Friday, February 18, 2011

Oklahoma Backroads with Trinity Valley!

One of the things I don’t MISS about Texas? THE TRAFFIC!! Luckily this traffic was headed in the opposite direction, FROM Ft Worth toward Dallas, and we were headed the other way, from Keller to Ft Worth! Smile with tongue out

I spent yesterday enjoying an Oklahoma Backroads workshop with the Trinity Valley Quilt Guild in Ft Worth!

What a fun group of ladies!

This quilt is a GREAT one for cleaning out….((Am I ever done cleaning out? Seems every quilt is destined to purpose all that weird stuff, and boy is it fun!))

This quilt came about for me in an effort to use a bunch of 2.5” squares, and 2.5” X 4.5” bricks…..as the rule goes….when you can’t shut the container anymore it’s TIME to find a pattern to USE THEM!

My challenge to the ladies was to dig and dig deep, and boy did we laugh over some of the fabrics that had lingered long and been un-earthed!

For instance…Can YOU name this PRESIDENT?!

Trinity Valley Guild Ft Worth TX_2011 020

I was thinking NIXON, but I was told I was wrong, but we really couldn’t come up with who this guy is?! Still --- Isn’t this a fun block for putting strange things together for lots of interest?

I took lots of pics….I just loved seeing how the quilts were growing from one block to many, and each block that was added to the layout made it look better and better and better! This is one of those quilts where contrast and value is key…

Have some fun flipping through the photos!

When the workshop was over, I was shuttled to Denton for dinner with a few guild ladies before my meeting with the Denton Quilt guild! A great night for a lecture and trunkshow, and then BACK to Ft Worth where I am giving a morning lecture and trunkshow today!

This afternoon? We’ve got some quilt shops and hopefully an antique mall on the agenda! Hard to believe how fast the time is flying here.

I had the privilege of meeting with Saska who drove down from Oklahoma! 4.5 HOURS worth of driving to come down and see the lecture last night…and staying for tomorrow’s Virginia Bound workshop! Lots of tight hugs and laughter and tears, we’ve known each other online for many years but this is the first time we’ve met in person.

I am convinced again and again and again what a strong bond quilters share. My life wouldn’t be the same without you. I wouldn’t be doing this without you. Every day is constantly renewed and enriched by this life we share…

Yep, it’s not a hobby….it is who we are!

Have a great ((what day is this again?? oh yeah!)) Friday y’all! Time is flying fast, and I can't believe in a few days I'll be in GERMANY!


  1. I get tired just reading about your travel agenda!

    I think the president is Warren G. Harding... do I win a prize???


  2. Texas has really grown and you are so right! The traffic is outrageous! I'll be heading up to the Ft. Worth area in a couple of weeks to my old hometown, which has also grown up considerably (the reason I left!). Glad you are having a good time. The blocks came out great! ~karen

  3. It looks like Harry Truman to me. I love the slideshow. It makes me feel almost like I was in the class.

  4. Oh, Bonnie!
    I can´t believe it! I know you go to Germany but I´m so far away from Stuttgart...
    Well someday I can meet you somewhere....
    Hope so. I´m a big fan of your work!
    Happy quilting

  5. I see the next quilt on my agenda --- ha! it's going on a very long list --- but I love all those different fabrics and recognize many of them from my stash --- along with my "one armed" shirts! Wow! quite a travel schedule. Enjoy Germany!

  6. I think it's William McKinley but that's a guess. Great quilts from these dug deep fabrics

  7. Hi, Bonnie,
    The president looks like Warren Harding to me; if not him, it might be William McKinley. It's hard to tell from the small picture. (Does your saying, 'if it's still ugly, it's not cut small enough' apply here?)

  8. I drive from Denton to Dallas all the time to visit my son in Euless Texas. I drive from Omaha. I wish I was driving for you. I love your travel journals. Got your book, I am happy happy happy.

  9. http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents My vote is it's Harding. It's not a striking resemblance to any of the presidents though! At least you can narrow it down to the last century from the suit/tie. So, probably 26th president on. McKinley is the 25th and he has a very strong cleft in his chin, so I don't think it's him....

  10. That President IS Warren G. Harding. Trust me.
    Linda in Southern Illinois

  11. I always read your posts, don't always comment cause sometimes what I wanted to say has been said a bunch already. I really just wanted to say how much I love the slide shows. Everyone makes me want to make more of your quilts.
    Got some shirts from the local Goodwill and I have a bunch of scraps I am going to organize them as you talked about when you came to the guild I belong to.

  12. Those blocks could have been from my scraps, I counted at least 25 fabrics that had or still have.

  13. I thought it looked like Walter Cronkite!

  14. Those blocks are so pretty. I need to cut up some scraps and fill my little boxes up. I have a basket and a box full of them. I wonder how mnay quilts are in there. Have fun in Germany!

  15. Checked out president's pictures, it is William Mckinley.

  16. I wish I had know you were going to be in Denton Texas my son owns a restaurant up there in Denton it is called the PourHouse it is a high end sprots grill He would have got the biggest kick out of a bunch of quilting ladies being there.

  17. ... and "Germany" is waiting for you!!!
    We all are so much looking forward to meet you next week over here. Bring a warm sweater - it is still cold, the temperatures are only in the 40's.
    But we will give you a very warm welcome :-)
    Greetings from Stuttgart! Conny

  18. Looks like Warren Harding to me!
    Really love your slide shows, and appreciate that you show what students are doing with your patterns.

  19. I think, like Tina posted above that it looks like Walter Cronkite! Funny that I'm not the only one who thought so! I had to laugh when I saw her post.

  20. Here's another that thought that guy looks like Walter Cronkite!
    I enjoy your slide shows from classes, they are very helpful for picking out fabrics for your patterns. I don't know yet which pattern we are doing when you come to our guild (Florence, AL) in May. I kinda hope it is Oklahoma Backroads, I'm really liking the secondary star pattern when the blocks are put together!

  21. Denton has been a lot of fun. Can't wait for the workshop tomorrow!


  22. Who does like traffic? I'd say that is Pres. Harding.

  23. I think the president is Warren G. Harding. Beautiful quilts!


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