Friday, July 02, 2021

Walkin' With the Grateful Threads!

It has been a month since I wandered up this road -

I was bound and determined to get out with some other walking fans and see just how things were healing with the smashed tailbone issue.

The morning was cool - in fact a couple were in long sleeves, having arrived from Florida thinking that our 72 degree morning at 9am was too cold for their liking!

That's what happens when your blood goes thin from tropical heat!

Day lilies blooming along the roadside!

These are often denigrated to the term "ditch lily" around here, but I love their cheerful color and how they turn their bright orange faces towards the sun.

ALL of this blooming has happened while I've been NOT walking!

The round house, encircled!

There were other blossoms along the roadside, too -

The periwinkle blue of bachelor buttons - another favorite.

I love watching the exploration of first-timers!

Rhodies blooming by the little stream water fall.

Can hardly see this little enchanted place with all of the growth.

To the state/county line and back!

Those storm clouds are gathering -

Conversation is the best part of walking together!

Two more joined our retreat come afternoon time - and we have one more who will be coming by on Sunday, bringing the total to 11.

Design walls are filling up!

Happy quilters -

And 3 sets of mother/daughter pairs!

It's so fun to see how each retreat group brings their own dynamics into this space.

You should have heard the singing while we had the Neil Diamond channel playing through the sound bar on Pandora.  SO MUCH FUN!

Finished off with a fine meal with plenty for both the Hubster and me to join on in!

Why are we dining inside? Because the sky opened up and was raining buckets - torrents - complete with thunder.

The kind of storm when 5pm in JULY feels like 5pm in OCTOBER because it was so dark outside.

Love the sound of the rain on that tin roof - and all of the coziness happening inside!

It was pouring at 11pm when I drifted off to sleep  - the best kind of sleep ever.

But that means that our plan to go hike to see the ponies this morning will be waylaid until the muddy trails dry out a bit.  Perhaps a LATE Sunday afternoon visit before dinner time, finished off with fire-pit on Sunday, the 4th.

And for those wondering about WHEN they Leader & Ender challenge will be released - keep watching.  It has ALWAYS been July - and it will be soon. Still some fine tuning to do, and some graphics-making to finish and we'll be all set.  So SOON!

Still stringing the neutrals!

Bring on more scrappy fun -

And singing to the oldies!

I hope to be back at this by afternoon - I'll be spending the morning at the QPO taking care of all of those needful things, including the graphics -

Things to remember as we step into a long Independence holiday weekend:

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Are you having a family gathering or doing something fun for the 4th?  I'd love to hear about your plans!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage grandmother's flower garden quilt found in Kentucky.

I hope you woke up smiling this morning. Have a lovely Friday, everyone! 



  1. Every year our town has a pancake breakfast and a Fourth of July parade. The whole town turns out. We missed last year, but this year it’s happening. I own a store in town and I have a vintage little red wagon. I fill the wagon with flags and hand them about to friends, neighbors and customers along the parade route. It’s truly my favorite four hours of the year. This year the weather will be perfect. Then we will have a BBQ with my mom. So happy to celebrate this year!

  2. I see some familiar fabrics in tour neutral strings. Can’t wait to where they finally land.

  3. The blooms are gorgeous, even if they are called "ditch lilies"! I love seeing all the happy faces of quilters enjoying the inn. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  4. I'm glad that you got to join the quilters on the walk to the round house. Love that view of all the orange day lilies blooming in front of it. It is so neat to hear about mother-daughter pairs sharing a love of quilting/sewing. And throw in some Sweet Caroline!

  5. I LOVE Neil Diamond! I'm working on Grassy Creek--now where did the rest of the border units go?--and an older WIP. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    1. Just where I am on Grassy Creek too. I am trying to get the border before the small green one done and then the narrow border before my open heart surgery mid month.

  6. So happy to hear you are well enough to go walking! How I miss your thunderstorms, wish I was there. Looking forward to your releasing of the Enders and leaders challenge. I’m working on a memory quilt for a customer today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get lots of sewing in. Karlene

  7. My son & his family arrived late last night to spend the holiday with us. It’s the first time we’ve seen each other since covid began. So much fun to have my grandkids here! We will be sharing lots of hugs this week.

  8. People hate ditch lilies here but I love them. I actually planted them in the ditch. Anything is better than having to mow the ditch. Eventually they will fill in and save me some scary mowing.

  9. My MIL called the orange day lilies “outhouse lilies”! 😁😁

  10. After a week caring for dear grandson, a busy 2, we are planning a quiet restful weekend. Lots of quilting and husband will be barbecuing. To all, be safe with the high fire danger and fireworks.

  11. About a dozen of us retired folks in the neighborhood are getting together for a hotdog roast and maybe a few fireworks Sunday or Monday. It's not about the food so much as the camaraderie. We may be far from family but we are among friends. I'm working on string blocks for a group quilt. I'm so happy to hear you are healing, Bonnie. Just a word from experience: I had a similar injury six years ago and I still feel most comfortable with a cushion under me when I'm sitting on a wooden chair.

  12. Hey, I'm glad you're healed up enough to start easing back into the walks. Good to hear.

  13. The best celebration in the country, as far as I'm concerned, is in Seward, Nebraska (www.julyfourthseward.com) where my husband and I and our kids have been going for over thirty years. So, church, then Seward, then the parade there, then to some friends' lake house for swimming and eating...a perfect Fourth. :-)

  14. "Sweet Caroline'"and "Forever In Blue Jeans"......oh, does it get any better! Only if Neil were there in person.

  15. Bonnie I love your photos! So glad you can walk again! I love day lilies and have them in a zillion colors! Enjoy!

  16. I remember someone telling me that the 'ditch lilies' happened because the British coming across the ocean packed their dishes with the tubers and then scattered them when they got here. Neat story - I don't know if it's true.

  17. Rhodies? Day lilies? And Batchelor Buttons all growing wild? Bonnie you're killing me, LOL!

  18. It's my birthday on the 4th so I will have ice cream at some point. But mostly sewing will be done here! Party tonight but not for me! Just a 4th bash. It's been so long since we have been invited to a party! Have a great holiday weekend!

  19. We call those lilies Tiger Lilies and we have them planted at the top of the rock wall at the lake When we were stationed at Fort Dix NJ, that was the first time I saw them in the ditches. Reminds me a my newlywed days😉

    1. Yes, up in NE Penna. along the Delaware River we called them Tiger Lillies too!! Wild flowers are so pretty.

  20. The community where I live is having a block party on the 3rd so I'll be celebrating then. Will probably stay home and sew on the 4th.

  21. I spy Charlotte, Pat, Julia and Mags. Probably some others I know but faces changes after 10 years. So happy to know the Grateful Threads are still alive and kickin'. Looks like you all are having fun


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