Thursday, November 07, 2019

When Elephants Go Walking -

Of course I adored the baby elephants the best -

What’s not to love about a baby elephant?

When we arrived at Sweetwaters Serena Camp ready for our safari adventures to begin, Elephants were the first thing we spotted on the horizon – just roaming.  And my heart soared!  Oh these gentle beasts – yes they can be fierce when they need to be, just watching them lumber along as elephants do just being elephants.

I seriously can never look at a zoo, a circus, in the same light as I previously had.  I used to console myself with thoughts of “Well zoos are educational, and how can the children learn about the animals if they can’t visit them in the zoo?”  It’s not the same.  I would free EVERYTHING if I could.

And oh, the baby ones!

Down to the tiniest of them all -

Do you see him by the tree on the left? 

Such a wee one!

And the oldest of the herd -

There is wisdom in those eyes!

We were told to look at the ears – African elephants have ears shaped like Africa – and with the wisdom of years, comes the shredding of the ears!  The older the elephant, the more ragged the edges of his/her ears are as they flap and fan themselves all through the day.

At the watering hole – right outside by tent at night!

How often have you looked into an elephant’s eye?

Oh camera, I see the PUPIL!  Thank you!

Oh, baby! I see you!

Little ones trying to keep up!

What really amazed me – and I think I’ve said it before – is how the animals roam in harmony.  They don’t keep to themselves – they mingle.  Unless you are someone’s intended dinner, then all bets are off.  But check this out – how many different species can you see just in this one area, doing their own thing?

Click to Play:

Seeing the other animals gives you a sense of the SIZE of these massive elephants!

Here is my youtube compilation of elephants on the move.

Click to Play:

Something amazing happens when you really do gaze into an elephant’s eye.  It’s like the wisdom of the world is there.

Run, baby one, run and keep up!

And the rest of you impalas -

Watch where you step – because elephants leave huge land mines!

Water buck (Or is it a bush buck?!) impala, Big daddy elephant!

And it all ends with the ever present butt shot!

From Kenya to Shipshewana!

I made it safely to South Bend, Indiana where I was picked up by Gay Bomers to teach for her Sentimental Stitches retreat at the wonderful Blue Gate Garden Inn in Shipshewana – a fabulous meeting place for quilters from near and far. 

There are excited quilters EVERYWHERE!  It feels like old home week.  We start off today with  Jamestown Landing workshop from my book String Fling.  I’m looking forward to digging into fabric and playing with the quilters and all that brings.

On the passport front – lost passport was not lost. And is now found. I found it last night here in Indiana in my book table change bag. Don’t ask me how it got into my change bag.  I don’t remember putting it there, but evidently I did upon changing bags when I returned from Kenya.  

I was thinking the right thing, doing the right thing but with the passing of Sadie, the overload for #missing market on instagram and the release of our Frolic intro post not to mention other stresses I didn’t remember that I put it in this safe spot.

I HAD to make the judgement call to cancel the passport when I did so there would be enough time to expedite a new one before Germany on Dec 1st if I wasn't able to locate the original.  You can’t UN-CANCEL a cancelled passport, so we move forward.  Son Jeff is bringing my birth certificate down from Virginia so I can do that in Winston Salem on Tuesday. And we will be all systems go again.

 I thank you for your thoughts and well wishes, and also for leaving the “You should have, you need to” comments silent because I know.  The brain and the heart can only hold so much.  Switching bags to travel was the culprit.  But I had to to carry the stitchery kits to Kenya in a carry on because I couldn’t check my bag with them – it was overweight.  It was extenuating circumstances, and I know.  Sometimes things just happen.

When we get out of our routines - bad things can happen.  But then also good ones can also happen!

And with that – I’m off to breakfast.  Did you see that we have an IronEZ Gift-Away happening on YESTERDAY’S POST?  Head on over there and get your entry in.  We’ll be drawing for 3 winners when I return home from indiana!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

It's time to shake yourself out of your rut!

Try something new, fix something different for dinner. Try a different hairstyle, a new outfit. Anything to remind you of the adventurous spirit you possess inside!

Play with colors that are not usually your norm, try a new technique and master it.

Life was not meant to be merely survived - You were put here to THRIVE!


  1. Well at least your new passport will get a new photo. Mine looks like a mug shot.
    And it's good for another ten years.

    1. I have to renew my passport soon, and I hate that because the current photo is really very flattering. The newpicture I had made a few days ago - hmm, let's just say, not good. Grim, in fact. And my driver's license photo from the summer? Just as bad. Are we seeing a trend here - it's not the photographer, it's the subject!

  2. I don't know how you keep keeping on Bonnie, but you are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. You are an inspiration!

  3. At least you found it always the same after it’s been cancelled but better safe than sorry.
    Those elephants are just darling the fluffy baby one is so darned cute. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and videos they are all so beautiful.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  4. You'll get your new passport in time . . . so, all is well that ends well. What a wonderful son you have!!

  5. I’m so glad you found your passport! With all the identity theft and things of that sort anymore that has to be such a relief!

  6. You have had a lot going on. We all do those things too, but we don't share them on here. Maybe that is why it is easy for some to judge. I say Thanks for sharing and we pray for you daily.

