Saturday, February 26, 2011

A little bit of spring!

On Tuesday, Aby and I went to visit downtown Stuttgart….including a little walk about through the market place….we barely made it in time, as this was the cold cold day, and the market was folding up by 1pm…

But there was a little bit of hope for spring everywhere….especially in the array of potted and blooming bulbs that were on display!

stuttgart2011 018

You’d never know it was freezing outside by the look of these beauties, would you?

stuttgart2011 019

These were so lovely to see, and the hyacinths were so fragrant! One of the things I love about Europe is the “normal” indulgence of having fresh flowers in the home just because they are pretty. I don’t do this often enough for myself, but I think I should! When was the last time you brought in some flowers just because they made you smile? Rolling on the floor laughing

stuttgart2011 020

Here is a bit of the market place with some of the stands set up. Don’t you just love those buildings?! I love the clay tile roofs..

stuttgart2011 022

There was also a display of wonderfully different jams and jellies……take a close look at the labels and the lids:

stuttgart2011 023

Though it was so cold out, the sun had started to break through the clouds, and you can see how it is so beautiful shining THROUGH the jars! Aren’t those lids fun?

stuttgart2011 024

The indoor market close by had wonderful breads

stuttgart2011 025

And Cheeses!!

stuttgart2011 026

And slabs of hand made chocolate! I love the white one with the cranberries!

stuttgart2011 027

Aren’t these beautiful? All kinds with or without fruit or nuts added!

stuttgart2011 028

Packaged beautifully for gift giving! Although….I had to decline myself as my bags are already at weight limit ((A good excuse, eh?!?))

There is so much to see and do, and not enough time to do it all, but it has been a dream to be here!

I finished the second Cathedral Stars workshop today, and we have a trunkshow with the Black Forest Quilters tonight! The adventure continues!

PS..if you didn't get yesterday's post, you'll want to click back to it and leave your comment on that post to be in the drawing for Cheryl Lynch's Fiesta Quilts! I'll be drawing for that freebie when I return home from the states!


  1. Bonnie, thank you a glimpse of Germany!! Have fun, dear lady, and just enjoy!!

  2. Unfortunately, I didn't make it last night to your talk. :( I was going to, but I got out of work as your talk was starting, and I live not quite two hours from there. *sigh*

    However, I love your pictures of the market. I too LOVE the markets - getting fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers, honey from the beekeeper, meat and eggs from the butchers/farmers, etc.

    During the summer, my husband and I go down to the market early in the morning, scope it out, buy danishes from a baker, some fruit from a fruit vendor, and eat breakfast while watching the hustle and bustle of the market. Oh, and the last time I bought myself flowers just because was in one of those markets last September - they had beautiful bouquets pre-made and it cost me a whopping 4 Euro or something like that. No roses or typical flowers in it, but a few sunflowers and other random flowers. It lasted quite some time, although I wasn't quite thrilled to discover it had a few little garden bugs that hitched a ride into my house on it...

  3. Love markets, I would have my bag or basket and just the smells are fantastic. I love the way the florist arrange their flowers, simple but elegant. Yes, you do need to buy flowers for yourself.

  4. Lovely photos... almost like being there! I love outdoor markets and homemade goodness... and the flowers! Just beautiful...

  5. When I lived in Germany I bought flowers all the time...I think part of it was the long winter. I miss the great European breads. Maybe I'll make some today! Enjoy and travel home safe...

  6. I would not have been able to resist that chocolate heaven.

  7. You must be having an awesome time.
    The flowers are gorgeous and I would have to throw out some undies or something to get some of that chocolate in.
    Have fun!

  8. Thank you ever so much for the tour ... I really wish the flowers and bulbs were here in my house right now ... -7 degrees this morning, blah! :) Enjoy all your moments!!

  9. Love all your photos, Bonnie! The flowers and chocolate look wonderful. Too bad you can't bring some home with you. Oh well, at least you have the photos. Enjoy the rest of your visit. Safe travels home.

  10. I love these pictures. We lived in Stuttgart in '73 and '74 while my husband was working at the university. I have relatives in several other cities in Germany, Austria and Hungary and hope to get back some day!

  11. I love to see the market place. The chocolate looks so interesting ;-) I can see that you have fun!

  12. Thanks for sharing your photos of the market place!! The flowers are beautiful and the chocolate has made me crave for some!!

  13. the chocolate has me drooling. how did you pass it up? LOL What a wonderful time you are having.


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