Monday, December 10, 2007

The one we passed up......

Just for a giggle..here is one we DIDN'T choose!! :cÞ

I'd be afraid it would blow over in the wind!!!

****NOTE**** I have received email by people offended at the fact this pic says "redneck highrise". The pic CAME to me in email with the title. I didn't put it there. Just because you live in a trailer doesn't mean you ARE a redneck, DH and my two sons and I lived for TEN YEARS in a single wide trailer and they are some of the happiest years of my life. Please don't be offended. Learn to laugh at life! It's good for the soul :c)

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly!

We got home last night after 8pm and I went straight to bed. All of these houses intermixing in my head until I'm not sure what is what!

First of all, there weren't that many in the categories that we are looking for. We don't want to be in a subdivision anymore where houses are so close to each other that you can see what your neighbor is cooking for dinner by looking out your window and in through hers. Our kids are grown now, so a neighborhood with lots of kids is just not what we need.

We don't want huge acreage, but an acre or so of woods would be nice, I like the seclusion.

A "new" construction house isn't as important to me as the quilting space the house has, but with older homes there is often stuff that needs to be updated, painted, un-wallpapered, appliances replaced, etc. So you have to factor that in to the equation because it also adds to the expense and stress of moving.

The first choice house that we saw via the internet did NOT work. The lovely farm house? It was way better in the pics than in reality! Way too much work to make it liveable, and really didn't have quilting space. Darn it! Besides that, what the pics don't show you is that the house is on a busy road with trailer houses across the street. So much for my seclusion! With my animals too, I don't want a busy street. However, I did like the tiled bathroom counter enough to take a pic!

The next house we went to looked good on paper, but MAN, what a disaster!

There was mess everywhere, the people were still there madly trying to clean up the house when we got there, and we were greeted rather loudly by this Great Dane in the back yard!

Another UGLY house had...get this...a huge jet tub in the MIDDLE of the master bedroom! It was a very contemporary 1970's house..blehhh..of course, DH WOULD like it..it was like a hotel bedroom! It also had a bidet in the bathroom...no thanks! One toilet is enough for me to want to clean, I don't want a bidet!! Really, this house was much better on the outside than in the inside, so again, looks can be deceiving!

As for the huge tub? I thought about it...I have a garden tub in my bathroom here. We've been here 5 years..I've probably used it 3 or 4 times. It's a waste of space as far as I'm concerned....

The BEST house of all turned out to be too far away to be feasible. I was so sad about this because it was perfect in every way! If I could move that house and put it closer to DHs work...I would in a minute and be completely happy with it.

While on our jaunts, and since I had my camera...I had to take this special picture for DAWN..*LOL* When we went to Paducah in April, their caravan had a contest going on who could find the ugliest yard art. I found the holiday version!! What do you think Dawn??

I think it's a Christmas tree, but It could be a spaceship?? Made out of popcorn tins and cookie tins and fruitcake tins and whatever else....weird. Completely weird. For me it gets the ugly award! And there I was on a busy street jumping out of the car to take pictures..*hehehee* It did help lighten up the mood of this whole brain numbing house hunting weekend!

So on to the house we "THINK" may be the one....that is unless something else comes on the market within the next few weeks...

I'm posting some of the pics from the online listing, because they were taken when trees had leaves and things were green. Another hard thing about house hunting in the winter is how DEAD everything looks and it is hard to imagine what things will look like in the summer.

This house is a bit smaller than what I have now, it is minus one bedroom, it doesn't have an eat in kitchen, and it doesn't have a separate dining room, just an extension of the living area as a dining area, but I think I could live with that. How often do you use a dining room anyway? And we are whittling down to the point where there will only be 2 of us living in the house within the next few years.

I don't know if you can tell from the photos, but the dining area is right behind the sofa in a little alcove. Not bad....and through the french doors there is another room that is like a sun-room....then off of the sun-room, the weirdest part of the house (which I didn't get pics of) was a huge bathroom with a sunken HOT TUB..I'm not talking jetted bathtub, I'm talking a full sized hot tub that they sunk into the floor! It's kind of dated and the tile is not great, there is also a shower/bathtub, toilet and sink in there...it's HUGE for a bathroom, but isn't attached to a bedroom. What I am thinking is that we remove the hot tub..put down new sub floor and flooring, and I turn that into a massage room? It's the weirdest thing in the house really. The bedrooms upstairs are large. The bathrooms need updating because the house was built in the late 70's..

