Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Waving Judy's Stitchers Home!

We grabbed some overcast "between the rains" time on Sunday morning to photograph all of the quilts made by Judy's Stitchers along the side porch at Quiltville Inn.

Weather has been - WEATHER!  Summer humidity and the edges of tropical storms that finally made their way in this direction had rain falling in buckets during the afternoon hours.

Usually the west-facing side porch is shaded until near dinner time this time of the year - but with a bit of cloud cover there were no shadows.  So we went for it!

How many quilts do you recognize?

Another reminder that the "volunteer" walnut tree needs to be removed!

I love these smiling faces, and their quilts are amazing!

There were plenty of quilts to sleep under!

I love them all!


Three versions of our Unity Quilt!

So different, and so gorgeous!

And this is where quilts ended up when they weren't over the rail!

One of the most fun things for me as I go about my little routine of double checking that the paper hand towel and toilet paper holders are full, that there is sufficient hand soap and shampoo, etc in each of the bathrooms - is peeking through open bedroom doors to see the beds adorned with quilts made by the hands of others from my designs.

Shown on these beds - Good FortuneUnity Quilt and Easy Street from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

Thanks for coming, everyone!  It was a blast!

((See you next July!))

As the last of the vehicles were loading up I dug in to laundry and turning things around to make all ready for the Pieceful Hearts group arriving Wednesday afternoon.

In between wash and dry cycles and the refolding of towels and more I was at my desk working on this:

Something super fun is releasing in PDF format on THURSDAY 7/15/2021!

I can hardly stand the excitement!

My Rockabilly Swing quilt spent more than a year in the making - and there are still scraps left over.  How can that be possible?

If you are looking for a foundation paper pieced project that will help you to put all of those cut-off and left-over triangles that you just couldn't bear to part with to good use - this could be the project!

If you have bins of larger hunks and chunks you don't know what to do with?  You can use them here!

Start sorting those scraps into neutral and color piles and be ready for Thursday!

Before going home to dinner - this happened.

Anti-slip grips going down!

Thank you Hubster!

You can barely see them.

I want folks to be safe.

You can find the safety treads in the Around the Inn category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store

No matter what I do, I will continue to field crazy comments.  But the safety of my guests comes FIRST.

Last evening when I posted photos to Facebook came the comment of "You should have used the handrail." in regards to my falling.

I DID USE THE HANDRAIL.  But when your feet go out from under you and your whole body weight is falling, your body weight wins.  And you will jerk your shoulder in the process of falling while holding on to the handrail.

Sometimes falling is just that - falling. Don't blame the person falling for what they did or didn't do in the process of falling.  Accidents happen.

Next deleted comment: "That's going to ruin the wood."

At this point I don't care.  People over property. Always.  I don't plan on owning Quiltville Inn for longer than 20 years and the next person can deal with it.  Safety first.

It would be one thing if this were a home (I'd still do it, and I did it on my wood stairs at the cabin because FALLING.) but this is a commercial enterprise at present and I need safety protocols in place. 

As I'm typing this I'm sitting here laughing that I even have to justify what I do and why - to people who don't think twice about typing out their own uninformed opinions on social media.

So this is where I am on a beautiful Tuesday morning.  And I plan to SEW TODAY!

I spent some time cutting out and kitting up some Fish School units! Are you playing along with our new Leader & Ender challenge?

This is not how I'm going to set the blocks officially - I'm going to make a gazillion and let the ideas gel before I start sewing them together.

I started a basket for "SHORT" 2'' strips (as in less than 8'') to use them up in this year's challenge.  

It's three little half-square triangle units and a 2'' square from the 2'' squares box - that's TWO areas of whittling down going on, and that makes me happy.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.
If the same problem keeps happening over and over, change your approach and how you react to
It just might change the outcome for the better!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!



  1. I’m loving these Fish School blocks. So easy to kit up and quickly stitched! Been sending multiple “leaders and enders” through each time one is needed to get to a full block. Thank you Bonnie for another great block that will lead to many beautiful scrappy quilts.

