Saturday, February 19, 2011

Texas, Day 4!

What a turn out we had for the lecture in Ft Worth yesterday! I loved it so much! I got to meet MORE folks that I seem to have known forever via our blogs and the quiltvillechat@yahoogroups.com email list and facebook! This is just so wonderful in every way that I can think of!

Yesterday was also my “afternoon off” and after a great lunch at Charlestons, ((And the best Rueben sandwich I have had in a long while!)) We headed out to discover some quilt shops!

We were able to hit two really good ones!

Here is a pic from The Cabbage Rose:

dentontx2011 001

Want to know the first thing I honed in on? I bet you can’t guess….right there in the picture above, can you see it?

If you guessed THIS, you are right:

dentontx2011 002

CINDERELLA?!??? Oh, wouldn’t I love a cutie vintage machine just like this named Cinderella!

Did I buy fabric? Yep. Just a few pieces….they had a bin of FQs that were marked down $1.75.

From there we loaded back up in the two cars, and off we went and found ourselves stuck in MILES AND MILES of THIS:

dentontx2011 003

Did I mention before how much I HATE TRAFFIC!? We were not moving here at all. Stand still. for MILES. It was 2:30pm. ((?!?!?!))

We finally got past the 3 day holiday weekend early take off traffic ((I had forgotten it is a 3 day weekend this weekend!)) and we arrived at Quilt Country!

dentontx2011 004

Isn’t this a GREAT mural!? Saska got pics of us both in front of it, and if I can scam them from her blog later I’ll post them Rolling on the floor laughing

dentontx2011 005

Here is a peek inside! I found a diagonal orange stripe, thanks to Saska for something crazy like $2.99 a yard in the way marked down stuff. Got plans for this orange stripe, oh yes I do! I also bought a few background pieces…there wasn’t what I wanted in the FQs, so I found myself buying 1/3 yard cuts instead. I often do that…..a 12” X 44” wide piece is sometimes better when using strips than an 18” X 22” piece. Don’t you just feel so inspired by rows and rows of rainbow colors? I love seeing this! In the pic is my faithful driver…she has been hauling me back and forth from Denton to Ft Worth and back again over the past couple days.

I don’t have the fabric purchases with me….they became “packing material” as I shipped the leftover books home via fed ex yesterday to lighten my load a bit!

We also had to make a Texas Pit Stop……aka…BRAUM'S!

dentontx2011 006

It might be CULVERS when I hit the midwest, but in Texas, it’s Braum’s! We had one in Waxahachie that I just loved when I lived here….and I had to get my old standby---a frozen yogurt “Mix” with butterfinger bits…MMMM!

I spent the evening just kicking back in my hotel. It might have been 7pm but it was JAMMIE TIME!

dentontx2011 007

Quilt from the demo back in my lap…Uggs on my feet ((Yes, quite the fashion statement with jammies I know!!)) Working away on hexies while watching episodes of CSI on USA…..NICE!

dentontx2011 008

Got this section ready to add! I’ve attached it at one end so far, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to do more.

dentontx2011 009

This will be what I’m aiming to do tonight after we finish our Virginia Bound workshop with the Denton Guild today!

My time in Texas is drawing to a close…hard to believe I’m flying out tomorrow!


  1. LOL I think we all "watch" the same shows when we are quilting and piecing - I had USA on for awhile, then switched to two other channels that had the same type of shows on until my hubby got home at 10:30 from work - he asked what was I watching and I said NCIS when it had actually been Criminal Minds and I hadn't even realized it. - Goes to show I just need background noise :)

  2. Pop into the Pourhouse for lunch and meet my son Nicholas tell him his mom sent you in..
    he's a wonderful son and loves it when I send people to meet him.

  3. Wow! You certainly know how to make the best use of your time! How do you manage to keep your energy levels up?

  4. safe travels..love the mural...touch base when you can...a Cinderella machine..oh yes...ME lol

  5. Get home safe...looks like you had a great time in Texas!

  6. You are the queen of multitasking, Bonnie :-)
    Wish you a safe trip home, and happy sewing on the way ;o)
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Love those UGG "slippers" you look so cozy and relaxed........just the thing at the end of the day being "on" all day.......honestly how do you do it?
    Happy sewing and safe travels.....

    Ever think to take a permanent marker and jot in the seams of your projects where you are when working on them? It would be fun to look at before you close the quilt up...do you think the printing would last the life of the quilt?

  8. Oh, the mural is to "die" for. Wish i could get someone to paint one of those on the side of my garage! Well, it's not as if (we are from utah and my hubby is a UTE sports NUT)don't already have a 12 foot "U" that lights up mounted on the one side of the garage!

    I always love living vicariously thru your fun quilting adventures!


  9. I have two pair of Uggs.
    Some nice gray ones and a pair of short light pink that I just love to wear around the house.
    BUT....I feel as if I should be wearing stretch pants with the sewn in crease down the front! HA!
    have a safe trip home.
    XOXOXOXO Subee

  10. I love seeing the progress on the hexies. I can't wait to see how you finish the edges as I am still looking for a finish binding/edging for mine. Happy traveling.

  11. I love 'traveling' with you! I really LOVE the mural! Thanks so much!
    Here is something you may enjoy:

    Hugs from afar

  12. wow! Quilt Country and Cabbage Rose! my favorite places when I get to the Metroplex!

  13. HI Bonnie Cakes! I was the one who came and greeted you on the stage in Fort Worth, at the Trinity Valley Quilt guild...your lecture and quilts are fabulous!! Thank you so much...hmmmm....I have been cutting for two of the quilts in your newest book already!!


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