However..it has a HUGE basement! And there is a fireplace with a wood stove insert in what would be my quilting room. Someone has painted the panelling down there cream, and it needs updating too...some TLC...but the space is there, and space is more what I am concerned with than anything, right?

The house is wood sided and very much has a "log cabin" feeling to it outside. It's hard to tell in the photos. The shutters are brown, on top of brown siding...but what if I painted the shutters a different color?

The front porch has a porch swing! I loved this. The garage is huge and has lots of storage above and behind the garage (DH loved this..he also loved the fact that there is a "yard" garage as part of the basement, complete with it's own little garage door for the riding lawn mower ;c)

There is a lot of updating to do...starting with removing very dated 1980's to 1990's wall paper...in the kitchen, the living room and the hall. But that is cosmetic mostly (but still it's ugly...)

So now we are playing the waiting game. The appraisers come this week to tell us what our house is worth here. Then we can proceed with what we can afford there. Once we get things rolling, I think this move will happen fast. I'm a bit in a daze with it all!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

I am blessed not only with many quilting buddies, but buddies of all different walks of life who have strengthened and broadened mine! To those I cherish with Jewish roots and traditions, I want to wish you a blessed Hanukkah!

I admit I have a hard time tracking when Jewish holidays are as they "float" *LOL* But then so does Easter and if it doesn't show up on a calendar, I can't tell you when it is either. So this is coming to you mid-way through the 8 days, but hopefully plenty of time left for me not to be too late!

I am listening to XM radio, and did you know they have a Hanukkah channel!? I am enjoying listening to it so much, even if I can't understand a word sung in Hebrew...it is so fun to listen to. For those with XM, it's channel 108.

Today we are heading out for the house hunting trip in Winston Salem. I feel really headache-y this morning and I didn't sleep well last night. I don't know if it is stress or what? The house has to be in "showing shape" when we leave this afternoon in case it will be shown this weekend.

I spent last night packing up books and extra knick-knacks trying to get realtor approval I guess. But sheesh. I really am not all that cluttered except in the quilting room. And that's to be expected.

It IS helping me go through things and weed out and toss out. This can only be a good thing, right? But still...I woke up today with a headache :c|

I plan on bringing the camera..and thought I could turn this into a feature of "the best and worst of house hunting" by photos! You want to see the absolute ugliest we were shown?? You'll get it! (maybe it won't be that bad) and the best? You'll get it.

The worst part is being married to a very tight wad accountant! If we sell this house close to what the realtor says we should sell it for..we stand to make some money on it. But DH wants to find something cheaper than what we paid for this house....?? I think we should stay around the same price range, same size range...and he is pinching pennies? Sometimes I think if he had his way we'd still be in that single-wide trailer we lived in for 10 years paying $235 a month! I look at property as an investment...he looks at it as an expense. Two different sides of the spectrum.

So hopefully in the middle we can find balance.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Carolina Crossroads, Part 2!

I have uploaded the second step of the Carolina Crossroads Mystery Quilt!

I am flabbergasted and gob-smacked that this mystery has taken off the way that it has! As of this morning there are 785 members on the list doing this quilt along with me! Can you see me going through my life-madness humming "I get by with a little help from my friends" through all this? :cD

Today the moving company is coming to take inventory of our stuff so they know how much they will have to move...I should be able to quilt on people's quilts this morning. No massage clients until 3pm. It feels ALMOST like a day off :c)

If you are doing the mystery, you will need 100 of these little baby "red in the corner" nine patch units! This ought to keep you busy for a while....*snicker*:c)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No time to quilt....whhhhhaaaaaa

I've been collecting boxes from behind stores over the past couple days. I'm boxing up extra stuff that doesn't need to be seen when they show the house. Except for the quilting room. I work here. It has to stay. I can get rid of some nick-nacks and pack up some books, but everything else needs to be accessible.

