Friday, July 30, 2021

Beat the Heat!

There were just a couple of us that made a pilgrimage down to the river yesterday morning.

Granted - the July Quiltvillians had just arrived Wednesday evening, some of them having driven 3 days to get to us.  So "pilgrimage" really is the proper term!

Many were still barely waking when I asked who wanted to go as I walked in the door at 9am.

I get it!  But I'm also really glad that I could find just a couple of folks to come stretch their legs with me!

Thanks to everyone who reminded me that these beautiful hlue wild flowers are chickory. 

But just like quilt blocks and their various names all for the same thing - there are other names for chickory!

Common chicory is also known as blue daisyblue dandelionblue sailorsblue weedbunkcoffeeweedcornflowerhendibehhorseweedragged sailorssuccorywild bachelor's buttons, and wild endive.

So those of us who were calling it cornflower or bachelor's buttons were not wrong.

I also know now that the bright orange mushrooms I showed in yesterday's post are called Jack-o'-lantern mushrooms.  And they are not good - not that we would eat them anyway.  

It was just interesting to see what they did, and they are now gone.

Yesterday's walk along the river.

It still got pretty hot yesterday!

The obligatory state line photo op!

Things are getting busy in the Quilting Quarters!

Design walls are just beginning to fill up!

Jean is working on Weed Whacker from the Free Patterns tab!  Such a fun way to use up 2'' strips, complete with bonus triangles!

I can't wait to see her project grow on the wall over the next several days.  

Pokémon is in the house!

And so is Straits of Mackinac from String Frenzy!

And there has been some assembly going on of my own.

These blocks have sat in a box for about 3 months.  I had the sashings cut and everything, but I needed a time when I could lay them out and sew them up before Lola could block surf everything into oblivion.

And then my fall down the stairs happened - tail bone/backside injuries prevented me from being able to stretch and bend and layout and pick up.

Yesterday I finally felt brave enough to tackle this.  I can feel it this morning.  I needed to bend and move and stretch.  As we age it really IS a 'Move it or lose it" situation when it comes to our flexibility.

And that goes for walking too.  If you stop walking because it's hard - it's only going to get harder.  So do what you can without exhausting yourself.  And then the next time push it a bit farther.

We CAN do IT!

And I did!

I have the whole top webbed and off the floor.  There was no surfing of blocks for Lola last night! LOL!

over the next few days I'll be doing the cross-seaming. I don't know if I'll do borders or not.  I just wing it as I go.

I'm calling this quilt Boxy Bow Ties and it will be available as a PDF pattern in due time.

I'm just happy to know that I can survive a quilt lay-out-and-pick up!

(No, I do not have a full size design wall that is 100'' tall or 100''wide and I don't want one.)

Zoey Jo - chillaxin' on a Summer evening!

I left the gals at Quiltville Inn as their dinner was in the prep stage, and headed home to fix my own.

Though the days have been hotter than I like, the evenings do cool down and I really enjoy being out on the porch.

So does Zoey!  (Aren't those ears a crazy crack up?!)

What did you get up to for your Thursday? I hope you had a good one!

Rockabilly Swing is still at our 25% off introductory price through July 31, 2021! (Only 2 days left to save!)

Fabrics from 1980s all the way to today -

Scraps in all colors, in every genre and variety.

You cheered me on as I made block after block after block in this adorable size - and watched as it was assembled, quilted, and bound.

And now you can start your OWN Rockabilly Swing journey with my PDF pattern which includes the printable paper foundation template.

The introductory price of Rockabilly Swing has been placed 25% off at $9.00 through July 31, 2021.  No coupon code needed. 

Rockabilly Swing is paper foundation pieced.  I have used Carol Doak's 8 1/2'' X 11'' Foundation Paper with much success.  It is available in the Rulers, Notions & Tools section of the Quiltville Store. (Limited supply)

You can also find it in the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store  Direct link HERE.

You can also use 8 1/2'' x 11'' newsprint, though it doesn't like some printers. (I get jams occasionally on mine)  It is also available HERE.

If this is your first time downloading digital patterns from my store to a computer click HERE.

If you intend to download to an iPhone/iPad click HERE.

And yes, fabric rolls are still available at Cotton to Quilts to enhance your scrap stash, so check them out.  It's always more fun to sew in some new fabrics along with the older saved scraps - it gives everything new life.

The wind has kicked up this morning.  It's not supposed to be as hot.  I know the ladies will be busy working on all things quilty and enjoying their time together.  I plan to join in!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

If you aren't happy with yourself, make a change.
Start small and build on it.
We are not limited by our past, the future is wide open!

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Thanks for the pep talk about exercising! I needed to hear it today!

