Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quilt Show Wednesday!

I was emailing back and forth with my editor Jenifer talking about different book things! One of the things we were talking about was the “Directions At A Glance”, a brilliant idea she had for Scraps & Shirttails II that turned out JUST super…

Here is what the directions at a glance look like:

bookcovers 001

Those of us who have been quilting a while, don’t need all the wordy descriptions, but a short-cut-quickie glance gives us the info at hand to guide each step!

I received an email from Charon who writes:

I also wanted to tell you that the "Directions at a glance" in your new book is genius. I propped it up on a cookbook stand right by the machine and it makes it so easy to make sure that the little parts are turned the correct way. Love it! I sure hope that you use it again.

Have a great day!

Charon in Tennessee

Charon, I sent your comment to Jenifer and she is thrilled that you like it, she said she has been on pins & needles waiting for reactions and hoping they would be good rather than bad! We never know what the reaction will be when we put something new in print, and I’m glad you like this one! I like it too, and yes we will use this format again!

SO back to Jenifer! Not only is she my editor and my friend, but a Kansas City Star author herself!

She writes a blog called Forty-Two Quilts, and once a week she is doing a “Quilt Show Wednesday” Where you can email in your photos of your own quilts and she will showcase them on her blog!

And, tada! Since today is Wednesday, she asked me if I would share a quilt with you! Head on over to Forty-Two Quilts and view the quilts and see which one I chose! ((**Hint** You know how I love my tri-recs rulers?!? GUESS!)) Pop on over and enjoy the show and tell, and be sure to leave a note that Bonnie sent you!


  1. Love directions like this I don't do written ones very well !!pics work better for me....

  2. Bonnie, it IS a brilliant idea. I can certainly see the reasoning behind it clearly. I've not yet seen the book, but now I know how much more it is of interest to me. Thanks for sharing this little tidbit of information. ~karen

  3. I've been doing some block testing and have to tell you the things I like most are the intended block size (can't believe how many leave that off) and a layout (like your at a glance) that can be interperted in other sizes later.

    good for you to be looking out for us visual quilters. cw

  4. I think this was a brilliant idea and something I have been wanting a long time. I currently make little simplified drawings, colored in with pencils, to go with my patterns that just show the placements and pieces. I left a comment on Jenifer's blog. Loved her quilt show. Judy C

  5. I am a visual learner so quick pictures are great. It is just what I need.

  6. I went over to Jenifer's blog and was glad to see Smith Mountain Morning quilt. That is my next scrappy project, I love the tri-rec ruler. I plan to add some log cabin house blocks into it somehow.
    Hope that you are enjoying Germany.

  7. Oh what a great idea those directions at a glance are! I love that idea!

  8. I don't have the book yet but I can see that I will like the "Directions at a Glance". I'm a visual thinker, as I suspect most quilters are, which is why this format works well for me.

  9. Glad you are having a great time in Germany - so am I, just a few 100km further North... Love your 'directions at a glance'! Enjoy more German hospitality and safe travels!

  10. I have the new book and noticed the directions at a glance. Looks like a great idea to me!

  11. I love this, Bonnie!! Just fabulous!!!

  12. Hello Bonnie, I just discovered this website two days ago. I have been a quilter since 1980 but my focus became pre-1950 quilt history and quilt making took a back seat to my research. However, I do make a quilt once in a great while but seldom larger than a crib quilt. My last (completled) was 2002 for my only granddaughter. Thanks to your introduction in your above post to Jenifer's Forty-Two Quilts blog and her "Quilt Show Wednesday", I decided to enter my most recent project using someone else's left over pieces (some pieced, some not). Jenifer tells me it will be included in this week's Wednesday Quilt Show. What fun! My creativity is usually expressed through writing on my quilt history blogs: Quilt History Report and The Quilters Hall of Fame blog. Keep up the good work of spreading the good news about what quilts mean to our communities, our families and to the creative spirit within all women (and men)! Blessings, KarenQuilt


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