I have too much crap. I know this. But it's my crap! I am thinning some of it out and getting rid of stuff...dropping extra clothes (that can't be cut up and put into quilts!) to goodwill and throwing things away that I really don't want to move with me.

FOOD. ugh. I am under orders to everyone that we are to eat the freezer empty! *LOL* Canned goods and stuff like that will move fine, but perishables must be consumed. This could lead to some very interesting meal plans....*LOL*

Today I"ve got a house call to do at 10am for a client that can't get out, and then I have clients booked all afternoon. Pretty much a repeat from yesterday with the exception that I should be home by 6:30 instead of 9:00pm!

I had a 6pm client yesterday for a 1.5 hour appt. I was the last one in the clinic, so I had to do all the batching out and shutting down and locking up! Then I had to stop for groceries on the way home...by the time I got home it was after 9pm.....and here I go again.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

On Keeping Callouses!

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away,perhaps an hour a day of hand quilting will keep sore fingers at bay!

It's finally cool enough here in SC to want to be under a quilt (and hand quilting) in the evenings! However my callouses have gone all soft, thanks mostly to the fact that my hands are slathered in massage lotion for a good part of the day :c|

I am back to working on the baptist fans on my orphan block quilt. Ive started on the 3rd side in going around the outside edges, and will be working towards the inside in a spiral pattern :c)

I checked out some episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" at the library...perfect for hand quilting by!

The house is officially on the market. Realor suggested that we start to pack things up to minimalize the look of our living areas. HA! Ain't going to happen, at least not in my quilting areas! I'll pare down everything else, but the quilting stuff stays. I've got to go find boxes today and start packing up some other stuff....I'd rather be quilting.

I think I need another piece of M's wonderful chocolate!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Mystery Quilt List

Boy,you sure are hearing from me a lot lately!

I have set up a quiltvillechat@yahoogroups.com list for those working on the mystery so they can talk back and forth about fabric choices, post pictures, post their progress, and fill the list up with all sorts of quilty chatter. Those not participating in the mystery are also welcome to join even if you just want to lurk and learn.

To register, simply click this link

Hope to see you there!

Monday Monday.....

*Singing the Mamas & The Papas* At least it is a more upbeat version than "Rainy Days & Mondays" or perhaps I should think of "Just another manic monday.." Cuz that it what it feels like!

The much painting is still going on. Things are looking pretty good and spruced up! House gets the for sale sign out front today with the realtor coming at 4pm. The Termite inspection is today at 4pm also.

And just when I am feeling overwhelmed....or maybe...plain ole just WHELMED..DHL knocks on my door and lookie what I got! A package! A HERSHEY package!!! The note on the label says:
To Bonnie-Things will get better. Enjoy! From: Hugs M

M?!?? Which M?!? Who is M? It could be anyone! The address is the Hershey Web Store! There is NO invoice inside,no note...just....whooowhoooo!! a pretty pretty package of...CHOCOLATE! :cD

OH M...you made my day! I'm thrilled with the mystery (Maybe M is for MYSTERY!?) pressie! Thank you. Who ever you are!

I was working through some paper work this morning, returning contracts to various guilds for dates I've got booked in the coming year. Marking these dates on my calendar and thinking of how many of you I'm finally going to get to meet in person! Life is crazy right now, yes...but as I look ahead at the calendar, it is going to be an awesome year!

Good going also to so many of you who have completed your 100 little rail fence blocks! AWESOME work! I love hearing about the colors and fabrics you are using. I will be posting the next installment on thursday so you can work on it over the weekend while I'll be in Winston-Salem house hunting.

I did have an email from an Aussie participant who doesn't have access to a companion angle ruler, so if you don't have that, I'll include regular cutting instructions as well, so never fear. However, if you have a chance to come upon this ruler, snatch one up! Ask Santa for one for your Christmas stocking. That one and the easy angle! I use them ALL the time. They work with the sizes of strips I keep on hand and you'll be ready to sew with me on the next mystery :c)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

More Questions, More answers

Several people emailed me wanting to know the number of units if they want to make their quilt a different size. If that is what you want to do I suggest you wait until the mystery is over and then figure out what you need to do to make it the size you want. I really don't have the time to plan this out in every size out there. ONE SIZE. If you want it bigger? You can make more blocks when you go to set it together. If you want it smaller? You'll have extra blocks? Or like I said...just wait until the mystery is revealed and you can plan it the way you want it.

