Saturday, February 11, 2023

Sewing The Day Away!

The design walls are star spangled at Quiltville Inn this week as the group challenge to each make Bristol is in full swing!

These blocks are Tracy's - and they are adorable!

Even more fun for me - do you remember last year when I opened up the bins of recycled shirt stash in the cellar and let them have at it?  I am loving seeing these shirts come out of the darkness and into the light in these wonderful quilts-in-the-making!

Oh, don't worry - they didn't take them ALL - and there are more shirt quilts in my future too.

The secret ingredient?  Adding so many fun and modern neutrals to the shirt plaids to brighten and lighten and add some whimsy.

Oh my word! I need this shirt!

And I ordered one.

You can too HERE.

They come in both unisex and women's cut styles - and several colors.  I ordered the women's cut in a heather gray and I can't wait.

Because what is better than quilting all day?  Quilt wear while quilting all day!

Tracy shared her triangle love!!

This too is all recycled shirts.  I love it!  It dazzles!

Barb bas also finished her Blue Ridge Beauty from the Addicted to Scraps book - all the way up to the binding, which is her Hen Den hand work project while here.

Blurry photo - I was so excited to see that it is also all recycled fabrics from shirts! 

There are another couple of projects at the forefront for me - but I'll be pulling out those plaid stars I have set aside back into play as soon as I get some things done.

A girl can't have too many plaids in play!

Betty's Punkin Patch blocks from String Frenzy  are also coming together.  We also agree that we can never get enough of string quilts. So cute!

I spy a Chilhowie ready to set together!

More gorgeous Bristol blocks in muted tones.

Things aren't all about strings and plaids here - check out this gorgeous Kaffe creation coming together in the foyer!

It's simply stunning!

The colors are so vibrant and make me think of summer.

And the Kaffe colors segued me home to this!

Something non-quilty, but still super colorful! And tasty!
While visiting my sister-in-law in Arizona I saw how she prepped all of her salad veggies and kept them in jars in her fridge.
It made salad prep and meal prep so simple!
I picked up 12 wide mouth pint jars, ordered the white plastic wide mouth lids and set to chopping, dicing, slicing and filling jars with everything I use on a regular basis.
I found a tote that will fit 12 jars easily and this slides onto a shelf in my fridge with no wasted space
This was even more fun than fabric organization! Lol!

I know what folks will ask what is in them - I've got:

shredded carrots
chopped celery
grape tomatoes
chopped green pepper
chopped sweet red/orange pepper
red onion
green onion
bacon bits
shredded Colby Jack cheese
crumbled feta
pickled banana peppers

My sister-in-law even had such things as black beans and corn in hers.  You can put what you like.

As for the chopped veggies - I know that the onions and peppers will last more than a week this way.

I am using pints because this fits my shelf space in the fridge with no wasted space and I'm the only one packing my lunch to work. And I would rather store my food in glass than plastic.

I love that I can slide the tote out to the counter, use what I want in fixing omelets for breakfast, or salads or whatever meal prep I need from this and then put the whole thing away in one motion.

I also love that I can see what I have and plan meals around using stuff up instead of reaching into the bottomless crisper drawer to find a bag with a cucumber gone to mush.  Yuck.  The worst.

And it's so pretty, isn't it?

I know folks pack whole salads in quart jars, but I have a bowl with a lid that is easier to add dressing to and eat out of - and that works for me.

The pint size canning jars jars are from Walmart as is the tote I set the jars in - it's just from the storage container aisle and fits 12 jars perfectly.

I ordered the plastic lids HERE because they are one piece, and rust proof.  You could just stick with the metal rings and lids that came with the jars if you want to.

Last night's binding in progress!

This is a big quilt - and I finished one side, turned a corner and am heading down the second side.

Someone else thought I should just give it up and love on her.

And so I did.

I've been checking the ever-changing weather forecast each morning trying to keep tabs on what will be happening here tomorrow.

As of this morning we are projected to have a high of 35 tomorrow and back to expecting 3-5 inches of snow.  

Which is SO MUCH better than 8-12 inches!

It will still give my Florida ladies some beautiful snow fall feels while being snugged in at retreat - and the roads will be clear for them to go home on Tuesday.  

We'll take it and embrace it!

Chilhowie has now been retired as a free mystery, has been rewritten, and is now presented to you as a PDF pattern booklet for purchase.

It is available in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop!

Nine-patches, Four-patches, Hourglass units and other quilter’s favorites combine in an explosion of color! 

Pattern includes 20 pages of full-color photos, graphics, and detailed instruction for your ultimate scrappy success!

All of the hints, tips, tricks and construction options we went through during mystery season are included so you can make Chilhowie YOUR way.

The best part?  No more scrambled parts and wondering which units go where.  It's all laid out for you step-by-step in a cohesive manner.

Quilt Size: 78’’ X 78’’

Optional but helpful: Essential Triangle Tool and either the Simple folded Corners ruler, or the Simple Folded Corners Mini.

Traditional rotary cutting methods are given for those who don't have access to these rulers.

And yes, there is a gift-away!  I'll be drawing for 2 winners to each receive  Chilhowie in PDF booklet form on Monday 2/13/23!

Introductory Special:

Chilhowie PDF Pattern Booklet is now 25% off through 2/28/23.  No coupon needed!  Hurry now and save!

Pattern reverts to full on 3/1/23.

Don't forget: Forever Mine is 25% off as well through 2/14/23.

Currently hanging in the Hen Den for Valentine's week!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

What we do makes a difference.
Yes, even the little things mean a lot.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ⁣


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