Thursday, February 16, 2023

All On A Mid-Month Wednesday!

It hit 60f yesterday!

You know what that means - this fair weather walker set it all aside mid-afternoon and headed out for some walking therapy.

And though I've taken photos of this area a bazillion times before over the past 6 years - I thought I'd post some more just to take you along with me for a bit.

Distance: 2.25 miles.  Calories burned 175.  Feeling pretty good about it all at this point!
That's Wilson creek on the left - just before it empties into the New River at the "Mouth" of Wilson creek.

And there she is - the beautiful New River!

A cabin, and a barn.

I wonder what it was like here "back in the day."

After turning around at the half-way mark and making my way back.

That's the old Halsey place in the distance.  

I know winter is not over. We are looking at rain through the weekend.  We've had snow storms in March and April in these parts.  

But I just needed to step away from the machine and be actively engaged in the world around me for however long the lovely temps lasted!

On a side note - I am over the moon with how much lighter it is staying in the evening.  Hooray!

For someone who can't drive at night - this is like being "ungrounded" and given some freedom back.

Sunny yellows!

I have a project brewing and I am addicted!  This is why I had to force myself to step away from the machine and go get that walk in.

These yellows are so captivating this time of the year - and there is more to come.  In other colors too.

Yes, I am paper piecing.  I love paper piecing when blocks are not squares, rectangles, or half-square triang.es.

This project may take a while, and I'm okay with that.  It doesn't have a deadline.  And yes there will be a pattern at the end, whenever that is.  I am promising myself not to stress this year.  Things will happen when they will happen.

I have my friend Barb to thank for this!

We were talking about irons and how we hate "auto-shut-off" irons that turn off too quickly.  I love my vintage irons, but I admit to having left them ON overnight when I forget to turn them off.

I love that this little auto-shut-off has a TIMER!  So you can choose to leave it on for 1, 2, 4, or even 8 hours before it shuts off.  Fantastic!

Oh, please pardon the lint, dust and schmutz that has attached itself to my thread wrapped vintage cord.  That cord attracts everything.

I ordered 4 of them.  2 for my stand up ironing boards (one at home, one at the QPO) and 2 for my "next to the machine" irons (one at the QPO, one at home.)

If this is something you think you could also use, I have added them to the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

It says it works well with curling irons, steam irons, cell phones, lights, seasonal decor, lamps, coffee pots and more.

Some slow quilting underway.

It's a start.  It's going to be a long while before there is a finish.

This solids quilt is very Amishy in nature - a top I pieced maybe close to 20 years ago.  I want the quilting to be a little less stately and more free, so I am freehand quilting the fans by eyeball - no marking.

It's been a while since I have quilted this way.  And it's fun!

If you want more info, check out my 2010 post on Freehand Fans from the Tips & Techniques tab.

I'm quilting with purple thread!

I love the texture.  

I'm also using Quilter's Dream batting REQUEST (lowest loft) and it quilts like butter!

And yes, it too is in the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

I love this batting for hand quilting. I have a hard time remembering what batting "name" it is - request or select - so I just keep in mind that it is the one with the BLUE label.

More solids love!

And I think YOU love it too!  I'm so glad - the response to this pattern has been just wonderful and I can't wait to see what you make with you solid scraps.

Did you enter the Gift-Away? Drawing happens 2/27/23!

If you love solids like I do, this is the quilt to let your love shine! Easy optional construction methods, 8 pages of instruction with full-color photos, graphics, tips, techniques and more.

Quilt Size: 71’’ X 71’’

Optional but helpful: I used my Essential Triangle Tool to make all of the many half-square triangles in this quilt from 2 strip widths.

Traditional rotary cutting methods are given for those who don't have access to these rulers.

If you used my Essential Triangle tool during our Chilhowie mystery, you've already got this down! 

To kick all of this scrappy fun off big time, I've placed Butterfly Kisses at 25% off in both the the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop through 2/28/23.

I'll be drawing for two lucky winners to each receive a Butterfly Kisses PDF pattern AND a gorgeous True Colors fabric roll from Cotton to Quilts!

This solids color roll is just the ticket to pump up your solids collection and add some pizazz!

And of course Chilhowie is also 25% off through 2/28/23 in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

It looks like we have another day in the 60s, and I'm thinking another walk is in order this afternoon.

Grab each opportunity while we can, right?  I have a lot of walks to make up for after the months of being down with this broken foot!

While the weather is fair - walk!

What do you have in store for today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Your gift isn't a gift unless you share it.
Our greatness is not in what we have, it's in what we give.
Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!


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