If you want to use larger strips? I can't tell you how that will turn out either. I'm just going to post what I am doing for you to follow along with me. If you want to color outside the lines.....that is up to you!

If you have already ironed your rail fences towards the center strip..I made a mistake there. It happens. I am winging this as I sew myself, so my mistakes my sometimes be your mistakes too. I'll try to get a few steps ahead so this won't happen.

If you have pressed your seam allowances towards the center strip on your rail fences, simply take a few minutes and reverse the process by running your iron down the back side of your block unit and pressing those seam allowances AWAY from the center. This is important so the next units (which have more seams) will butt up correctly. It won't take you long. You can grumble at me if you want, but I want to be sewing without having to flip seams all out of the way:c)

Updates, et al...

Some have asked how they will know when the new installments are up. Here are a couple answers and ideas!

I will post new updates here on my blog, as well as on the front page of my website! I also have an "announcement only" Quiltville Mailing List that you can sign up for, and you will be notified of updates via email.

If there is interest, I'm happy to start another mailing list called Quiltville Chat so those working on it can chat back and forth together with questions and ideas. Are you interested?

Now, I have one confession to make already! Be patient with me! I just went to sew the next unit, and found that I had pressed the rail fence units wrong. You need to press towards the outer two strips, AWAY from the center strip. And yes, I'm re-ironing all of mine, but they will fit better this way! This is a learning process for me to figure out all the bumps as I go, instead of waiting until the end of the quilt to post the steps!

Mystery Woman!

I am having so much fun with this idea! I hope everyone loves their quilts and the process as much as I am...just reading your comments and emails about what colors and fabrics you plan to use...This is awesome!

The Quilt has a name! I have Christened it "Carolina Crossroads" Because I am in limbo between North and South Carolina right now!! It just seemed to be perfect, and because *I*know what the finished quilt looks like, the name suits!

When you have completed your 100 rail fence blocks, those with blogs, please post to your blog and let me know you have posted!

I'm already thinking I need to make a second version and sew along with everyone on that one too..I must be nuts! *LOL* I'm going to resist for now...and just persevere with my blue/red/neutral version.

If I give it until thursday....do you think that's enough time for everyone to get their fabrics together and get their 100 rail fence blocks done? They are super easy and fast...just sew sew sew and whack whack whack??

I have also added the 1st step to my website and will put it in the side bar here on my blog when I have a chance. It will make it easier for people to follow so they don't have to scroll backwards all the time to get to the previous steps :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

More thoughts..

Grace wrote:
bonnie, got my mag yesterday too, and was pleased to see your blog listed...about the mystery, since I don't know what the final design looks like, and I prefer a scrappy look, how about a muslin for the middle and scraps for the two sides? will that produce a distinctive design or should I choose 2 colors with the muslin instead? sounds like fun!

cityquilter grace

If you want the design to show up....and not be too muddy, I think 3 colors might be best. OR....you could do multi colors and muslin...but chose ONE SOLID (or tone on tone) color for an accent fabric...so say..if you had all multi colors and muslin...and set aside a piece of BLUE or RED or ORANGE or GREEN (or whatever to add punch)as an "accent" to tie it all together so the design doesn't get lost in the scrappiness..make sense??

Wherever you see the RED in my blocks needs to be where your accent color goes. So if you are doing scrappy....use muslin only for where you see me put "LIGHT" shirt pieces. If you see red...it needs to be that accent color (not light)that you choose.

In sewing the rail fence units, sew scrappy multi colored strips on either side of the center accent strip (red in my case.

Maybe this is a cheater mystery! If you want to ask me design questions so that you don't make a big boo-boo in your choices, I'm happy to answer (without trying to give too much info away in the process!)

Mystery, Anyone??

