Saturday, July 31, 2021

All of That Cross-Seaming!

Do you find when a project sits for a long time you can forget some of the details of how you originally wanted to lay it out or finish it?

Such was the case with my assembly yesterday. Here I am putting the LAST two seams in!

I thought for sure I was going with a rectangular quilt - but there was one block left over.

Time to change my thinking, do some math, and figure out just what it was I was going for!

As it is, I ended up with a square quilt in a larger size than I thought it would be thanks to the addition of the sashing that came as an after thought.

The Biggie is NO BIGGIE - All of the beds in my house are either queen or king - my sons also have larger beds. 

But now that it is big and square I'm really thinking it needs a border.  So I'm thinking this will rest for a while again until I come up with something that I want, not just something that will "do".

Are you ever that way with your own projects?

And while all this is going on - Bitcoin is happening next door!

Aren't these looking great?

I am so excited to see this come together!

There are new things up on the design walls every time I go over.


And this.  What is this thread mess?

There is not enough thread on this cone left to even quilt a baby quilt.  It's pretty much down to the end.

I am trying to "use up" things that have hung around for too long - so my "other" job yesterday was to wind this off onto bobbins to use for string piecing - because who cares what color the bobbin thread is when you are sewing multi colored strips of fabric together?

It's 40 wt - but again, it's for string piecing so what does that matter?

Use it up and let it be gone!

It felt so good to toss that empty cone in the trash.  My drawer has just a bit more breathing room in it now.

Are there things you do when things like this get down to the tail end?

I went out to let The Hubster know that dinner was just about on the table.  I decided right then that dinner could be put on "warm" for just a while longer because::

Click to Play:

Never interrupt a man who is washing your car!

Especially if he is doing it without being asked - just from the kindness of his heart.

Or maybe to keep me from embarrassing him with how dirty my van is while driving between home and the inn.  LOL!

We have an easy going weekend ahead. I actually have some errands to run, so instead of doing that by myself, my friend Martha and I are going to share the ride.

Her hubs and mine are going out on the motorcycles this morning and we'll meet them up for lunch on our way back.

It's a fire-pit night tonight with the July Quiltvillians - and I don't think we'll be rained out like we were last group!

All in all - an easy breezy weekend ahead.

How are things shaping up in your neck of the world?

It's the LAST DAY!

Rockabilly Swing is still at our 25% off introductory price through TODAY July 31, 2021! 

Fabrics from 1980s all the way to today -

Scraps in all colors, in every genre and variety.

You cheered me on as I made block after block after block in this adorable size - and watched as it was assembled, quilted, and bound.

And now you can start your OWN Rockabilly Swing journey with my PDF pattern which includes the printable paper foundation template.

The introductory price of Rockabilly Swing has been placed 25% off at $9.00 through July 31, 2021.  No coupon code needed. 

Rockabilly Swing is paper foundation pieced.  I have used Carol Doak's 8 1/2'' X 11'' Foundation Paper with much success.  It is available in the Rulers, Notions & Tools section of the Quiltville Store. (Limited supply)

You can also find it in the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store  Direct link HERE.

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And yes, fabric rolls are still available at Cotton to Quilts to enhance your scrap stash, so check them out.  It's always more fun to sew in some new fabrics along with the older saved scraps - it gives everything new life.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This may be said with tongue in cheek, but I find it amazingly true!
Have a terrific weekend, everyone!



  1. Have fun this weekend and as always, I so enjoyed the quilt! Thanks for sharing the pictures of what's happening at the Inn!

  2. For our anniversary this past week, I asked if we could wash the Dodge Ram truck. It's our "utility" vehicle and carries mulch, motorcycles, and Christmas trees. The poor thing was so dirty, it took 2 times to get all the crud off! I like your husband's pressure nozzle on the hose. Love your quilts and hearing about all the groups who come to visit. Someday I would love to get there!

  3. I have some tidying to do in my house that should take far less than an hour, then the bulk of the day will be spent continuing on the Box Kite blocks from your trip to Omaha in 2018. I have 85 done, and have most of the rest cut out and partially sewn; today I'll finish the initial sewing and get the trimming and ironing done. It feels glorious to be steadily approaching the assembly stage!

  4. Wish I knew your secret to the cross seaming. I've tried it twice and I always get my blocks out of order. There has to be a secret. Have a great day.

  5. I worked for awhile at a big box store and for Mothers Day our boss washed all of our cars as a thank you for us having to work that Sunday, was the nicest gift I ever got!

  6. That quilt sure will be fun and happy, no matter how you decide to finish it up. Cute design!

  7. I keep a pretty glass bowl in my sewing room and toss in my empty spool reels. Last year, I had 27. (lots of mask making) So far this year, I have not emptied a spool. I am working on more quilting and less assembly. But, I have my first empty after this week of power top assembly.

  8. Love how he's washing your vehicle. Is that a regular hose with a special attachment or is it a pressure washer? We need to learn how to do it like this!

  9. Love your inspirational quote! My husband asked what I was laughing about! PS heading your way Wednesday as one of the August Quiltvillians. Super excited!

  10. can anyone tell me the name of the blue and tan quilt that is pictured in your blog


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