Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My sister just turned 30!!! Oh my GOODNESS. She was born when I was 16, so that has to make me ummm......at least......3 feet under on my way to 6 feet under?!

Happy Birthday Joy! I'm glad you had a great one. And I have to say, that with every passing year you get more and more lovely, not just on the outside, but on the inside. from the bottom of my heart...Love You!

Rainy Tuesday...

I think the song was "Rainy Days and Mondays"...but here it's Rainy Days and Tuesdays! It started pouring early this morning. A very welcoming restful sound, and I allowed myself to sleep in. BLISS! There was no way to go walk the dogs this morning. Buddy LOVES water, but Sadie? She is such a dainty NON-water dog....she didn't even want to be let outside to do her business. She searches for the driest spot she can find and then runs back to the door completely disgusted that she had to get wet in the process!

This also means that it was not a good day to get a good photo of Old Tobacco Road. Never mind..I just plopped him over the Way-too-big-tv and did what I could. I'll get better ones another day. I didn't even get a good detail shot of the quilting because the light in that room is pretty dim. Taking pics without flash just turned out yucky. With flash? Too much light. Just a bad photo day all around.

I did get a pic of the label,you can see the fun cigars! Okay, this pic is blurry too. I give up!

I took a pic of the Lil Amish Crumbie after putting the binding on. I'm taking Jeff to school in a bit..he can't ride his scooter in this kind of rain, and it isn't worth it for me to drive back and forth to get him. So while he's there, I'll be stitching the binding and sleeve down!

I've been a bit more label-ready since I took someone's advice to print out a bunch of generic ones, and just leave room for the quilt title and the date or any other note I wanted to add.

Yesterday I went to the Ben Franklin in Kernersville (Which I heard is closing! I'm not sure if it is a rumor or not, I HOPE NOT!) and picked up some embroidery needles and some black pearl cotton. Now that the Amish Crumbie is done, I want to try big stitching on something else. I hope it goes fast. I really REALLY need to spend more time completing these finished tops into quilts, instead of building more tops....but I so love to PIECE! I guess it's a good dilemma to be in.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Quilts?

Is anyone collecting quilts for hurricane relief? Angela asked if she could send me some, but I don't know of any organizations that are strictly providing hurricane assistance. I also tried to reply to Angela's comment,but I get that no-reply@blogger.com thingy because she doesn't have her email address visible in her profile. So I can't reply to her.

***Note to all commentors***
I can't reply to your comment unless you have your email address visible in your settings! When you log into blogger on your dashboard page, click where it says "edit profile" on the left side of the page. Then check "SHOW EMAIL ADDRESS" in the 3rd line down, and at the bottom of the page click SAVE CHANGES! This way, when you comment, all I have to do is click reply in my email and I can get back to you. :cD

I'm hoping someone will comment to this post on WHERE she can donate.

I finished the wedding quilt today..YAY! It is heading toward Aiken SC as I type this. At least they said it would be there "next day".

I also finished the binding on Old Tobacco Road..along with the sleeve AND label! I was tickled by the label fabric...it has cuban cigars! too funny. Instead of Tobacco Road, it's Tobacco..ROLLED..*hehehe* The fabric was sent to me by a quiltvillechat member and I'm tickled to include it in my quilt. THANK YOU!

I also finished the hand stitching of my lil amish crumbie. Pics shown a few weeks ago. Binding is the next step up. Little bits of progress here and there, and no pics to show you today. Maybe tomorrow? :cD

Cherie Gets a Shout Out!

Nann sent this article to me! Cherie rides a commuter train and quilts her way to and from work. I love hearing stories like this. And much to my surprise, she listed my blog as one of her faves. Thanks Cheri! And way to go, using up that boring commuter time to take some stitches! I love it when I am traveling and can do the same. It's not the same when I am taking my car, but I love the time to stitch in airports and on planes. :c)

Well, Saturday did have me going 20 miles to my guild's sew in day. I just couldn't NOT go. I tell you though, I am SO upset with the gas gouging. There is just NO EXCUSE for that! I think they should all be prosecuted, those stations and companies who can jump on a disaster and grasp it as an opportunity for unwarranted profit at the expense of us normal folk just trying to get by.