Look! McCalls magazine came! Lucy and I are included in Holly's article on page 56! This has been so fun for us both! It's been a week for magazines around here!

Carrie wrote in comment to my last post:

This could become a mystery quilt!! My newly cut pile of scraps include a ton of red and blues just hankering to find a new home. I am thinking I just might cut and sew along with you... hehehe... and how wide are these little beauties? As for the twelve days of Christmas a new Quiltville mystery clue gave to me ...

I confess you have me hooked I am just loving this scrapping!

I tried to email Carrie back, but I got that no-replycomment@blogspot.com as her return address! To those of you who don't know it...if you want us to be able to reply to your comments, you need to go into your profile and make that available for us to reply to. It is a huge headache to write a reply to your comment, only to have it bounce back undeliverable because you have not included your email address in your profile.

As a side...now when I am replying...I right click on the person's name in the list of emails at the top section of my outlook express. I click on properties. If it says no-replycomment@blogger.com as the person's address..I don't even start to write a reply. What's the point?

But I digress! Carrie wants to follow along and do my current project as a mystery quilt! Is anyone else game? The units are super easy. You can use scraps for this. But because it is scraps, I'm not going to supply yardage charts. I will tell you that the quilt in my head turns out about 80"X80" which is a full size coverlet...not long enough to go over the pillows, but big enough for a bed topper.

Because my life is crazy right now...I'm not sure how often I'll post each unit, but I will tell you how many of each unit you will need and you can work along on them with me! Do you trust me? :c) Do you have time to work with me? This could be fun, I've never designed a mystery before!

You can make this quilt using any three colors as your guide. I'm doing red/neutral/blue. (You know that already) You could choose green/neutral/purple, or black/white/fuscia or brown/neutral/gold or any three colors you can come up with.

All the pieces for this quilt can be cut from 1.5" strips and 2" strips. I haven't cut for everything yet. I can't even tell you how many strips of whatever you'll need because I am cutting from shirts. I can tell you the number of units you'll need, but your strips may vary depending upon how long your strips are.

Of course the biggest challenge for you is to use STASH. And because this quilt uses 1.5" strips...you can use UGLY stash, it's cut so small, no one can tell just how ugly it is when it gets into it's finished state :c)

Drop me a comment and let me know if you want to play! Post on your blog your progress. If you haven't started a blog, now would be the time to start one! I'll hold off on posting any more parts until everyone can pull their fabrics together. If you are really fast, you can get started by making the 100 rail fence blocks I've already shown.

All I did was sew three 1.5" strips together blue/red/blue. Press AWAY from the center strip (the red one if you are using red here) and then sub-cut them into 3.5" units. Ready? Set? Sew!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

One Down, Many To Go!

I'm headed out the door for an afternoon of massages...I work this out so I am home quilting in the morning, and doing massages in the afternoon so I have concentrated time on each...for those of you wondering how I do it!

I've been working on Susan Cox's beautiful star chain quilt! Feathered to death....it's going to be beautiful on her bed. I hope she likes it as much as I do!

I downloaded a new book on MP3 today. Anyone familiar with the "Mrs Murphy Mysteries" by Rita Mae Brown? I'm listening to "Cat's Eye Witness". Interesting charactors so far, and a very fun lighthearted listen. Love the animal's personalities and how they "talk".

I'd love to listen to the whole series, but they don't have them all available. Guess I might have to actually READ them!

Howling with Holiday Glee!!!

Dawn Evidently has WAY too much time on her hands at work! *heheheheheh*

She sent this Little Ditty this morning of Me, Lucy, Laura, and herself doing the elf dance. HOW HILARIOUS! You have to click the link and wait for it to load, but it is worth it. What a hoot!

Not sure what kind of fashion statement the outfits are, but hey, I sure like the skinny waistlines on all 4 of us!

