Monday, July 12, 2021

Saturday Hike-About!

Hiking to see the ponies along the Appalachian Trail that crosses through Grayson Highlands State Park is a bit like whale watching.

You know the whales (ponies) are out there somewhere, but there is no guarantee of finding them along the trail, and if you happen upon them, they won't be in the same location as your last visit.

I took a handful of gals from Judy's Stitchers who were retreating at Quiltville Inn up for a morning hike on Saturday.

Summer vacation time means the park is busy - and gets busy quickly with folks trying to beat the afternoon heat. (If you can call high 70s and low 80s high here!)

I love the oohs and ahhs from flat landers as they see our vast views!

Yes, they really are blue!

And it was a beautiful morning for some exploring!

Our first pony sighting -

Mama and foal, right by the AT sign!

It's quite the uphill hike to get to this crossing spot.

We just take it as slow as the slowest amongst us needs to go, taking breaks when we need to.  The photo ops are many!

Can you also tell by that sky that we were hoping to beat the rain?

Evidently Mama had had enough of our photo taking and was moving baby on -

Yes, ladies - you can now boast of hiking on the Appalachian Trail!

Not Queen Anne's lace - This is a tree or shrub.  Any ideas?

Some full sized riders came our way -

Their little dog just trotting along side.

Zoey wanted to go with them too!

We'd made it to our resting spot!

What do you think, ladies?

It is so beautiful up here - 

And this wee one?

It was curious enough to come sniff this little girl just sitting on the ground!

Curious about Zoey too!

Welcome to the world, little one!

Nita resting - we deserved a bit or respite before heading back down again!

More bee balm.  I think it just might be my summer favorite!

Zoomed in to get this - not very clear, but that COLOR!  Ooooh!

I'm glad we had an early arrival.  By the time we were on our way back down, we were meeting group after group heading up, and the trail was getting a bit crowdy.

We did beat the rain - and stopped for an ice cream treat at Corner Market/  Key Lime Pie ice cream, anyone?  OH! The best!

We've had a bit of rain every day - and yesterday afternoon it came down in buckets and droves - the whole thunder and lightning show.

Luckily it was done by evening time so we could spend our last evening together around the fire pit!

There has been much sewing and creating happening.

Though Judy's Stitchers are heading homeward today, I have enough photos to share over the next couple of days - so be ready for more!

How was your weekend?  Did you get any stitches in? Visit with family or friends? 

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

This is something I’m working on. Trying not to focus on stress and let it take charge of how I feel. ⁣

There are a couple of curve balls I am dealing with, and I am determined to turn them into something positive!

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!⁣



  1. Thanks for sharing photos of your area. So beautiful!

  2. Beautiful beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. It helps MY stress!

  3. Your mystery shrub is Sambucus nigra, or common elder. Yes, the plant that gives you elderflower cordial or champagne.

    1. I thought so. Thanks for the name.

    2. Does it give us the elderberries for elderberry that is good for immunity?

  4. Stress, my number one enemy. Love your quote of the day. Hope your curve balls don't get you down. One thing at a time is my number one quote right now.

  5. Elderberry!
    Love the ponies!

  6. The plant/shrub you wondered about is a hydrangea. This is a type that has its little flowerettes bloom individually instead of all at once, as an Annabelle type does. They are all gorgeous.

  7. Bonnie, I believe you found some wild elderberry

  8. LOVE those sweet ponies & the beautiful “blue” mountains!!
    Bonnie, praying those curve balls will straighten up for you!!!

    This morning my bestie & I pack up & leave our other bestie’s home after our 3 day retreat to drive 2 1/2 & 3 1/2 hours away. Our first time together after 2 years! It’s been wonderful & of course time flew! I talked as much as sewed but it was so great to be together again!
    We realized on day 3 that all 3 of us are making Christmas quilts! I am working on Bonnie’s new Pine Tree pattern & one friend finished the second to the last row of Unity!!
    Today I’ll bask in the afterglow with a big smile on my face!
    Blessings to you all!! Marci H

  9. Could that bush be an elderberry?

  10. Bonnie, you might enjoy trying out the Seek app or Picture This when you are on your hikes - they both have a free version and when you take your pictures through the apps as you hike they will identify the plants (and bugs!) you come across. It's not always sure (best to get them flowering) but it's been a lot of fun for me to wander in my new-to-me backyard figuring out what is what. Your picture might be elderberry?

  11. Lovely pictures. All we have here in Idaho this morning is smoke from all the fires.

  12. Lovely pictures. All we have here in Idaho this morning is smoke from all the fires.

  13. That bush is an Elderberry

  14. That shrub might be Elderberry. I'll ask my son-in-law.

  15. Yes. He confirmed it. "Looks like Elderberry to me." He should know, as it kept trying to take over their backyard in Louisville.

  16. I love seeing the photos of our hikes! Oh for 70s and 80s...such a gift that would be.

  17. My hubster has an app on his phone that identifys all sorts of plants/flowers that we encounter whilte hiking.

  18. Love seeing the mountains and the wild horses. Wish all animal's could have a place to live like that instead of compeating with cars. Seen a lot of deer and other animals hit by cars or trucks. Sad

  19. Your unknown shrub leaves and flowers look like a lace top hydraenga, different from the pom-top and the pointy top flower, here in the PNW.

  20. Looks like heaven! Is this NC? or VA.? curveballs are under control. Take care

  21. There will be lots of great berries on that Elderberry later in the year!

  22. I'd say elder too. We have loads here and I've planted more. Apparently you can also cut a stem off and stick it in the ground and it should take easily. Not done that - I'd already bought some - arrrghhhh! But I'll certainly have a go soon!

  23. The Beebalm holds loving memories of my granny. She used to make sirup out of it. The purest taste of summer one can imagine.

  24. The shrub with white flowers is elderberry; later there will be small berries.

  25. Here where I live in Kwazulu-Natal South Africa we are in a State of Emergency. Riots and looting a the rule of the day. Iam fortunate to not live anywhere near a city and shopping malls so at the moment we are reasonably safe. But I'm worrying about my fabric stores ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿwhat happens if they run out of fabric. Staying in my sewing room and keeping busy. Please pray for us.

    1. Many thoughts and prayers for peace and safety. I must say I had a good chuckle about fabric stores running out of fabric being a concern! Only a serious quilter would think of that.

  26. I have an app on my phone called snap plant. Works great for identifying flowers and shrubs!!

  27. I have a plant identifier app on my phone so I took a photo of your photo and the app identified the plant as elder/elderberry :)
    I love the photos of the ponies


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