I had a wonderful time with the ladies. Laura and Lisa and I hit a Greek food place for lunch. YUMMY!! I got the binding and sleeve sewn on Old Tobacco Road, and the hand stitching is in progress. It just depends how much football I can stand while I'm stitching :c| I can only take it in small bursts! *LOL* Now maybe if I sat there with the MP3 player in my ears and listened to a story, I'd do better!

I spent the other part of the day at the sew in, piecing parts for the border of Stars over Shallotte. It might be the weekend before I get anything else sewn on it. I've got a wedding quilt I need to finish today, and some others waiting their turn as well. I'm home for the rest of September, so this is the time for me to buckle down and get those off the "must do" list!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

More on Gwen's Book....

Look over there to the right. Yes, right there in my side bar below my profile. See that? It's a little badgie for you to click and order Gwen's new book, directly from her! The pic is clickable. Yep. That's right. Just mouse over it...and....click!

I sent off my check yesterday. You know, Gwen doesn't even have internet up where she lives on Beaver Island, Michigan. Which might mean you have to PRINT AN ORDER FORM and WRITE A CHECK. Remember when that was the ONLY way to order things way back when? But guess what? She will sign the book for you.

This one is self published via lulu.com and I really want it to be a success for her. Click the lulu link and you CAN order it online through lulu. But you won't get it signed! All you Gwen Groupies, send off your check, order your book, and then YOU TOO please place the little gizmo in your side bar to help promote this book. Do it for Gwen, and do it for me...I KNOW you will do it for me :c)

I once got an email from the gal that runs Gwen's website and she said she got most of her traffic through links on this blog! Isn't that cool? So let's show our appreciation for all that Gwen has done for the Liberated Quilting World and ORDER!

:::::::::::::End Infomercial!::::::::::::::

So, yesterday DH calls and says...do you need gas? I said, no, that I had filled up at Sam's Club on Thursday when I got the lenses in my new glasses. He said good..because gas has skyrocketed overnight. This makes me SO SAD. Just when I thought it was going down. I actually paid $3.55 a gallon, and amazingly that felt cheap? But now....I am wondering if I want to drive the 20 miles to my guild's sew-in this morning. That's 20 miles there and 20 miles back, and I'm so stinking mad about the gas thing. I mean, I can stay home and sew for "free"...but this is my chance to get to know the ladies in this guild because every time they have a meeting I am OUT OF TOWN!

And compared to what people from Galveston up through Houston and beyond are going through, I know this is a selfish whimpy whine. I'm sorry. I'm humbled to think that I am sitting here griping about gas, when many of you are flooded out. I'm sorry. I'm also afraid to turn on the news because it might prove to be worse than anticipated. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll stay home today and piece some relief quilts. Or SPEND the gas money gratefully and go make some relief quilts while sewing at my guild's sew-in.

OH, and a funny....

You know you live in the Southeast when your fabric and ironing board cover are so humid that you don't have to add water to your iron to make STEAM when you press! HA!:cD

Isn't this hilarious! It's from the EXTREME IRONING COMPETITION! You have to click over for a laugh.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hanging Around Quiltville....

Why is it so hard to get out a hammer and nails and actually get stuff ON the walls?

Maybe it's because I'm waiting for the painter. I've got a name for someone who does good work, and I'm calling today to schedule a painting appointment for my inside walls. That means, stuff needs to come OFF the walls, or never goes up ON the walls. But I couldn't stand it so today, with an apron pocket full of nails and a trusty hammer, I hung some stuff just to get an idea of where it's going to go even if I have to take it down when it is painting time.