  2. omg... you are so RIGHT... I must start walking again, even if only a little bit, I'm finding it harder and harder... gotta reverse that process! Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration... as sppm as it cools down a bit -- it's just too easy to sit and sew!!! Everybody have a great weekend, and once again, Thank you, Bonnie! Cats in Carlsbad CA <3

    1. Remember Cats, you don't have to walk a marathon every day. You don't even to have to walk a mile. Walk 6 blocks 3X for 6 days. Week 2 up it to 10 blocks for 6 days. Work your way up 1 week at a time to that mile. Do a mile twice/day or do 2 miles. You really never have to do more than that to get the balance/strength for everyday life. You may find you want to go further which is great if you make that choice.

      EVERY step makes a difference!

    2. Dear Cats-my heart doc told me to walk 30 min. a day 6 days a week. I'm working on it. Pretty hot in Texas nowadays!


  3. So glad you're recovering from that nasty fall down the stairs. Missed seeing you out on the trails with the in house companies.

  4. So glad you are able to bend and go on and off the floor again. I dislike exercise, but I need it if I am going to be able to lay out my projects, test fabrics and make a lovely mess. And the grandchildren are a huge motivation for me to stay active and strong enough to lift them, throw balls, push the swing, chase and climb. Thanks for the daily fabric love.

  5. We just did our mile+ walk with the dog. Usually we do 3 walks a day, but it is too hot. I'm getting lots of sewing done in this heat!

  6. Love boxy bow ties! I downloaded the Google Lens app to identify plants that I don't know. It's a fun app to play with.

  7. Glad your tailbone injury is continuing to improve!

    Chicory (by any name) is one of my favorite wildflowers. Love that periwinkle color. Sadly, it's no good as a cut flower - the blossoms shrivel in minutes no matter what. I'd love to bring a big handful of them into the house, but I just enjoy them on the roadside. A big thick row of them along the edge of a gravel road is such a pretty sight!

  8. The AC man is finally coming after a week with our part!! Today I will be going back into my sewing room and reintroducing myself to my fabric and get organized to get some sewing done. So excited!!! 100 degree days are really wearing down but they will not last long. I grew up in the days of fans only. My brother told me that years ago Mom and Dad went out to sleep under a tree in the yard. That lasted until Mom woke up with a horse kissing her. LOL Have a blessed day.

  9. Do you have any plans to publish another book? I love your books, have them all. Thanks!

    1. Not at this time. I'm turning toward digital patterns only so they are available to everyone globally. I had lost my love for designing all of the content to go in a book - it's such a long process. I like this much better. Be looking for more PDF patterns to come!

    2. LOVE your PDF patterns...a smart way to go! Thanks, Bonnie!! --Connie

    3. Will you be doing a PDF pattern for your Diamond Tile quilt?

  10. Weed Whacker was the first "Bonnie quilt" I made ... that was many "Bonnie quilts" ago!! Fun and quick to do. Enjoyed that little walk down memory lane. Off to order Rockabilly Swing now!

  11. I, too, love your books. Right now I'm gathering greens to make Emerald City in String Frenzy for my youngest daughter, such a lovely pattern! I really like 2-color quilts; her favorite color is green, and so this will be such fun, as my favorite colors are greens and blues. Thank you again for your wonderful blog, I so enjoy it, and for all the patterns you create.

  12. I love and have all of your books. I print out your free patterns and any PDF patterns and put each one of them in a labeled report cover. I look forward to your daily post (except Sunday). You have done so much for my world of Quilting. Until next time, stay safe, stay cool and keep on creating and sharing.

  13. So glad you are feeling better after your fall. It takes time to heal and get back to normal movements. Love your sharing with us!! Thank you!!

  14. How funny that one little flower can have so many names? Our forecast is high 80's to low 90's which is hot for our area. Our temperatures this time of year are normally mid to high 70's. (northwest Washington)

  15. I agree with walking. There are several hills I've come across that I labelled "killer hills" having to gasp several times as the asthma complained (blue puffer before starting helped) and now all those hills are done without stopping once and no need for the blue inhaler either and have breath left at the top. It can be done, just pace yourselves and don't overdo it at first then you too will become mountain goats! LOL!
    Lovely photos as usual. I do get a kick out of seeing the area and the ladies enjoying it all. Thankies muchly. xx

  16. Dear Bonnie, some time ago you mentioned some socks that you like. I got some through your Amazon "store" and want you to know that they have been a lifesaver! I got my DH three pair for Christmas, and he told me they were too tight. They are supposed to be snug, I said. But they sat in his sock bin for months. Then he had medical problems, causing his feet to swell. I suggested trying the socks and, since he was at the end of his rope, he agreed. Now that's all he wears because they actually work. (Duh!) Thanks, Bonnie, for all you do for us!

  17. You need to add another name to the common names for Chicory...Ragged Robin...


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