Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sew Pieceful Hearts, Sew!

How do you say "We had a great time!" without words? THIS PHOTO!

As I type up this post this morning from the QPO, the Pieceful Hearts gals are rounding up their stuff, packing the cars and getting ready for a 10 am departure as they have a 6 hour drive ahead of them.

And that leaves time for lunch somewhere, and a quilt shop stop or two along their way!

I will be heading out a bit before they do - I have that dermatologist appointment that NEEDS to happen.  I missed last year due to Covid.  I have some spots that look and feel suspect to me.  So I may be coming home with some frozen spots - 

But I digress!

This has been SUCH a wonderful visit!  

And that rain? It really only happened during the night if at all.


Design wall full of swap blocks!

And projects in progress!

I just love Leslies blocks - so fun!

So much productivity going on here - 

Dueling Featherweights!

I think our grand total was only 3 Featherweights this time around.

This was just a stack of fabric when retreat began!

Now it is a completed runner - just add binding!

This was something else I watched grow over the weekend -

Everyone was swapping paper pieced flower blocks!

I have do info on the designer or the pattern. But I love these!

Aren't they fun?

Mix and match the flower tops to the different stems and pots.

Busy Bee!


(These gals are from Georgia and South Carolina after all!)

If you have info on this pattern, please leave it in the comments section below.

Other works in progress - 

Rainbows of color!

Border choosing for some intense embroidery aka Sue Spargo!

We really couldn't ask for more!

Except for maybe more time.

And as I am also headed out for appointments (wish me luck!) I'll save the over-the-porch-rain quilt photos for tomorrow's post so stay tuned!

Have you started your own Rockabilly Swing adventure?  I'd love to see your blocks in progress!  Feel free to email me photos of your progress!

Fabrics from 1980s all the way to today -

Scraps in all colors, in every genre and variety.

You cheered me on as I made block after block after block in this adorable size - and watched as it was assembled, quilted, and bound.

And now you can start your OWN Rockabilly Swing journey with my PDF pattern which includes the printable paper foundation template.

The introductory price of Rockabilly Swing has been placed 25% off at $9.00 through July 31, 2021.  No coupon code needed. 

Rockabilly Swing is paper foundation pieced.  I have used Carol Doak's 8 1/2'' X 11'' Foundation Paper with much success.  It is available in the Rulers, Notions & Tools section of the Quiltville Store. (Limited supply)

You can also find it in the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store  Direct link HERE.

You can also use 8 1/2'' x 11'' newsprint, though it doesn't like some printers. (I get jams occasionally on mine)  It is also available HERE.

If this is your first time downloading digital patterns from my store to a computer click HERE.

If you intend to download to an iPhone/iPad click HERE.

And YES!  We are having a Gift-Away!  Did you enter on THAT POST?

Our winner will receive the PDF pattern for Rockabilly Swing AND a Jumble of Color roll from Cotton to Quilts!

If you are also in need of neutral stash enhancement, hit up Cotton to Quilts and see what Irene has curated just for you!

It was 57 brisk degrees when I arrived at the inn this morning to start on the laundry.  57! And foggy - you know what they say? The number of foggy mornings also adds up to the number of snowy days we'll have come winter.

I'm not ready to start counting those yet!  But that fog may make things a bit difficult seeing my way down the mountain pass. I'm giving myself a bit of extra time and caution.

How does your Tuesday look to be shaping up?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Life is a lot like the safety demonstration on an airplane.
You have to adjust your own oxygen mask before you can help others.
Start with you!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!



  1. Pretty sure those paper pieced flowers are from Amy Friend (@DuringQuietTime). Possibly her Field & Flutter quilt with blocks from her book called something like Petal and Stem?

  2. I get so much quilty inspiration each week seeing all the design wall pictures.

  3. I would love to know the pattern source for all those wonderful paper-pieced flower and garden patterns!

  4. The pattern for the flowers and ant and bee blocks is from the book Petal and Stem by Amy Friend. Those ladies did a beautiful job with their swap blocks! What a great idea.