Are you ready for a quick peek at what the red/blue/neutral strips are becoming?? I'll show you pieces parts and units...but it will be a while before you can see how they all fit together. But for today.....with the 1.5 hours of machine time I gave myself last night (after 9pm!) I ended up with this:

100 blue/red/blue rail fence units! (Maybe this could be my version of 12 days of Christmas? On the first day of Christmas Quiltville gave to me...a pile of rail fence blocks....Nahh, that doesn't sound too great! But you get the idea!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

And What Is She Up To Now?! :cD

It's a surprise!I will show you this much....3 bins....1.5" strips. All from recycled clothing! Mind you that not all are plaids or stripes. I also buy prints if they catch my eye, and I throw them in there to spice up the mix. The fun for me is that they are all recycled.

If you are a fabric scavenger like I am, don't forget to check the pajamas! Sleep pants are very popular and often have really interesting fabrics! I found a pair of 3X Old Navy sleep pants with the most wonderful red print. That's ALOT of fabric ;c) I go for the feel of the fabric, and of course reading the label to be sure it is 100% cotton. Another reason why women's shirts aren't always the best....lots of them are MOSTLY cotton, but have spandex in there for stretch..we don't want that.

I've found skirts to be a great source of recycled fabric, as well as jumpers and dresses. Don't forget to check those out!

Last night I got these cut! 3 bins of 1.5" strips in red, neutral, and dark blue. As for what it will become,you'll have to watch for updates, cuz I'm not tellin':cÞ

Yesterday was busy beyond belief. I had two dentist appointments in the morning. Yes, still dealing with the implant thing. I've got the temporary now. My insurance is maxed out for the year, plus we are changing insurances with Dave's new job in a few weeks, so we are going to lay off until after the 1st of the year to do any m ore work on it. At least the temp looks like a real tooth, and it is nice to be able to bite into things without worrying that it is going to come unglued and fall off.

Signed a bunch of papers to get the house listed yesterday too. You know, a gadzillion.. *sign here at the X* and it really really becomes real to you. At least it is to me. After that it was choir practice. I got home after 9pm and that is when I was so "WIRED" that I just kept pressing and cutting shirt parts and separating them into bins.

This morning the fix-it guy is here....and the Orkin man came to do his quarterly pest control to make sure we get a good inspection/appraisal. It's like grand central station over here.

This afternoon I have massage clients booked solid straight through from 1pm til 5...and then I come home and work on a client here for an hour and a half. That will be the extent of my entire day.

I'll just have to dream about these little strip bins and what they will become..when I have time!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On Leaders & Enders..

I had to start a new project with leaders & enders after finishing the Crabapples top last month! (Yes yes, it still needs quilting too! gimme a break!)

I really want to re-make the "Cathedral Stars" quilt that was raffled off at the beginning of the month. I really grew to love that quilt! So I started sewing 2" pairs together,matching a light with a dark. I did these while working on the "Swing Your Partner" quilt (I am liking the name more and more!) I just keep a plastic shoe box of 2" squares by the side of the machine, and grab a light and a dark to shove under the presser foot when ending a line of chain piecing. I have a cute basket at the back corner of my sewing desk where I would toss the finished 4 patches along the way.

This morning as I was cleaning up my area, I looked in the basket and WOW....there was a whole stack in there!

I decided to count them and see how many. How many do YOU think are in there?

I have this little thing I do. I hate counting stuff over and over and over, so I will pin things together in batches of 10. 10 blocks to each pin....and it is easy to figure out that way. Try it, you might like it!

I ended up with 97 four patches!! From making 16 of the milky way blocks, and sewing the triangle sashings and adding the borders. 97!!! Cathedral stars takes 305 4 patches, so I am about 1/3 the way there. How cool is that? This gets me stoked about leaders & enders all over again!

And of course while I'm counting and pinning little 4 patches together I'm not thinking or dwelling on all the stuff that needs to be done around here before I show the house? I also commiserated with myself by devouring the last of the pumpkin pie...for breakfast! And washed it down with a tall diet dr pepper....medicine to my soul!

Square Dancing.....

Thanks so much for all the quilt names! I love each and every one of them! When I look at the block, it looks like 4 people dancing to me. Like Square Dancing. I used to do this as a child.....my mom did too, and I loved to dress up in her square dancing outfits, and all the crinoline full slips that would swish and swirl when I would turn and turn and turn and make myself dizzy.. :c) Fond memories!

