Monday, July 19, 2021

Beating the Rain -

It was a "Hurry up before it rains!" kind of Sunday.

Not that we couldn't get dry if we got wet - but there is the slippery mud to contend with, and as we are all past the half-century-plus-ten mark (or close to it) mud and inclines, rocks and declines come into play when they are wet.

We were four plus one - Zoey! And I'm so glad we did this hike - I couldn't fathom we would see what we did!

Those clouds look ominous, don't they?

I had two small umbrellas in the van, and we carried them thinking we could double up under them if need be - mostly a thought to protect Siobhan's big camera from the wet should we need to.

Amazingly, we didn't need to.

You know how it goes?  If we had left the umbrellas behind - it WOULD have poured.

Summer wildflowers thriving!

But those clouds!

And then we saw them after hiking in about a mile.

There had been some rain the night before, just enough to make some areas muddy.  But I was thrilled that my 3 Pieceful Hearts gals would experience the ponies.  

Like whale watching, there is never a guarantee where they will be or if you will actually see any.

And this new one - too precious for words!

Hello there! Nice to meet you! Click to Play:

All of this - so cute!

How big are the ponies in actuality?

Not very!

No trick of camera here - even if Siobhan is a bit on a rise.

In the upper left is a mare lying down sunbathing with two foals.  We stayed away as it was a bit "peopley" over there, not wanting to spook or overwhelm them during their nap time.

It wasn't much longer after this that something amazing happened. Most of the time the animals are quite docile - just grazing along.

After filming the above clip, we heard a huge whinny, and this black stallion came screaming down the hill - tossing his mane, tail lifted. Such a majestic beast.

He came down to herd all of his harem back up the hill with much thundering of hooves and fanfare.
A few minutes later, that whole stampede over, the females had had enough, came back down the hill and recommenced what they were doing before he showed so much macho.

The stallion was really feeling his oats yesterday - as he tried running through and herding up the females a couple of more times. It didn't work.

I love it when the womenfolk can outstand the braggadocio of the patriarchy and just keep munching on!

We were nearly half-way back to the parking area when we could still hear his whinnying in the distance.  It was just amazing.

Four visible, but a few more down in the brush.

Well done, ladies!

We had a great hike, quite a few pony experiences, and nary a drop fell on us.

And since it was the weekend -

I was able to sit and sew with the ladies in the Quilting Quarters!

This is a project I started last year - no info on it yet, but stay tuned.

On an earlier trip to Wallburg I brought up my Sew Ezi table, and decided to use it with my 301 long bed.

The only issue was that the purple riser thingies didn't raise the machine high enough to be level with the table top.

Favorite old hack: Grab the thickets phone book you can find and then use the purple riser things to bring it to the right height.

Worked for me!

While cutting for another project I added a bunch more short 2'' strips to my Fish School basket. They will be handy for cutting out more block kits this way. 

There was some hand stitching on the back porch late afternoon!

There was more hand stitching happening on the front porch as well!

I have loved having the Pieceful Hearts gals here, and am glad for one more day with them.

How was your own weekend??  Have you started your own Rockabilly Swing adventure?  I'd love to see your blocks in progress!  Feel free to email me photos of your progress!

Fabrics from 1980s all the way to today -

Scraps in all colors, in every genre and variety.

You cheered me on as I made block after block after block in this adorable size - and watched as it was assembled, quilted, and bound.

And now you can start your OWN Rockabilly Swing journey with my PDF pattern which includes the printable paper foundation template.

The introductory price of Rockabilly Swing has been placed 25% off at $9.00 through July 31, 2021.  No coupon code needed. 

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -


It's a brand new week with new opportunities. Most of all, keep kind! 

Have a terrific Monday, everyone! 



  1. Hello to my friend Betsy from the Pieceful Hearts group! Bonnie, I love that you show pictures of your retreat guests working on their projects and taking hikes in the area. Sandy at sewhigh.blogspot.com

  2. Your phonebook fix reminds me of when I was a child too short to sit at the table. There was always a phonebook or two to help raise me up to reach the tabletop. I guess that's not an option anymore though, the books are so thin now.

    1. Or the encyclopedia! Great memories. Thanks for the smile!

  3. I really like the quote today. More kindness is a good thing. Loved the pic of Zoey and the foal. Adorable.

  4. i adore those eyelashes on that new foal!!! Thank you for sharing with us.. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Now you have a dilemma .. can I remove more pages from the thick phone book for string piecing? Will it still be thick enough to use as a machine lifter the next time? LOL Love the precious baby ponies.

  6. I haven't seen a phone book in years! I wouldn't know where to find one.

  7. Happy Monday
    Beautiful ponies.
    I believe that when a foal is born that their legs are at the height they will be when the foal is mature.

  8. Would have been so cool to have gotten a picture of that Stallion!! So glad you got the chance to experience it!

  9. Kindness, seems to be sorely lacking, at least in my experience. Spent the weekend enduring a very unpleasant neighbor, severely lacking in kindness. So I burried myself in cutting fabric strips for a scrappy border to frame my grandson's quilt.

  10. My Grandma had a pot that fit under me on a chair. Do you have an old frying pan to fit the space? The stallion was a great sight I'm sure. Sweet new foals, what a treat.

  11. I still have one of those thick original phone books and also receive them in my area but smaller. Love all those scenes and pictures of the ponies. What a wonderful area you live in Bonnie. Thanks for showing the retreaters at their favorite hobby.

  12. Just love those ponies & foals!! I hope someone got a picture of that stallion or a video!!

    We have a friend who spends a week by himself every year in the Smokies biking, camping, etc. … he just posted 2 beautiful photos of the wild rhododendrons!! 💕
    I must confess I am not working on the fishy L/E; I’m still having a great time sewing on last year’s with no triangles lol!! I’m ready to put the border on my Smith Mtn. top. Can’t wait to send you a photo but it may be awhile!!’ Christmas projects for gifts are currently calling my name now!

    Blessings everyone… love that wonderful Quiltville porch sewing!
    Marci H 💕

    1. I'm still trying to finish the 5th crochet afghan for one of my kids. All 5 of my children are grown and I had never made an afghan for them. 5 was a big load to take on for a years project. I love all the photos of the ponies and the ladies on the front and back porch doing their hand stitching. I also like seeing what is going on inside. I'm in love with the snails trail and want to get the pattern. I have lots of 30s fabrics and also civil war fabrics. Can't decide which to use for the snails trail.

  13. When I was a small child we too, used the phone book as a booster seat then we moved to a small town, changed to wood milk crates….☺️

  14. I love your quote. I always remember someone I knew fairly well, and how disappointed I was when I realized that he would always choose being clever over being kind--getting a laugh over considering someone else's feelings. I never looked at him the same way once I recognized that, and stopped laughing along with everyone else without considering who might be feeling hurt at the joke.

  15. Your header is no longer blurry! Whoohoo! Well, it looks fine to me this morning. Maybe the powers that be have corrected their techno stuff.
    What a wonderful sight, that miniature Champion the Wonder er, Pony! Well done the walking ladies taking home fabulous memories.


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