Thursday, February 24, 2011

So many picutres, so little time!

It’s well after 10pm here in Germany as I write this, after a very very full day!

We started the morning out with a visit to Birgit’s quilt shop, followed by a stop at an antique store for some browsing, and yes I found some goodies! ((And took lots of pictures)) and then to the bakery for some lunch items and goodies ((and yes I took more pictures!))

And then we were off to Ludwigsburg to visit the castlle—fabulous tour! It took more than 1.5 hours, and we got to go through more than 65 rooms!

By the time we got back to Aby’s house, there was just barely a chance for a little rest and a bite of dinner, and then we were off to visit with the schoenaich quilt guild…what a great time we had! I was so nervous. My German is pretty limited (to about 10 words, maybe!!) but we had some translating going on, and you know, Quilting is a universal language right? We all enjoyed each other very much and I’ll be spending the day with them tomorrow!

Since this is a quicky post….I thought I’d send in a couple fun ones! What was the first thing that Aby and I did upon my arrival? Dropped off my bags, headed to the grocery store to stock up on Ritter Sport bars to take home to the guys, and treat ourselves to some gelato in the mal!! LOL! ((You know this girl will never pass up any ice cream of any kind!))


Aby with her wild berry concoction!


And myself with some butter rum cookie crunch thing that was so un-believably good!

Seriously. I have been taking pictures left and right, and find myself with no time to edit everything down! By the time we get back to the house, I’ve got 100 emails to go through……contacting family, etc, and I’m so tired I can scarcely keep my eyes open!

Tomorrow is no different, we have the second Cathedral Stars class, and then a lecture/trunkshow in the evening. Here I thought I’d be posting left and right with cool things, but likely I’ll have to catch up when I get home!

I trust that you are all well and good and quilting away…and I’ll be back in touch as soon as there is a spare moment to post more In love


  1. Oh Bonnie just enjoy your time over there...I know that the quilters there are having fun seeing your quilts!

  2. Bonnie - Bonnie - Bonnie - tend to business and have yourself a really fun time. We will wait patiently for your return to see all the wonderful pictures. Only problem we would ever have, was if you decided to stay there. LoL so enjoy, JudyCnNC

  3. Quilting is an International Language.
    I am sure they love you.
    Stay safe and warm.

  4. I'm glad you're having so much great fun... I'll look forward to the photos when you're home again! Take care...

  5. I hope you have a great time here in Germany and take with you many memories.
    Please send Birgit Kaller from my German Quilt Guild a heartly and warm greeting from me. Perhaps you remember this post!
    Happy time


  6. Sounds like you are having a great time. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  7. I'm glad that you are enjoying your visit! Learn a few more German quilting words...and don't worry about show & tell till you get back home.

  8. Good to see your big smile......I'm just making some of your potato soup on this cold winter day in NY......have a great time, get some rest and leave those darn emails until you get home!

    Happy sewing

  9. Isn't the ice cream grand overthere. I love the light cookie they include. Are your ears buzzing, over on the quilting board.com you are getting high compliments on the class you gave in CA. The mystery quilt.

  10. yummy deserts!! have a fun time - you must be way too busy for e mails

  11. Good morning Bonnie,
    thanks for the wonderful trunk show wednesday evening and the great class yesterday. The girls enjoyed it very much. I was too tired to post photos on my blog about the first 2 days with you but from my blog I have linked to Lisa, Karol-Ann and Karen. They posted about their first impressions
    Let's start a new day with Bonnie - see you in a few minutes

  12. In a little more than three hours I'll be on my way. Can't wait ! See you tonight !

  13. I see you're having a wonderful time in Germany, when will you come to Spain? have a nice time.

  14. Oh, what a grand time you are having. And you are correct, any time is ice cream time. Looking forward to seeing all your pics when you have time. Enjoy your time. What a memory!

  15. Is the ice cream better than Braum's?? How fun and enjoy your time.

    Cherry limeade flurry made with sprite...MMMM.



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