Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bear Creek Quilt Guild Fun!

Today was the Cathedral Stars Workshop with the Bear Creek Quilt Guild in Keller, TX!

We met in an annex building to the church where the guild holds it’s guild meetings, a place called Hallelujah House. The house has several large rooms that have been used for meeting areas and class rooms and we filled 3 of the rooms and put them to good use!

bearcreekquiltguild_2011 010

My pictures left a LOT to be desired today…I couldn’t get a clear non-blurry shot to save my life, so you’ll have to put up with a lot of hand waving and woopsies! But I think you can see that we were all having a great time! This was the center room, and we hung the quilt in here for reference. See the big windows? The sun came and went all day like it couldn’t make up its mind! And you can bet there was lots of talk of the ice and snow that put Texas to a standstill just a couple weeks ago. Usually when it snows here, it is gone by noon the next day, but the storm that happened as I was returning home from Louisiana kept the kids out of school for 4 days straight. That’s a record for as far back as anyone can remember! Needless to say, we were happy for sun. Sun

bearcreekquiltguild_2011 007

Back room with a bunch of quilters sewing away! More light from these windows…look out the back and see a corral with horses. Yep! It’s Texas! I hopped from room to room to room and back, catching bits of conversation and lots of laughter and sharing of ideas, projects and lives. I love being a part of groups of creative women! There is never a dull moment…

bearcreekquiltguild_2011 008

Front room with much sewing going on! And also much blurriness from activity! Hard to get quilters to sit still while snapping action photos! Rolling on the floor laughing

Don’t you love it when someone brings some cool gadget or idea to share, and it opens up all kinds of possibilities?

One of the quilters brought a zippered CD case….look at this! you probably have something like this sitting at home:

bearcreekquiltguild_2011 031

It has a handle for easy carrying, a zipper that holds everything enclosed…unzip the zipper and:

bearcreekquiltguild_2011 030

The small pockets are perfect for small templates, small patterns and directions, photos, etc!

bearcreekquiltguild_2011 032

The larger, longer rulers fit well in the lower CD pockets….and can overlap the upper ones. The pockets will hold templates and rulers up to 4.5” wide, and up to 10” long! Rulers 6” or wider won’t fit IN the pockets, but they are easily stored between the pocket pages and zipped into place when the CD carrier is closed.

Don’t you see possibilities in this? I thought it was a great idea to keep everything in one place for quilting-on-the-go!

So here you go, the slide show of the blocks created and the fun we had!

And see THESE little “Storm At Sea” parts?! Look how small they are!!

bearcreekquiltguild_2011 026

Rachel was using these from a pre-cut Ricky Timms kit as her Leaders & Enders while piecing her Cathedral Stars blocks! I can’t wait to see how both of her quilts turn out! Leaders & Enders DO work…whole quilts can be made in the simple process of starting and ending your chain piecing by simply sewing two quilt pieces right sides together……..which quilt are YOU going to build between the lines? In love

Thursday? I’m up early and headed to Denton for a Virginia Bound workshop with the Denton Quilt Guild!


  1. Wow! looks like everyone was have a high ol' time!


  2. Love the ideas of the CD case. You sure do get to travel to some fun and neat places/groups. Livin' the dream. :-)

  3. You are covering a lot of ground! Where are you staying?

  4. I love the bee's,once a month I'm quilting in a bee, and every time I learn something new.What a great idea,the CD-case.
    I'm working now on a quilt about the little caterpillar to play on for my new nephew.
    He will be born end March and I have a lot of work to do yet.

  5. Leaders and enders rule!

  6. How fun! Brings back memories of the Cathedral Stars class I took with you last year *smile*
    I have to get organized with a new leaders/enders project...you are so right about being able to make another project...just have to be more organized.

  7. Hey Bonnie, you forgot to mention you drew the winner of our RAFFLE quilt and how you were a co-conspirator with the winner!!! Also, I think you're doing a workshop in Ft. Worth today..isn't Denton Sat.?!!! HAHAHA

  8. Looks like lots of fun...my L/E is a blue and white sting quilt for my DH....

  9. i enjoy your post, you (as they say) have a way with words! i think you need a travel assistant, someone to carry bags and quilts, fetch tea and BBQ.....just saying. :>)

  10. Anonymous11:22 AM EST

    I read about your Leaders and Enders............I don't know what you're talking about. Sorry to be so dumb...........

  11. My Leaders/Enders project are Crumb blocks. At first they didn't interest me since I am not a random person and they are very spontaneous but I have a lot of small scraps and a waste not attitude, so I tried making a block. Now I'm hooked! Sometimes my leader-ender blocks are more interesting to me than my main project!

  12. Looks really neat those L/E I will have to check them out. I love the Cathedral Srar Quilt.

  13. It seems that you all have a wonderful time quilting together!

  14. I Just love love that idea...what a handy tool that most of already have...a cd case, who would have ever guessed...Ok, off to pull a few of mine and put something into them....and safe trip my dear where ever your travels take you...pssst...a baby GO giveway is at my place..did you want ONE lol

  15. Love this quilt! I've been working on mine for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, I have to work on it between class samples but it's half-way done. Sounds like you had a great time!


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