BTW....any ideas for colors on these overly white walls? I'm thinking kind of a mocha tan on the upper part of the wall above the chair rail (which goes around the whole lower level of the house, except for the kitchen) and maybe a browny brick/barn red for the lower part to warm it up. That tan stripe on the wall? That is where I removed the hideous 1990's floral wall paper border. I can't believe we EVER thought that kind of treatment was great!

I found this really cool quilt hanger at the Kirtland home store in the mall. Marked down to $19.99, it is adjustable somewhat, so you can put different sizes of quilts on it. However, the one I wanted to hang didn't fit, so I just folded it over the rod. Works for me! This is a "hidden spools" quilt top that one of my wonderful blog readers sent me as a house warming. (Thank You, Angela, Daisymum7!) I love the colors in it! I added the borders myself and quilted it, and finished the binding while in Shallotte. Last night I washed it and dried it and I love it's crinkly-old-looking-ness!

See this little stitchery? This is what I'm talking about...I hate to see handwork things go for cheap in thrift shops.
The price? $3.00 I kid you not. I couldn't BUY the aida cloth to make the thing for $3.00. Not to mention the floss. I snatch these up wherever I can. This one says:

A Successful Woman
Who loves life and lives it to the fullest
Who has discovered and shared
The strengths and talents
That are uniquely her own;
Who puts her best into each task
And leaves each situation
Better than she found it;
Who seeks and finds
That which is beautiful
In all people...and all things;
Who's heart is full of love
And warm with compassion;
Who has found joy in living
And peace within herself.

I am just so inspired by this stitchery, and I wonder about the woman who so carefully stitched it. Was it a healing project for her during a hard time in her life? Was it a gift for someone else? What came about that this ended up in the Goodwill bin in Kernersville, NC?! Whatever the cause, it came to me at a time in my life where I really need this. So thank you, whoever you are, for stitching this!

I also finally got my "Laundry Hall Wall" hung semi the way I want it. When you enter the front door of my "cottage"....you can see straight down the hall to the right of the stairwell (and yes, still see the ugly wall paper below the chair rail that hasn't been removed yet)and out the back door to the upper deck.

Don't pay attention to the one lone sock on the stairwell, and yes, that is Oscar's tail at the bottom of the pic, he is curious as to why I'm trying to get the dogs up and out of the way (I failed miserably, as you can tell! *LOL*)I am standing just inside the front door at this point. Nothing like a door that opens up to your stairwell!

I don't have a laundry "ROOM" anymore..I have a laundry "CLOSET" off of this long hall. It's a boring straight shot of a hall. So I wanted to decorate the long boring wall with fun things like old washboards and advertising signs, and some hooks to hang my vintage aprons. I figured before the paint job was a good time to experiment, and if I got holes wrong...no problem! *LOL* I found these hangers at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off. The washboards have been collected here and there. I love the glass one!

Many of the aprons are made from feedsacks. My mom has told me stories of her grandmother's aprons (my great grandma) and how she collected the best feedsacks and made aprons from them.

This was in Brewster, MN in the 1940s and 50s. I feel a connection to this great grandmother. I remember her very vaguely from when I was small. She was a tiny woman with long gray hair very primly twisted up in a bun. She had tiny spectacles in front of sparkling eyes and a warm smile. I understand her heart was as big as all of Minnesota. I like to think that she and I would have gotten along famously! My mom is who she is today because of the time she spent with her Grandma Manuel over the long hot Minnesota summers. This was when my mom's folks would send her out of the city for the summer because of the threat of polio. Less chance of catching it out on the farm! My mom's father suffered polio as a child, so it is understandable that they would want to keep their own children from that risk.

Most of my aprons came from thrift shops for a song, though they are getting harder to find now. :c) I actually DO wear them when I am cooking or cleaning. I also wear one when I am machine quilting because the aluminum rails on the quilting machine leave marks when I "Belly Up To The Bar". This has left many a gray streak across my clothing in the past, and it does NOT wash out, so an apron becomes quilting attire. Not to mention the pockets are great for scissors, seam rippers, extra bobbins, and whatever else I need to keep on my person.