  2. As someone who has been fortunate enough to have stayed at the Quiltville Inn for three visits (and as someone who has been known to slip on stairs), I say a very loud and hearty “THANK YOU” for adding the safety treads to the stairs! Yes, I always hold onto the stair rail but that doesn’t stop your feet from sliding!

  3. I love seeing all the quilts over the rails. I'm home now and can wake up to read your Blog in Pacific time. I have a few to catch up on. my Unity and Grassy Creek are still in the works. I get to go to a Quilt Guild Meeting tonight. I can hardly wait!! I've missed my Quilty Friends.

  4. Great display of quilts!
    Ignore the idiot comments. Remember from where they come.

  5. I continue to be horrified at the thoughtless and busybody comments/remarks people make about YOUR life and what you do! Personally, I love hearing what you’ve done and plan to do. Here’s hoping your soreness and injury resolve sooner, rather than later.❤️

    1. Amen and Amen!!!

    2. I feel the same way. You have to feel sorry for people that criticize others . I personally can’t imagine a life like that! Keep on doing what you do, there are many of us that enjoy you.

  6. So wonderful to see the lovely quilts on beds and over the rail! Love the 3 Unity quilts... it inspires me to get mine finished since I just love that pattern and my growing quilt is full of memories of surviving the early days of covid lockdowns.
    Also inspired to cut up some scraps for my fish blocks!
    Thanks for all the fun Bonnie!

  7. Beautiful quilts and happy faces! Great husband! You know, there are plenty of "woulda, coulda, shoulda" people out there and you seem to get your share of them in the comments. Shame on them for trying to police your happy, purposeful life. (It's a good thing you delete those comments, because those of us who love you would be all over them.)

  8. I enjoy your blogs. As to making unkind remarks as to how you do things that's not my job. I do believe you are doing what's best for your visitors. And safety is the number one priority for any business. Love the way you and your visitors share what they're doing.

  9. Safety first. I slipped on the stairs and injured my tailbone years ago and it took years before I could sit on a chair without the back out (so my tailbone did not touch the chair) without my tailbone bothering me. Good for you.

  10. The quilts are fantastic. Thanks for the show. Tell the busybody, you can break your shoulder hanging on to the handrail. I did. Thank goodness you had more sense. Now, always safety first.

  11. The quilts are fantastic. Thanks for the show. Tell the busybody, you can break your shoulder hanging on to the handrail. I did. Thank goodness you had more sense. Now, always safety first.

  12. I have similar strips on my basement stairs. Have you found an easy way to clean them? My strips seem to be dust/lint magnets. (I think you mentioned a lint roller. That doesn't seem to work for me. Maybe I need to do it more often!)

  13. In two weeks I will turn 74 and would like to think I have gathered some wisdom along the way. Here is one thing I have learned, opinions are like noses, everyone has one. Happy quilting from NC.

  14. sheesh..the noive of some people..LOL...

  15. thank God and all the saints you were not seriously (what could be more painful) injured or permanently disabled... it COULDA been worse, but we do not need to contemplate all those possibilities! OMG!!! Here's my 'take' on people who just blurt out the most insane recommendations: You are so loved, so present in our hearts and homes and daily lives people sometimes begin to think you "belong" to them and they feel free to opine and recommend, because after all you're their family! I'm convinced quilters are not so brass-balled (pardon) that they think it's ok to order your life! I think you are so loved and appreciated that people just want to be helpful and don't take a moment to realize -- or think -- hey, is this gonna do what i want it to do??? So, my unsolicited advice is to keep hanging on, it's a lovely ride and I'm pleased to be able to be a part of your journey, thanks you.. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  16. You don't need to justify anything. We need to go back to "mind your own business". Nobody would ever say in person the comments some feel free to type & send in for what is essentially an anonymous bulletin board.

