Friday, February 11, 2011

From Trash—to Treasure—for Trash!

I love goodies! Especially quilt-related-recycled-item goodies!

While teaching at the Road to California Quilt show last month, I was the happy recipient of a re-purposed trash holder made from an empty square kleenex box! Oh, it was the cutest thing!!

And truth be told, I don’t think she intended to gift it to me, just that I kept fawning over it and making puppy dog faces about how CUTE it was, and how I could sure USE something that folded FLAT like that!

Chris was an absolute doll and I received her little foldable trash keeper as a birthday gift!

roadtocalif2011 094

Here is my cutie in a beautiful hand dye! Can you see the velcro closures? BRILLIANT!

roadtocalif2011 095

And here is the cutie on it’s side with the velcro flap open—it is easy to dump the stuff out once it reaches “full!”

And just because Chris is such a super gal, she has uploaded the tutorial to her blog, Weekend Wisdom! I love love love the fabric she has used in her tutorial, it’s the pic you see at the very beginning of this post above!

A pic I lifted from Chris's blog of the two of us together at Road!

Go on and give her a visit and let her know you were sent there from Quiltville! If you make yourself a little trash box using her tutorial, I’m sure she’d love to see a picture of what you came up with.

The sun is shining brilliantly this morning…..but it is chilly chilly! The frost is glistening on my deck and the gazebo roof over my hottub….I love how it sparkles like diamonds, but I’m not exactly all fired up to get out there and finish loading the car for my trip to Lexington!

I’ve gotta make a post office run first…that is hogging the space in the car right now, and then come back and load up the trunk show and get on my way!

Will there be time for antique malls today? Maybe! I did get notice from several people that the quilt shop I am thinking of has closed. BUMMER! I never made it there, and now it’s closed!

I’m packing my machine and a bin of strings and hope to do more piecing in the hotel room after the Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop tomorrow…and I don’t have to check out of the hotel until Noon on Sunday, so I might find myself piecing in my jammies before driving home too!

If you don’t hear from me for a couple days, you’ll know why ---Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks for the link to Chris's tutorial for the folding trash bin. It is just in time to make a few for a class I am going to in April at the International Quilt Festival.

  2. Love it... it's PERFECT and I'm gonna have to make that happen soon!

  3. Thanks for the link. I'll have to share that idea with my quilt guild. Quilters are the ultimate recyclers!

  4. Do we just meet the cleverest of wonderful folks on the web?
    Adorable Chris! thanks for sharing it with us.

    Safe travels Bonnie...
    have fun spreading the joy of quilting.

  5. I love this! What a great idea. Thank you Chris for the great tutorial to make one of our own.


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