It's raining today. Which means I didn't get out for my walk. It's okay. I can quilt this morning, maybe catch a walk after lunch if it dries up a bit. I love September in Wallburg! I'm also excited that I am home for the rest of the month. I don't go anywhere until October! But watch out, October is going to be nuts, as is November. But I won't think of that now. I'm just going to be enjoying HOME for a few weeks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Antiquing and Junking from Shallotte to Wallburg...

I know I know...4 posts in one day is a bit over the top for me, but I'm going to be busy tomorrow and over the weekend and since I just finished uploading this stuff,I thought I could quickly upload the slide show and let you see the goodies that came home with me! Nothing big, but all fun!

Antiquing and Junking from Shallotte NC

Be sure to click on the link above, and then click on each photo individually to read my caption about each pic ;c)

Gwen has done it AGAIN!

I was going to write about this LAST week...but I had Salisbury, and then Shallotte, and you know all about the best of intentions, but I was just reminded that I need to do this NOW!!!

Here is the blurb from Gwen Marston's Website:

Ideas and Inspirations, Abstract Quilts in Solids

Gwen has written a new book and this one is especially designed for grownup quilters. It's a book for the many accomplished quilters who are not looking for yet another project book with pages of detailed elementary instructions on how to make someone else's quilt. Rather, it's intended for quilters who are seeking ideas and inspiration for their own work.

This 67 page book begins with a seven page discussion about working with solids and Gwen's fresh approach to design concepts. The remaining pages are in full color showing full page photographs of 28 quilts with close-ups and captions of each on the opposite page. Gregory Case did the photography and it is first rate.

Ordering information:
... Book is available from Gwen or Gwen Marston Storefront

Can you see me jumping up and down with excitement here? I can't wait to order my copy. I want it from Gwen herself, so that means "The check is in the mail" as they say. I've always loved solids, I use them all the time, and I am SO inspired by her vision. I would love to be Gwen when I grow up...that is if I ever do!

If you do order, tell her that Bonnie from Quiltville sent you!


I made it to the charity quilt bee only about 15 minutes late! But I wasn't the last to arrive, and I was able to piece a child's quilt top while I was there.

Bertha is my 1945 Featherweight, and my good companion when going to charity bee. She just hums along happy to be there!

My little quilt top turned out so cute, and I know it will brighten someone's spirits and keep them warm. This quilt center takes 8 strips 4.5" wide cut selvage to selvage. A few extra strips for borders. Sometimes I mix them up, with 8 different, sometimes I just pick 4 fabrics and do 2 strips of each. This one was a combo. See that little sailor girl fabric! TOO CUTE! It was all that was left from a previous donation quilt, and I was able to get one 4.5" strip out of it. Same with the dark blue floral...just one strip and that puppy was gone. So I went to the stash to round out the others. One stripe with cherries, one blue check that also was used in the outside border, two strips of yellow with blue dots, and two strips of red bandana. Completely gone from the stash... Red bandana, sailor girl, yellow dot, blue floral. Not bad for fabric annihilation!

I pulled another dark blue from the stash to use as inner border. I've sewn so many of these that I can crank out a top plus borders in under 2 hours. And it's really great to finish the top, and leave it in the well capable hands of those who will do the layering, tying and binding! Hense the "leave it" part of the subject line.

I really enjoy the time with these ladies working for a good cause. All of the fabric, every bit of thread, every piece of batting....everything is donated. It just makes me feel good to be giving something back after having been blessed with SEW MUCH!

After the bee, I went and met DH at Applebee's for lunch, and then swung by Sam's Club to get the new lenses put in my glasses. I'm officially off contacts now. By the time you have to put reading glasses on top of your contacts to see to thread a needle or to read a menu, etc...it's time to ask yourself WHY BOTHER! Just get better glasses and be happy to SEE! (yep, a few more inches deeper into middle age!)