  17. So glad you are doing the stairs. There is a retreat I go to in Texas that has a very steep set of stairs. It is an older renovated farm house. I am going to suggest the step covers to them. Remarks are remarks. You do you!!! I personally think you are doing an excellent job. Keep on sharing. HUGS

  18. Bonnie - last Thanksgiving I did exactly what you said about holding the banister and your feet going out. Unfortunately I was going UP the stairs and my shoulder took all the weight. After about a week of pain I went to see doctor at an immediate care place connected to hospital. I got scared half to death as I was told if I wasn't better in a week, they would have to start doing MRIs to see if my rotator cuff was damaged. Luckily after about 5 days my shoulder came around and is now all better. That will teach me to rush upstairs to 'supervise' hubby putting in the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner !

  19. I just love seeing all your patterns made up by different people, each unique. The one that pops out at me in terms of visual impact at a distance is en Provence. Wow! It's always been my favorite, up close and far away. It was a fun challenge to make, too! Thanks, Bonnie!

  20. Gee, I've never been to your place of business nor have I run my own business, but I'll happily tell you how to run yours and what I just KNOW you are doing wrong!! Just keep laughing at and deleting those ignorant comments...safety first, always!! I hope you have healed from your tumble, but the safety measures that have come from you falling may have saved a fellow quilter from much more serious injuries!! Yes, the wood is beautiful, but it is no where near as important as keeping people safe! Just love the weekly quilt shows put on by your guests!!!

  21. I am loving all the quilts! I am immersed in packing for a move, so not much sewing is happening. I did slip out on Saturday for my guild’s Open Sew and got a lot done on a quilt for my great-niece who just graduated from high school. I can't wait to set up my new sewing room. It has lots of light, and is just off the living room, so much more convenient than being in the basement (which is what I have now). I'm only moving 5 miles so as soon as the closing happens I can start moving small things. Movers come August 2.

  22. You have to stop creating so many awesome quilts. I don't have time to make them all so I have to choose!

  23. My feet slipped out from under me as I was walking down the stairs while holding on the railing. I was seriously injured though nothing broken. I had hubby put up a secondly railing on opposite side many years earlier, thinking it would be good as we got older, which we have. Suffered two sprained wrists, back same as Bonnie's, and some leg and foot problems. Ended up needing boot, and physical therapy. I did nothing wrong. I did hold both railings as I fell on my butt down several steps. Had I not held on, being as I was pitched forward, I would have fallen head first on the tile below and could have suffered a brain bleed or a broken neck. No one should ever "what if" anyone who falls and how they handle it. All falls are different, and your brain will tell you what to do in your situation. Thank you Bonnie for all you do. Was able to show last mystery and covid quilt at last guild meeting and everyone loved them!

  24. The nice thing about the non slip treads is that you made the decision you are happy with and the rest of us don't get a vote. Look at all the beautiful quilts and know what is important in your world. Your decisions, your life. Live it and love it. Most of us care more about your happiness than stair treads or window blinds or any of the stuff I have read complaints about.

  25. Just delete those dumb comments and don't waste precious energy on responding. Delete and put it out of your head. It really bothers me that people's thoughtless comments occupy so much of your brainspace that you end up trying to explain yourself on your blog. The reality is that what you do is your business, your choice. They're just a bunch of opinionated busy bodies. haha

  26. I don't normally comment on the blogs I read, but thought you could use some positive comments in light of all the "safety" issues...........so just wanted to say thanks for the leader/ender project. Even though I didn't need a leader/ender, I went right to my scrap bins and started cutting. Upon finding an enormous amount of blue 2"squares, I decided that all of my blocks would have blue squares and that might play in how I arrange and set them together. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  27. Bonnie, like Cats says "it's a lovely ride" spending time with you! Keep up the fabulous work. Linda said it all "opinions are like Noses....everyone has one". Ignore those naysayers. Love the quilty talent of all your Quiltville Inn guests; brightens my day. I received my Earth Origin sandals and my chair leg protectors! Both fabulous buys. The sandals are beautiful quality and so cushy comfortable. The chair leg protectors have my chairs whispering across my stone floors instead of the old wooden screech!! Thanks for offering so many wonderful and useful products! May you continue to heal and thank you for extending safety throughout the inn. I fell and shattered my right wrist some years ago and know the important of safety first hand. Thankful to a fabulous surgeon and a small metal plate I can still quilt! Enjoy your inn and company! Thanks for all you do for us all!

