Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Grateful Threads & Sew Many Quilts (Over the Rail!)

I waved goodbye to the Grateful Threads yesterday - car by car, stuffed to the gills once again with all of the things a quilter needs for a week's retreat away.

And more!  Because there was a Saturday jaunt up to Batiks Etc in nearby Wytheville - and there is now NEW fabric inspiration going home for more projects!

All of the patriotic red white and blue!

Three mother/daughter pairs!

Threads that bind!

It all started with members of the Southern Comforters guild in Maryland.

Several have moved to other states - and are now found in Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia!

Retreat is a great way to bring friends back together after such a long separation.  

And I feel honored to be included!

And those design walls?

There was NEW STUFF yesterday morning when I walked in! LOL!

Pat is diving in to some rectangular string blocks -

I love this color combo!

I caught Lisa machine quilting this lovely!

(Yes, she STARTED it on retreat and is machine quilting!)

I love the back!

Such a great way to use up all of the leftovers from the front - and include those two beautiful panels.

Kate was working at putting this fun baby quilt together.

I love that this space is so full of color, texture, and inspiration.

And this afternoon it begins again!

I may be taking a short trip over to West Jefferson - we have a rotating drawer of "tupper-stuff" containers.  Folks need containers to take their extra food and leftovers home, so we have instituted something new.

It seems that ever couple of weeks I'm off to Dollar Tree to buy new containers with lids - because they go home with folks!

So now I'm purchasing ahead and stocking them back - should anyone need a container to take home the leftover banana pudding - it's $1.00 per container so I can replace what they are taking.

Who would think we'd have a tupper store at the inn?  But it is working great.

Anyway - after yesterday's departure, the drawer was empty, and I am off to restock.

I should be back by lunch time and at my own machine - I am a woman on a mission.

One thing accomplished for me this week - ALL of my Addicted to Scraps column blocks for the 2022 issues of Quiltmaker Magazine are in the mail today.  

Fish School Leader & Ender challenge issued?  CHECK!

Blocks off to Quiltmaker? CHECK!

That means the next deadline to shoot for is:

It's JULY for crying out loud - what happens in 3 months time? That mystery isn't going to make itself.

And then there is THIS happening July 15th:

Sneak Peek!!

Rockabilly Swing PDF pattern release coming soon!

Okay - I think I've said all that's on my mind right now - time to kick this Wednesday morning into gear.

What have you got on your plate for today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

People will always remember how we made them feel -
Happiness is contagious, spread it around!
Vintage Rocky Road to Kansas quilt found in Kansas of all places - I'm getting the urge to pull out the recycled plaids and do something!



  1. Another pause in my Grassy Creek today and tomorrow. I have grandson time planned. However, I have got the COVID Havoc backing done and ready for the LAQ and a small Baby Quilt also. Yesterday after a trip to the grocery store I got 10 Grassy Creek blocks ready for settings. Progress.

  2. I just love looking at the quilts over the railing and trying to name the quilt pattern of each one! That porch was made for quilt photos!

  3. I’m hoping my shoulder will hold up to a couple of lines of quilting today. The hubby has on his to do list to get my machine set down into an adjustable table so I can have it at the right height. It is so hard on my tendonitis riddled shoulders to hold them up to reach the bed of the machine when it’s a good 6” too high. Plus, the quilt gets caught on the bed of the machine as I’m wrestling it around. He has everything to fix it, but right now his truck engine is torn apart and he has to get it back together so he has transportation. Hopefully before the month is out, I will have my new table.🥳🥳. In the meantime, I’m trying to do one or two lines of quilting each day. May get the quilt done by the end of the month too.. hope everyone has a productive day!

  4. Bonnie, what a joy living vicariously through your guests! The Grateful Threads are truly an inspiration to us all; beautiful quilts. Yes, I agree Quiltville railing was made for quilt displays...who would have thought that 100 years ago!?! You embody today's quote of the day! Thank you!!!

  5. Bonnie,

    You are definitely somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody. And I only know it from your posts. I can't imagine how awesome it is to be around you in person. I sure appreciate your skills and your positivity. You rock!

  6. What beautiful quilts and memories being made at the Quiltville Inn!

  7. Beautiful quilts and memories being made at the Quiltville Inn!

  8. Beautiful quilts and memories being made at the Quiltville Inn!

  9. Spent my day at Akron City Hospital where my BFF had neck surgery. All is good. A few days of pain in the neck for having the feeling in your arm back.

  10. I just finished putting Blue Skies together in rows!!! Pictures to follow soon. Whew!!! Marilyn Marks

  11. I am working on some quilts as fast as I can. I am facing shoulder replacement surgery at the end of the month. Severe arthritus (guess arthur lost his wife somewhere along the way...tee hee) and a torn rotator cuff to be replaced the end of the July Then I face 6-8 weeks of therapy and misery.Can't be as bad as it's been the past few months. You would know that this happens when the border to Canada is closed. And where is our cabin? You guessed it. Canada. So a summer of quilting at home with the sewing center I live with set up-GONE. Well, this too shall pass. Enjoy your summers ladies!

    1. Borders are opening again! Hooray. Hope your surgery and recovery go well.

  12. I knew we were close to your retreat center - I'm in Wytheville and will be going to Batiks Etc. today.
    Love looking at those quilts - sure keeps the creative juices flowing!

  13. You have so many great ideas for making quilters feel at home and also to be productive at retreats.


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