Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Erster Tag in Stuttgart

Our very first day and we filled it to the brim!

The temps are just below freezing during the day, but the sun was trying hard to make itself known and be seen and the sky was mostly blue which just brightens everything up so much!


This was the view from my seat in Aby’s car!  We drove to the train station and parked, and took the train into Stuttgart to do a bit of exploring. It’s a very nice city with interesting shops and things to see and do!



100_1880 100_1881

Town scenes from the train. You can SEE that the sun is trying to come out…but it was cold, just hovering above or below freezing.


There was a valley below hat you can’t quite see, but the roadside nature is beautiful , and is what it looked like today as our train flew past!

At the station, there are shops and vendors and all kinds of things to look at. Of course the ones that catch my eye are the baked goods! OH MY! Look what this cookie vendor had:


Aren’t these fun? If someone gave me one with a message on it, I’d have a hard time eating it…well…maybe for a day…Open-mouthed smile

100_1884  100_1885

The next thing we did was go up in to the tower at the train station and out onto the roof where we could look at al the surrounding lands! There is chain link fencing, so all my pics are taken by sticking the lense of my camera through the wire!

Stuttgart is the home of Mercedes..and right there on top fo the tower is the spinning logo…had to get a pic of that!


and these pics were taken all around the rooftop to give you an idea of the city

Though it is Winterscenes, you can see where there are places for vinyards on the side of the hills. We had a great time wandering the market places and saw lots of flower vendors, fruit and vegtable stands, and some others….

the pics of those are on my PHONE and I don’t have time to edit them down right now…I’m off to bed…it’s a quarter past midnight and my body clock is struggling Smile

More next time!


  1. Germany! S-Bahn! Yeah! I spent a month in Munich 2 summers ago and loved it! Though it rained alot. Eat a buter bretzen(butter pretzel) for me! But avoid the Turkish meat! Have fun!

  2. Willkommen in Deutschland! The swollen ankles look familiar - this always happens after the long plane ride, even if I stand a good four hours during flight, so I stop into the Apotheke and ask for "Wassertabletten" (diuretics) and it works like a charm! The heart-shaped cookies you saw are Lebkuchen - they are baked hard and you can actually quite easily travel back home with them or have them shipped. I can't wait to see your future German posts! Alles Gute gewuenscht!!

  3. We brought Lebkuchen home with us from Germany in December! We traveled a good bit via the S-Bahn, & even took the ICE to Insbruck one day. The German trains are so much better than ours! Have a wonderful time, and make the best of the wurst!!

  4. Deutschbahn.......oh why can't the USA learn to run a train system like the Germans and Swiss.....and they make a profit too.

    Have a wonderful time......I do hope your body quickly adjusts to the time difference.

    So the ladies can understand English well enough to take a class? The Europeans just try harder with language don't they?

    Happy Sewing

  5. Fun to see your post, Bonnie! We hosted a German exchange student at our home this fall, and my son will be traveling to Remseck this summer. Our student had had English lessons from 4th grade and spoke perfect English.

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. I love seeing your pictures of Germany. I was born there when my father was with the Canadian Air Force and I have not been able to go back. I hope to go spring of 2012. Can't wait to see pictures of the quilts made in your workshops.

  7. Sounds like fun down there. Can't wait to read more.
    Stuttgart is a 6 hour drive away. I wasn't able to attend at such short notice, only knew about your visit last week :) Please let me know when you will come to Germany again, or the Netherlands. Love to attend your workshop in the future.

  8. How wonderful to be able to travel to Europe in your work. When will you be able to come to France I wonder? Most quilters here struggle to find good supplies at reasonable prices and most of us have to rely on trips to the UK, US (as in my case) or the internet. SW France is lovely at this time of year - and warmer!

  9. Dear Bonny,
    I am a big fan of your work and I am so excited that you are now so close to Switzerland where I live !!!I live near Basel which is at the 3-border-corner of Germany,France and Switzerland, about a 3 hour car drive away from Stuttgart. I have been to Stuttgart last year in December for Christkindlmarket and it was georgeous! I wish you a nice stay and plenty of fun near the Schwarzwald. Warm regards, Connie

  10. Welcome in Germany!
    Have a great time!

  11. Hello,

    i am living 15 miles away from stuttgart and be very surprise that you are staying there. If you have time so visit the big prison at stuttgart-stammheim. My husband are the chief of the prison and im told him about you. Have a lot of funny days.
    Heike Jesse

  12. Oh Germany - *sigh* - how I miss it! Lived there for 3 years when DH was in the Army. Be careful of the bakeries - you can gain 10 pounds just by standing outside and smelling the goodies!
    Have fun!

  13. Hello to everybody here. I wonder how much people knows nice things about germany,the nice cakes and the Lebkuchen.
    I started quilting last year and I love it. Me son brought me nice fabric from his vistit to alabama in january.
    Have a lot of fun with all the german quilters, I`m shure that they are a good class. German children start learning english when they are in the 4th grade, some of them already start in the kindergarden.
    I wish that I could be in Stuttgart, I only live 1 1/2 hours away.
    www.gaestehaus-martin.de that`s where I live
    Have a nice time in Stuttgart.

  14. Great photos Bonnie! Thanks for taking us traveling with you. Enjoy all Germany has to offer.


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