I still need to upload pics of my antique and junking goodies, but it's nearly dinner time and I've got stuff to do. Tomorrow is another day!

Home Again, but just a quickie!

I made it home about dinner time last night. It's a 5 hour drive from Shallotte to Wallburg, but I did it in about..oh....9....*LOL* This is because I antiqued my way home! Oh, I found some great goodies. But those pics will have to wait for the next post. This morning I have a comfort quilts bee at Mrs Goodneedle's church. We meet Thursday mornings from 10 to noon, and I missed last week! They break for the summer, and last week was the first week back and I wasn't there. Today I will be!

I already cut out my strips for a little Streak of Sunshine quilt, my FW is packed and ready to go.

I've had so many questions from people asking why they can't find the cake takers on Walmart's website! *LOL* Do I look like the Walmart representative ? :cD I have no idea why you can't find it, or why it isn't in your Walmart. But to help you out, I took a pic of the end of one that I hadn't pulled the sticker off yet. Maybe this will help you. They are made by Mainstays, not rubbermade or sterlite. It says carrier holds up to 9"X13" baking dish. (Or a multitude of quilt projects!) I hope this helps those of you who are cake-taker deprived!

My last evening in Shallote was great! Several of us went to a sea food place on the intercoastal waterway. It was FUN watching tug boats push and pull boats through the water. I had BBQ shrimp over rice with steamed veggies. YUMM-O! Something's gotta give here. You guys gotta quit feeding me so well when I come to visit, or you'll soon be rolling me home :c)

After dinner we drive to Holden Beach. I love this time of the evening. Just past dusk, before dark, peaceful and restful. It was a glorious evening even with the clouds!

And that's it for now...more to come later..if I don't get going, I'll be late!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Monday's Star Struck Workshop!

We had a great time with the Brunswick Quilter's Guild at yesterday's Star Struck workshop!

starstruck workshop Shallotte NC 2008
I uploaded yesterday's pics to a slide show. I hope you enjoy seeing what fabrics and colors these ladies used. Everyone's blocks turned out SO different!

One of the fun things about traveling around and teaching is seeing the different venues that quilters use for classroom space. Yesterday's workshop (And today's) was held at the Shallotte Moose Lodge. It had wonderful floor space, lots of area and tables to spread out and even with all the irons, they were wired well enough that we didn't flip breakers or blow fuses! Believe me, this is a huge concern when sewing with many machines and ironing stations.

What FUN FUN FUN we had. I love meeting quilters of all ages and skill levels. It's exciting for me to see beginners being bitten by the bug. And it warms my heart to see the more experienced sharing their skills and knowledge so freely with those who want to learn. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT! This is the essence of quilting for me.

And even if you are an experienced quilter, taking a workshop gives you fellowshipping (Or would that be Quiltershipping??!) time with women that you might only see occasionally across the room at a guild meeting. You get to sit next to someone you haven't really gotten to know well before, new friendships are formed, old ones are strengthened. And if you are so inclined, you can always take an easy pattern and make it harder to challenge you by cutting the block size in half as one of our mini-lovers did! :cD

A couple of us went out to a Mexican place for dinner after the workshop was over, and then I came back to the hotel room and crashed for a 2 hour nap! That left me energized to get to work on putting these double T blocks together. I know they don't look like a T block...but if you used only two fabrics, a main fabric and a background, it WOULD be. That's what I love about playing with blocks and fabrics and switching values around.

Because I'm here in Shallotte, NC I'm calling this Stars Over Shallotte! I was originally going to set it with red...but I cut a few triangles and the fabric did NOTHING for the blocks. However, the bedspread here is a deep blue and I liked that....so I switched gears and away I went.

Borders are yet to be determined. :c)

Today's agenda is a trunkshow/lecture at 10am (need to be there at 9:30 to set up) and a guild luncheon after. Following the luncheon, we'll have a half day (3 hour) Crumbs Workshop. It's going to be a full day. Since it is a 5 hour drive home from here, I'll stay tonight and set back off towards Wallburg in the morning.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Morning, Pre-Workshop!

