Monday, November 18, 2019

So Much Monkey Business!

Look at the tiny little baby baboon!

Baboons were everywhere while we were on safari.  I loved seeing the family units – and seeing one this tiny was such a miracle.  I could have stayed there and watched this family for much longer – the mother was so caring of her newborn.  Petting, holding, suckling, just PRECIOUS.

Baboons are, however – extremely naughty and have opposable thumbs just like we do, so we were told again and again and again to keep our tents zipped up tight, and to not have food in our tents.

Such a tender scene!

Big brother does not look at all impressed!

(But those baby baboon ears!! SWEET!)

Isn’t your heart just bursting?

Oh the little fingers!

Papa is definitely in charge here!

You’ve got to be sure to look up – they are in the trees too!

And remember what I said about being naughty??

Click to Play:

While we were out on safari, some baboons could evidently SMELL the package of coffee beans that one of our Quiltville Travelers was attempting to bring home after her trip.

Opposable thumbs, remember?  Baboons CAN and WILL unzip tents to get inside and get to whatever aroma is calling them. 

They rifled through suitcases, they dumped stuff out, the only remains left of the coffee bean package was the package itself.

The baboons continued to carry on loudly through the night in a highly caffeinated state of excitement.

Next time you want to bring home coffee from Kenya  - purchase it AFTER you have left the safari regions, not before! LOL!

And OTHER Monkey Business!

Sharon and daughter Melody “ignoring” the silky monkey trouble maker.  The silky monkeys were all over our lodgings at Samburu, including in the thatched roof of the lodge where they would swing from the rafters, climbing into the large ceiling lights watching what we were doing.

One gal left her busy bag sitting on a chair “for just a minute” and one of the employees had to chase the monkey down and bring it back because that “busy bag” was gone in a flash!

He does look so silky!  Naughty Monkey!

Yeah, don’t YOU look so innocent!  NOT!

Evidently plotting their next escapade!

Pathway to the lodge.


My room - to the right!

This was the coolest place – even with monkeys and crocodiles!

Rain clouds gathering.

Stitching away in a window alcove while the rain POURS!

Silky monkey and funky lizard stare down!

The whole African mosquito netting experience!

I loved coming back after dinner to find that my room had been prepared and the bed draped with the mosquito netting all around.  It was like climbing into my favorite blanket fort as a kid.  And yes, the baboons and other night sounds chattered long into the wee small hours.  I still can’t believe I was spending time in AFRICA.

And by all means -

Keep your door locked at ALL TIMES!

The monkeys are NAUGHTY!

And would you believe we have barely scratched the surface regarding this trip?

Yesterday was another big cleaning day at Quiltville Inn.  More on that later.  Inch by inch, room by room. And I’ll be over there this afternoon for more as soon as the weekend’s mail order is out!

That pattern for Warm Hands, Warm Heart still needs to be written – and Monday is off to a roaring good start. (With no time for sewing, but that will come in due time!)

Quiltville Quote of the Day

When I think of Quilters past who made such beautiful quilts out of almost nothing in the most dire of circumstances, during the depression or in times of war for example, I realize they were not just doing it for "best covers."

Creativity and the making of beautiful things restores our souls.

Go create!


  1. Try white vinegar, baking soda - washing soda (laundry booster) and a tiny bit of Blue Dawn. It will make the floors beautiful, is non-toxic, safe for pets, no big odor. Good luck! Everything looks wonderful! Marilyn Marks

  2. The little innocent monkey seems to be saying "who, me???" They have such long tails!!

  3. Oh my goodness Bonnie. I love every post sharing Africa With us. Thank you. I know your Beta retreat will turn out awesome. Are you going to stay there as well?

  4. Another great post. Such fun.

  5. Such beautiful little creature love the silkies with their gorgeous fur, I would never have imagined monkeys eating coffee beans lol. They are just like naughty children gettin into mischief.
    Good luck with the rest of your clean up you’ll be aching by the end and in need of a hot tub soak!
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  6. Those "Inoccent little monkeys" are a huge pest here in Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa!!! If you leave a window or door open just a smidge, the little pests get in. I have had them wreck my kitchen, Bread, fruit and vegetables anything on the counters or even the refrigerator are open season with them around. Eggs would be tried and then thrown onto the floor or where ever. I can not plant veg or fruit that is above ground, such as tomatoes because they would try eating them even if they were green, never a chance for them to get ripe at all. I planted a Granadilla plant that my son had bought me, they would even bite into the small green fruit, oooo could ring their little necks many times. A friend and I were having coffee and a slice of cake on the veranda and the monkey, in a flash, came down from the tree and swiped her piece of cake off of the plate!!! But I agree the babies are soooo cute, pity they have to grow up. So pleased you enjoyed my Africa so much!! :)

  7. As I sit here slurping my coffee, I burst out laughing at the thought of the baboons bouncing of every wall and tree with their caffeine intake! And they didn't even add hot water! I may have snorted into my coffee mug! Thank you for the early morning laugh!


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