  7. I have never been to Africa, but after I have seen elephants in a zoo and in the circus. On some show I watched you could see the sadness in they eyes of the elephant in captivity. It broke my heart. I swore I would never attend another event where a wild animal is exploited like that. I am with you, I would free them all.

    1. I agree with both of you. The ONLY time I would condone having an animal in a zoo (not the circus!) would be if it was injured so badly that it would never survive in the wild again and it was the best place for it. Sanctuaries are great for the animals, but even if the animal cannot survive in a herd again in those sanctuaries, zoos would be a good alternative rather than euthanasia.

  8. Wow, you learned to use your new camera so fast! Great animal pictures and videos!

  9. Love, love the elephants. My granddaughter (now 18) at age 4 told me at the zoo one day that the elephant butt looked like mine??? Oh but Mawmaw it is okay you don't have a tail. I am doing her a memory quilt for graduation for her to take to college and it will have an elephant on it. LOL Glad you found your passport even if you had cancelled it. Gives you a little piece of mind in a chaotic time.

  10. What a joy to see these magnificent animals in their natural environment. The new camera does a great job capturing them so intimately. Thanks for sharing♥

  11. Baby Elephant walk, so cute. Happy to see you found your old Passport. What fun to see my friend Pam helping you put up the Project Quilt today. Have a great time in Shipshewana!

  12. Thank you for sharing the elephants with us.

  13. Your new cameral is awesome!!!! Thank you for those fantastic videos and pictures. I expect as you become more comfortable with it, we might see even more amazing photos. ;-)
    Losing a wallet or passport is traumatic - glad you can stop worrying and move forward, at least! Years ago it was my job to expedite various travel docs, so much has changed since 9/11. Hope your passport comes thru with time to spare.

  14. Love, love, love the Elephant Walk video. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope you can take the time to just watch those baby elephants videos again and breathe. Nothing better for the soul than taking a little time for yourself.

  15. Thanks for sharing your amazing elephant pictures they are beautiful

  16. I had to get a new passport the expedited way last winter when my Mom died...my passport expired on my birthday, the same day she died. I'm in Canada, and she was in Colorado. My daughter took matters into her own hands to get it done. I had it in a week, with my husband driving the 130 miles to the US to send it and again to pick it up at a friend's on the other side. She still won't tell me what the expedited service cost, but it was worth it...I was able to travel to the funeral and meet up with sisters and nieces and nephews, and my daughters. It was the first time in almost 20 years that we were all together...and maybe the last.

  17. I live in Africa and see wild animals on a regular basis, but seeing them still gives me a thrill at 62. I will never tire of watching them. I am in the very fortunate position of having my son, who is the executive chef :), working at one of South Africa's foremost game reserves so I get to go there quite often. Have you noticed that the elephants seem to walk in their own footprints, where the pickup their front feet, they put their back feet down again. The difference between an African elephant and an Indian elephant is the size of their ears, Africans have bigger ears :) So thrilled you enjoyed your visit to my continent so much, please come back soon!!

  18. Bonnie, your pictures and videos are fantastic! Such detail you have captured. I loved watching the elephants, especially since I watched an elephant video on you tube today and learned that elephants have finger(s).There are one or two small projections on the ends of their trunks, two on African elephants and one on Somalia elephants. They are used for grasping. The elephant on the you tube had one and I could clearly see that there were two on the elephants you pictured. Beautiful photography. Glad your passport showed up. It's amazing that you don't lose more things with your busy go-go-go schedule.

  19. Those who are critical of others have a very sad life indeed. Please know that the joy you bring into a huge number of folk's lives is absolutely priceless. I myself look forward to your contributions to this joyous world every day. Without your selfless sharing the quilting world would be a sad place to be. Thank you

  20. So glad you found your passport, please pass onto me the good carma or whatever you would like to call it for finding lost items. I have something extremely important lost and for the life of me can't find it. I know exactly where I put it and went to retrieve it and gone. You mentioned Blue Gate in today's post , where do you stay. We go every year and stay and have our retreat at Farmstead Inn but unfortunately they are out pricing us and we are trying to find a new location. Have a great time and be sure to go to Lolly's.

  21. Glad you found passport. Friend of mine kind of panicked when she kept checking bags for her ticket. Seems like this went on forever. She finally found it in outside pocket of her bag. Moments like these seem to happen when traveling.
    Always love your blogspot and especially your travel pics. Thank you for sharing Africa with us and your thoughts...

  22. Glad to hear you found your passport and that it didn't fall into the wrong hands. Life happens, you had tons on your plate; I totally understand I've been there/done that! Thanks for the wonderful pictures of Elephants today, I'm traveling in Africa thru your eyes.

  23. I hope you get your passport in time. You should.... but you know, you just never know!
    I love the photos of the elephants. Excellent photos, Bonnie Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. You are very wonderful

  24. I see a quilt with lots of greys in it for the elephants. And another for all the colors of Sadie. I will miss seeing her pictures on your post - she was a wonderful companion!

  25. I love your elephant videos, Bonnie! I could watch them all day!! I have been scrap busting, working on a quilt for my SO. Nothing fancy, just strips of muslin with fabrics strip pieced to them. It is keeping me out of trouble and off the streets!


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