It's a Star-Struck Day today!

I'm up early....you know how it is the first night in a hotel..the window unit is noisy, and even if yours is off you can hear the hum of your neighbors next to you or the floor above you.

The bed is comfy, and I must have fallen asleep around 11...waking up at 6!

Shallotte NC is about as far away from Wallburg as you can get! I'm actually about 30 miles north of Myrtle Beach, NC, just across the SC/NC state line. It took me almost 5 hours to drive here yesterday afternoon, including potty stops. :c)

I got set up for sewing last night, only to find out that I didn't have my rotary cutter! The only place that MIGHT have had one is the local walmart, but they don't carry the kind I like...the blue dritz with the rubber handle? I like the weight of that one, and I like that I don't have to remember to shut a blade cover. I think I left it at the In-Town retreat!! I know there was nothing left, but maybe someone got it packed up in their stuff? Ms Bee Haven Gals? If you find a spare blue dritz cutter...it could be mine!

So...back to walmart, and they have this icky kind with a skinny handle that doesn't look comfortable to use at all.And it was 11 bucks! I asked if there was a Hobby Lobby or Joanns or a Michaels around here, but nope! Closest place like that would be Wilmington or Myrtle Beach. (I have a Hobby Lobby coupon in my purse so I was hoping for that!) By this time it was almost 9pm and I decided to give it up, wait and just do some hand work while watching HOUSE on USA.

But this morning...sewing is begging to commense! I don't have to leave for about an hour and a half....but I have no rotary cutter! I think this means I'm going to work on some string blocks that I can square up later.

Here is a pic of the second little starchy applqiue....Some of you might recognize your crumb blocks in the border! I trimmed blocks into 4.5" widths and added them side by side by side to get a border that was long enough. These were the crazy crumb blocks that were sent to me via Tonya's suggestion! It is always so much fun to incorporate someone else's fabrics into my quilts, and I thank you all again for these little gifties!

Perhaps this afternoon, after the workshop....the ladies will be able to guide me to the best place to replace that missing cutter and I can start putting the blocks from retreat TOGETHER! I brought a piece of red fabric that has little gold stars on it..very old looking, and I want to use that as the setting fabric.

Which makes me wonder....how many of these gals are going to WANT to double sew their bonus triangles, or would they be up to donating them to my cause?? *LOL*

Time for wandering out to the "contintental" bar to see what the Microtel offers for breakfast. The only other alternative close to me is a Huddle House, much akin to the Waffle House if you are familiar with either of them. I think I'm safer with a yogurt and a piece of fruit!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ms Bee Haven In-Town Retreat!

What a great time we had yesterday! It started out rainy, but by afternoon all the rain had gone gone gone, the sun was out, it got hot (which sent the humidity factor, post-rain, through the ROOF!) and we SEWED ALL DAY! What could be better?

Karen did a great job in finding us room in her church to spread out. There were about 12 of us! We had lots of light, lots of tables and floor space!

Lisa brought her table risers so us "tall folk" didn't kill our backs trying to rotary cut on a table too low.

Laura was Music Maven, and her selections couldn't have been better! You know you are in good sisterhood company when you feel free to sing motown at the top of your lungs along with everyone else and no one looks at you strange! I think the highlight of my day was when we all jumped up to do YMCA by the Village People. HILARIOUS! (Just put the rotary cutters down first, folks!) It was good for stretching and exercise,you know how we NEED to move around after sitting at the machines for so long!

As I was packing last night, I took some pics of what has become The Quilt Retreat Packing System! You too can have this system, in fact, you might already have several of these parts on hand!

Item #1: Super Duper Huge Tote from Lands End. If you have an outlet mall near you, these are easily found there! Most even have "oops!" sales where you can get one with someone else's rejected monogram for cheap cheap cheap! I think mine was about $20 at the outlet mall, and then was another 30% off or something. Get the biggest one you can. Like the size you could smuggle a baby in. No kidding! I got the one that also sported a zipper top so I wouldn't lose my contents if I dropped it.

