Sunday, November 10, 2019

Building Sandcastles, Strengthening Friendships!

Aren’t these blocks just gorgeous?!

Simple four-patches framed by string block fun – it’s a match made in this scrap quilt lover’s heaven!

Sandcastles from my book String Frenzy was our day 3 workshop at Gay Bomer’s Sentimental Stitches retreat held at the Blue Gate Garden Inn in Shipshewana, Indiana.

A MECCA for all things quilty and quaint, delicious and delightful – we’ve had just an awesome time.

Along with the workshops there are several conference rooms full of quilters “doing their own thing” as well – so around every corner there is something bright and colorful and beautiful to catch your eye, and start a conversation.  We are surrounded by friends with common interests here.  It’s like one big sorority house of fabric fun!

And yes, I’ll be BACK!  Mark your calendars for April of 2021.  It’s in the planning stages.  Even with the opening and running of Quiltville Inn, I have made a commitment to be on the road for one event per month SOMEWHERE.  April 2021 is HERE in Shipshewana Indiana.  I hope you’ll join me.

Amy in Chains!

Four-patch chains that is!

Sandcastles starts with the simplest of patchwork framework.  Four-patches that twinkle and sparkle like sun on sand and sea glass.  These are smaller – but don’t let the size deter you.  It’s the same seam allowance no matter what you are sewing.  Make a sand pail full – and go for variety! Each block takes 8 different ones. 

We all loved Allison’s red featherweight surround!

It even has a storage drawer!

It was hand made by a friend of hers – no info on them. Just a custom order for a friend.

From four-patches to string triangles -

Let the fabric string swapping begin!

This is another place where variety is key.  You don’t want the same thing sewn to the same thing again and again – so get to know your quilter classmates and SWAP! 

Mothers, daughters and friends!

Sashings and triangles on – and trimmed!

Great job Debbie!!

Click to Play:

And when lay outs happen - they really happen!

We made nearly a whole quilt!

Great job, everyone!

Yesterday during our lunch break, Gay and I drove into town to grab a bite to eat at the Mercantile with the thought we’d have a bit of time to drop in to Lollie’s Quilt Shop.  

It was a CRAZY day – as the annual Christmas tree lighting and parade in the center of town kicked off the holiday season last evening – DROVES of people by the thousands pour into Shipshewana for this event, so the knowledge is this – if you leave your parking space you may LOSE your parking space so we kept our fingers crossed the whole way that we’d have a place to park when we got back.

Amish Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear!!

It’s COLD here – so glad the horse has a jacket!

Oh how I love a Christmas Red Chevy!

I snuck up on these ladies -

They had their Frolic paint chips in hand, and were digging for mystery stash!

(This was like the most fun ever!)

And our thanks to the ever patient hubbies who will stop to take a photo of his wife digging in with glee.  So lovely to meet you ladies, and so glad you are jumping in for some Frolicking good mystery fun – starting in just a few short weeks from now!  (Frolic tab at the top of the blog – check it out if you are new!)

Buggies beneath the water tower.

And today – our last day!

Each night I have slept under the next day’s class quilt – so great for sweet dreaming, and relaxing of the fold lines from being packed in trunk show bags.

Now if only we could do the same thing for the bags under my eyes?

We’ll have about 40 in class for Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II.  I so love teaching this class as we learn all kinds of things with specialty rulers.

As things roll up tighter than a roly-poly bug on Sundays around here – I understand dinner  tonight will be Chinese from a neighboring town that actually DOES have eateries open on a Sunday night.  I’m always up for Chinese food.  So count me in!

Tomorrow – a drive back to South Bend and I’ll be on my way home with feet back in Wallburg by 5pm. 

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sometimes we really need to reexamine our priorities and decide what really is important, and what isn't.

The friendships found and rekindled while here in Shipshewana have enriched my life beyond measure.  The kind words and hugs from folks regarding the loss of our Sadie have helped so very much.

I have loved being here and I look forward to next time!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness... if I was diggin for fabric for one of Bonnie's mystery quilts, and she suddenly APPEARED, I would be sure I'd lost my grip on reality! LOLOL That is so fun!
    Shipshewana is on my bucket list... maybe I can start saving now for 2021?

    1. That is what I thought also....I would be sure it was a dream.

    2. I totally agree with your statement about Bonnie appearing. I would need someone to smack me as I would be sure I was either dreaming or hallucinating!

  2. Looks like you had a great time. I have lwys wanted to go to Amish country. Thank for the photos.

  3. What a wonderful time. I live just across the state line and just above South Bend. Definitely hope I can come to the Shipshewana shebang next year. Love Lollies! Glad for you for a busy schedule during your time of grief. Maybe something warm and fuzzy under the tree this year?

  4. Sandcastles is such a lovely quilt with great opportunity to use up some colorful scraps. It looks wonderful on your hotel bed. And Smith Mountain Morning is calling me as I have a ton of brown that needs to be showcased in a quilt. Your inspiration keeps on going and going :-)

  5. Happy Sunday! Beautiful day in Northern Ontario Canada - trees loaded with snow & the world looking so clean & white. So enjoy this blog & the obvious joy you & your “class” are feeling! Such gorgeous blocks in these pics - gives me so many colour ideas! Thanks for being you!

  6. Lollie's boat is a must for scrap quilt lovers. It is the best dumpster dive. I hope you get out tomorrow as the storm is headed in tonight here which is about 100 miles north.

  7. Good morning from cool fall morning in southern B.C. Thank you Bonnie for you wonderful blog every morning. My day starts with your chat and a coffee. Dreams of coming to Quiltville Inn will continue as I work on the next mystery. My love of quilting has grown since I have discovered you. Thanks for all you do for us.

  8. on the way past South Bend can you "wave" to my Grandson at Notre Dame University and when you get to Walberg can you "wave" to my Grandson in Winston-Salem at Medical School....part of my heart is so far away, east, another Grandson is a Marine stationed on the coast in North Carolina....if only I had some of your ability to just hop on a plane and go.

  9. I will be in Shipshewana starting next Sunday for a week long sewing vacation/retreat. Last year we celebrated our 20th Anniversary for this Jane Stickle group and I have been coming for 19 years. My sister is joining me again this year as she is leering to quilt, so a 12 hour drive for each of us results in a Shipse destination. There are no classes at these retreats..we are all free-wheeling and 5 min after we are together it is like we saw each other last week instead of last year. Glad that you had fun.

  10. Looks like fun! Have a safe drive to SB tomorrow, it's is supposed to SNOW!

  11. I love Lollie's! So much beautiful fabric - and such lovely people as well! So glad you had such a terrific time!

  12. What a great way to prep for your classes: communing with the project from the comfort of your bed the night before! April 2021 huh? Nexto coing to the Quiltville Inn, I will be adding that to my "Dream Quit Trips" list!

  13. I gifted my Smith Mountain Morning yesturday that I started at the Minnesota QUilt Show. I made it in Red, White & Blue since they are both active military and Joe just returned from deployment on Saturday. They loved it and Tina will be using the white areas to have her troops sign it for her retirement next year. Loved the class and would recommend these classes to anyone, super fun.


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