  28. What an awesome quilt display! All of them gorgeous. Have so enjoyed all the photos, whether hiking, taking in wildflowers, showing the quilts and their makers, just everything.

    As for falling, yes accidents happen. I took a nasty fall a week ago, but all I've heard since is I have to be more aware of my surroundings and watch where I'm going. Everyone seems to know what I need to do and how to take care of myself. It is what it is, now leave me alone and let me heal. I totally get where you're at Bonnie. It's frustrating, and I don't get but a tiny fraction of "advice givers" that you do. Stay strong, you are so loved and appreciated.

  29. As someone who has fallen down the stairs twice, there is really nothing you can do. That darn gravity is going to get you no matter what! We ended up putting new carpet on our steps as I guess the old carpet had become worn and slippery. Looking forward to the new quilt pattern on Thursday!

  30. I had to do Quality Assurance for the unit I worked in at the Hospital. I am an RN. Anyway your statement on the quilt was exactly what we were to do. Look at what we were doing and change thing till they were done better.

  31. Your heart must just dance when you see so many of your designs made by so many different interpretations. It amazes me how fabric choices can make a quilt look. Your Fish School blocks are just too dang cute! My 2"squares and strips are full, full and need to find a home. Haven't started these yet, but tis the season to start gifts has arrived so there will be a lot of opportunities to lead and end. Of course there must be an eye or two in these, right?

  32. I'm looking forward to digging into my bag of leftover binding cutoff triangles for some fish blocks.

  33. Instead of the leader ender, working on bitcoin, is that ok?

  34. We have a scrap challenge at our local quilt guild. You have to use up all the scraps you are given in a bag, using only one fabric for background and another for sashing. I am using the "fish" design. I now have 30 8" blocks that will be arranged with sashing to be a lap quilt. We have 8 weeks to complete the challenge. The resulting quilt will go to charity, I am enjoying the process.
    Thanks for the pattern Bonnie.

  35. My favourite photo in this post was the one of the bedroom, looking so cosy and inviting at the end of the day, to sit and chat and discuss what a great time you are having at Quiltville Inn :)

  36. I fell down carpeted stairs years ago, was carrying my 9 month old daughter, it was 7 indoor stairs and 40 plus years, my knees still remind me I did it! Falls happen,

  37. We're living in an age where "accidents" don't just happen. It has to be someone's fault. And if it is, hire a lawyer. GEESH !! Things are nuts out there. Accidents are just that, accidents. Bonnie, don't pay attention to people who are always finding fault.

  38. I have started cutting and sewing this years leaders and enders. I cut my squares for HST at 3.5 inches and squares at 2.5 inches. Anything less than 2.5 inches goes in scrap bags for dog beds which are loosely stuffed with fabric scraps. My blocks will be a little larger than yours.
    I am still working on last years as I cut ahead and cut too many to finish.
    Thanks for the idea.

  39. Why am I ever surprised by what the trolls come up with? Your treads are far superior to painting bright yellow edges on the stairs. By the way, I have two sets of stairs to my basement, indoor carpeted steps and garage concrete steps. The other day I was in a hurry and tried to run down the garage steps, and OOPS slipped and almost fell because one of the cats had upchucked a hairball on the top step. Sh--t happens, it just does, even when we're as careful as can be. Hope you're finally starting to sit comfortably!

  40. Thank you for the idea for the stair treads, my husband is unsteady on his feet and I've been looking for something to put on our basement stairs.

  41. Glad you are adding the safety stuff. Hubby slipped down the (carpeted) stairs Saturday night. His elbow/arm hit one of the rails on the stairs and broke it at the bottom (nothing broken on him, just some cuts and abrasions, thank goodness). All he can figure out is that he put one foot too far forward on a step and it just slid out from under him. No matter how hard you try to be careful, things still happen, but with extra safety measures, like you are adding, it sure cuts down on those mishaps. I hope you can sit better soon. My daddy broke his tailbone, and had to sit on a donut pillow for a while. No fun.


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