  5. The patterns for the flowers are in a book by Amy Friend (a paper piecing master!). The book is called Petal + Stem. I have been playing with it and it is so much fun and really not very difficult.

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Amy Friend has a book called Petal +Stem. The flower blocks could be from her book.

  7. I believe the paper pieced flowers are from Amy Friend, During Quiet Time. She has an Etsy shop with many patterns. Her book Petal and Stem, has many patterns.

  8. The flower blocks look a lot like the one's from Amy Friend's book Petals and Stems.

  9. The flower blocks look a lot like the one's from Amy Friend's book Petals and Stems.

  10. I believe the paper pieced flowers are from Amy Friend’s, Petal and Stem book. She has a website, During Quiet Time and an Etsy Shop.

  11. The paper pieced block are by Amy Friend from her book Petal and Stems.

  12. You have probably already heard. But Amy Friend of "During Quiet Time" is the designer of those paper-pieced blocks. I highly recommend her book, which has most of those patterns in there. But I will probably give in and buy the ant and snail as they are seperate. hahaha. Love your posts.

  13. What a fun group! Again!

    Those lovely paper pieced flowers are Amy Friend of During Quiet Time patterns. Her book title Petal + Stem has most of them. Some may be individual designs from her Etsy shop. They're lovely and so nice to see in prices. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Looks like another fun group of quilters!

  15. For the paper pieced flowers try duringquiettime.com by Amy Friend. She has a book as well as several patterns.

  16. I recognize the paper pieced blocks. I love them! The patterns are by Amy Friend of During Quiet Time. https://duringquiettime.com/
    I believe some are from her book and some are extras that are available online as pdfs in her shop. Her paper piecing patterns are always well done.

  17. Good luck at the doctor's. Hope everything is OK.
    And I am intrigued by that floral quilt!

  18. It looks like the mix and match flowers might be from the book Petal + Stem by Amy Friend.

  19. finally i know the answer. book is 'petal & stem' by amy friend. her website is https://duringquiettime.com .. she also does lots of improv stuff. very talented. patti in florida

  20. I really need your cheer right now. My very best friend of 50 years is not expected to make it - no it is not a COVID situation. My time has been thinking about all of the trips and times we have spent together and the life we have lived as friends. She has been like a sister. Funny she doesn't even quilt!! Enjoy all those good times together when you can and take pictures!!

    1. Just an update my friend Renee passed away at 2:30 today. She will be missed by many, especially me.

    2. It is hard to lose a friend, especially a "sister". The memories are all we get to keep, but they are precious. Be kind to yourself, enjoy her company as long as you can.

    3. Hugs and prayers for you and your friend. It is always difficult to lose someone.

    4. I am sorry you and your friend are going thru such a hard time. Friends like that, the ones who knew you when you weren't an adult, mother, wife, grandmother, are the absolute best. How fortunate you kept your friendship alive all these years. She is lucky to have you with her thru this last adventure.

    5. 🙏🙏🙏💜

  21. I think the mix and match flower blocks are from Amy Friend's (During Quiet Time) book "Petal and Stem"

  22. Flower blocks look like Amy Friend's designs. During Quiet Time dot com is her site. Here is a photo from her instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPGx94XhGMS/

  23. I recognize the ant pattern. It's from Amy Friend who has the blog During Quiet Time. She has a book out called Petal + Stem which is probably the pattern source for the flowers and stems on the design wall.

  24. Really enjoying all of the design wall and over-the-porch goodness from your groups of retreaters. Nice sewing, folks!

  25. Bonnie, best of luck at the doctor today. Amazing freezing technique can take care of so much! Thanks a million times over for sharing the creativity of all the retreaters....brings us calm and enthusiasm for something new.
    Message to: Brenwall61: blessings on your friend and you as you remember all the wonderful times together. Treasures to keep.🙏

  26. I love reading about your retreats. Looks like so much fun!

  27. Reading your blog postings every morning with my coffee starts the day off right. And I love how, in the quilting community, you just need to mention or show a block and someone has all the info. I have been introduced to so many quilters and books and techniques that way.


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