Item #2: Cake-Takers ala WALMART! Keep this one quiet. If they find out that Quiltmakers are using these for quilt making instead of cake carrying, they will triple in price! They run about $5 or so in the rubbermaid/kitchen stuff aisle. The HUGE TOTE above...fits 4 of these! They are roomy, stackable, and easy to see what you have inside through the clear lid. At the retreat a couple weeks ago with the VA gals, they demo'd to me the value of these cake takers, and told me that you have to be on the look out for them every time you GO to Walmart, because they only put out about 4 at a time on the shelf, and they sell out quickly. Somehow I don't think there are that many cakes being carried around....I think it's all quilt stuff! But hey,if you do need to carry a cake somewhere..you can always dump your quilt stuff out and use it for cakes if you want.

See that cute little flat iron? $3.99 at a thrift shop. I love how it folds so flat! It has ONE temp...HOT! and no steam holes. It's great for keeping next to me at retreat for pressing in between steps. And it fits in the cake-taker with room to spare!

As I said...you can fit FOUR cake-takers in the big bag....and each cake-taker is more than roomy enough to each hold a project. I brought 2 yesterday, and on top of that put my sterlite little tote that held all my bonus triangles. Still had room to spare!

So...what did I work on? In the Great Computer Reformat of 2008 (Happened earlier this week!) I saved all my "inspiration" pics of antique quilts onto CD. And as I was doing so....I came upon this wonky quilt with double T type blocks, only they didn't look like Ts! And I had to make one. Just one. But I couldn't stop at one! So Friday night I started packing for the retreat and filled a cake-taker with 3.5" strips from the 3.5" bin in darks and lights. Stuff I wanted to use up. Stuff that looked old. Stuff that was maybe even a bit odd but that would work. I made sure I had enough shirting type fabrics to go with them. Saturday morning I set off not knowing how many I could sew in a day, but eager to try!

I made 30 blocks! Okay..29..because I did the first sample block (The cheddar one in the top row) the night before as a "test". I sewed fast, furious, and carefree! No pins, no matching points, no un-stitching unless I didn't have enough seam allowance to hold the two pieces together. The antique quilt from the picture was made this way, and it had so much quirk and charm. I want the same feeling. Let them wonder what I was drinking when I put these pieces together!

I'm not sure how many more I'll make. I figure it this way....there are 16 little half square bonus triangles in each block (And yes, this is AFTER all those pinwheels from the bonus triangles in Old Tobacco Road! I still had more left!)and I made 30 blocks. That means I found a home for 480 (FOUR HUNDRED & EIGHTY!!) bonus triangles. I guess that really would be 960? Because each unit is made out of 2 triangles? Okay..this is boggling my mind....I actually sewed that much!

This is why I love saving things like bonus triangles. How much work would it have added if I had to piece all those little triangle units before I could sew blocks? It might seem like a pain at first to double sew everything to save the bonus triangles in the first place, but OH SO WORTH IT!

See this one with the dark blue paw print in the corners? That blue fabric was gifted to me by Leann! It was the left overs from the back of a quilt she had trimmed to get ready for binding. And I paired it up with a dutch plaid I had brought back from The Netherlands with me a couple years ago. It also includes some bonus triangle units that Holly had gifted me with at our last in-town retreat, trimmings from her Star Struck quilt that she finished putting together yesterday as well!

Fun things to have included as remembrances in this quilt.

And yes, those are my feet standing on the blocks to get a straight down aerial view of the blocks. It's my quilt, I can walk on them if I want ;c)

Not sure how I'll set them yet, but I'm thinking "on-point" in a zig-zag setting with a reproduction red as the setting fabric!

There are more bonus triangles to press and square up so they are usable. I'll take those with me to Brunswick County NC and work on squaring them up while I'm there so they will be ready to use too. I'm off this afternoon, and will be back on Wednesday!