thing' an ear bobble. The bluetooth ear piece for your phone? Ob yes, ear bobbles all around my friend! LOLOLOL HAHAHA ;cDD

  13. Congrats to Christy and her mom!

    Thanks for sharing the antiques, Bonnie. So many nice ones, but I especially liked the 3 shots of the Irish Chain variation in shirt prints. Hmmmm, can't help but wonder if we might see that in Scraps & Shirttails 3! :)

  14. Oh Bonnie! I am *so* jealous! and happy for you, too. I absolutely love the Partridge Family lunchbox. It was my favorite when I was in 3rd grade, too.


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