At first I was thinking of names of the dance steps the caller would call out. "Allemande Left" was one that came to me,but this quilt has such a farm feel to it that I think I am going to call it "Swing Your Partner".

What do you think?!

Update on the house fix-its....The hole in the ceiling where we had to fix the plumbing is now patched...mud is still drying, so couldn't be sanded today. The door knob holes are patched as well, and were sanded this morning as well as a couple other dents...the one in the stairwell where Jeff punched it, and the one behind the quilt that hung in the upstairs hallway...I guess he punched there too, thinking the quilt would cushion the blow? Needless to say he doesn't punch walls anymore!

We got a call last night from the relocation people. They want the house on the market for 30 days before they do the appraisal to see if it will sell on it's own before buying us out at fair market value. UGH. This time of year....quilt mayhem everywhere....Do I feel like showing a house? Like having strangers walk through this quilt mess that seems to continue into every room of the house? Do I have time to organize it all and scale down so the house looks showable? NO! I have a huge headache. DH says don't stress. HA! He isn't a woman trying to sell a house.

At least the fix its are getting done. Anyone else who sees the house is just going to have to look beyond my creative mess in progress...life has to go on. It can't come to a standstill to show a house.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Big And Flimsy....

It's really difficult to hang a big quilt top on a fence...the weight of it droops, the wind was blowing, trying to get it to lay flat to get a good picture just wasn't happening!

But the borders are ON!

I took my inspiration from a long leftover binding strip from the "Virginia Bound" quilt...it was all shirt strips joined on the diagonal, and you know how it is when you are piecing binding...I pieced about twice as much as I should have! So I only had to piece some more yet, and then inserted the red strip between the two shirting strips. I let the seams fall where they may!

I used the leftover triangle squares and some left over 4 patches to make the cornerstone units. Sometimes I struggle and struggle with a quilt design and other times the muse takes over and BAM it just works! This quilt? Well, I made the first 4 blocks WRONG...then couldn't figure out what was missing in the sashing...I guess I had my moments with it. But all in all, I think it turned out pretty great!

It needs a name...and I have to decide whether I want to hand quilt it (who am I kidding?!?) Or machine quilt it (Like how long will it be on the ever increasing pile until it reaches THAT stage?) I am thinking that big-stitch quilting would be great on this...*sigh*

Born to Quilt....Forced To Work! That's Me!

We've got a handy man here today fixing things on the house to get ready for the appraisal. Having teenage sons mean that they get angry and have occassionally hit the wall..literally! There is also the spot in the laundry room where a slamming door pushed the doorknob through the dry wall, and a few other "fix it" things that need to be done so we can get the best appraisal possible.You know, all those things you wanted to do while you lived there, but you do it before you move so some one ELSE gets to enjoy it? :cÞ

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Because I Can......

I tried and I tried and I tried, and I just didn't like any of the other options! I'm sorry guys....it just didn't work because these blocks are so big, plain sashings looked SO plain....lots of things looked washed out. Maybe I just don't follow other people's suggestions very well..or maybe I just march to the beat of a different drummer?

I knew it wasn't the red that was the problem, but it took some tries for me to figure out what it was! It was the brown gingham check. It was too LIGHT to go up against the light parts of the blocks! So I started digging in the stash and came up with a taupe-y grey/brown mushroom color stripe....PERFECT! It reads less intense than the red, but still darker than the lights in the blocks.

I wanted to keep the "mirror image" and "positive/negative" thing going on, and it just seemed to me the best way to do that was to stick with the original half-square triangle sashing. I bit the bullet and framed a couple blocks to see if I liked it better with the seam allowances gone. PRESTO! That was what it needed! I just finished setting everything together and I'm pooped. Do you know how hard it is for me to make 50 gadzillion half square triangle squares with only TWO FABRICS!!! Talk about mind numbing..there is a reason I do scrap quilts, remember? I think it has to do with my attention span! :cÞ

So...it still needs an outer border to frame it all, but I'm bleary eyed and wanting to crawl in and watch some TV before nodding off to sleep. Work week starts back tomorrow.....what a great holiday weekend it's been! I've sure enjoyed the down time and glad that we didn't have to go to Winston-Salem!